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Any women 5'4" - 5'7" who have lost 40 pounds?

fitforlife7915fitforlife7915 Posts: 20Member Posts: 20Member
Hey, I havent been feeling very motivational and thought this would help me :)
Please feel free to post your pictures, its greatly appreciated!!:blushing: :flowerforyou:


  • chesnity3chesnity3 Posts: 981Member Member Posts: 981Member Member
    Hi! I'm 5'3, but I've lost 60 and my before and current is my profile.
  • ASH2038602ASH2038602 Posts: 215Member Member Posts: 215Member Member
    I dont know how to post a picture here, but I have a before and after on my profile in my pictures. Its at 45lbs lost and I am 5'6.
  • fitfabfortiesfitfabforties Posts: 370Member Member Posts: 370Member Member
    I'm only 5'3" but I started out at 172lb way back in January all the way down to 118lb by February 2013, then started lifting and the weight crept back at 137lb as of today.....working on getting back to 120lb....feel free to add me....
  • cottonycottony Posts: 109Member Member Posts: 109Member Member
    but it's a 50lbs weight loss
  • mom2my4boysmom2my4boys Posts: 151Member Member Posts: 151Member Member
    I don't know how to add pic's. 5'4.5" I've lost almost 100lbs. You can do it, dig deep and good luck!
  • hyg99hyg99 Posts: 354Member Member Posts: 354Member Member
    Can't do photos, tried and tried. ...see profile pics.

    5'5 hit lgw yesterday, 63 lb in 10 months. Bmi 33.8 to 23.3

    I am very happy
  • Black_Cats_RuleBlack_Cats_Rule Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    I am 5'5" and lost 30 pounds (165 to 135), gained back 20, and am now here to lose that 20 + more. I gained the weight back because of eating out more and just general junk food. This time around I'm keeping very good food logs, and exercising (did not exercise at all the first time around).
  • MakterbroMakterbro Posts: 101Member Member Posts: 101Member Member
    I am 5'3" and when I started MFP I was 205lbs, now I am in the lower 160s.
    You can do it! :)
  • Embo78Embo78 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    I'm 5'4" and I've lost exactly 70 lbs. My profile pic is my before and current :)
  • numinousnymphnuminousnymph Posts: 249Member Member Posts: 249Member Member
    i'm 5' 4" and i've lost 71 lbs (started before using MFP) :)
  • cardozojoanncardozojoann Posts: 116Member Member Posts: 116Member Member
    I'm 5'4 and so far I lost 30lbs. I started out at 186 and I'm currently at 156lbs. You can do it????
  • KatleskinKatleskin Posts: 111Member Member Posts: 111Member Member
    5' 7", 44lbs lost, 27lbs to go. I eat out at least a couple of times a week (I LOVE food!). I swim 4x a week plus cardio and strength training 3 x a week. Losing a steady 1lb a week at the moment which I'm more than happy with.
  • Bsexi88Bsexi88 Posts: 83Member Member Posts: 83Member Member
    (This is my second round on MFP I have pics on my profile from the first time I went from 198-199 lbs down to 163.6 hubby started feeling my new body and whoops that's how I ended up back)

    I'm 5'4 I was 207 lbs after having my second child (Sept) I started losing weight February/March I lost 20
    lbs on a high protein low carb weight loss program but it got expensive especially with two little ones.

    By the time I came back to MFP I was 189 lbs I've been back on MFP for 59 days and I'm at 181.2 it's been a learning experience. I do cardio (pushing my double stroller), I did Biggest Loser Calorie Knockout, Jillian Michaels shred it with weights, and I just starting doing workouts with my 20lb lift bar I'm no pro I'm learning and gaining knowledge as I'm on this journey.

    So I know how frustrating it can be but stay strong this is a process
  • jwhackers84jwhackers84 Posts: 43Member Member Posts: 43Member Member
    I am 5'6" and I have lost 46 pounds so far! I started out back in February of 2014 at 260 pounds. As of today I weigh 214! I don't have current photos, but I do have some photos from the last month or two on my profile. Feel free to add me! I still have a long way to go. Another 65 pounds to lose. But every day I get one day closer to my goal
  • fitforlife7915fitforlife7915 Posts: 20Member Posts: 20Member
    I've Been trying to eat healthy since I got braces on now, so it cuts down my portion sizes, but some healthy foods hurt the mouth. urg.
    I've been trying to get back into working out this past 2 week... but I have no other excuse other than my braces hurting and im lazy. So now that my braces have stopped hurting, I think its time to get back on track!! Thank you all for your support
  • cjacobs1973cjacobs1973 Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    Im 5'5" and I started at 267. I've lost 42 pounds. You can do it! Keep pressing forward!!!
  • LuuvyLuuvy Posts: 677Member Member Posts: 677Member Member
    I'm 5'6 I started at 239 and I'm now 188. I've lost 51 lbs so far. You can do it!!
  • janiceclark08janiceclark08 Posts: 1,327Member Member Posts: 1,327Member Member
    Started end of February at 234 now 199, so 35 lost. It becomes easier after you learn the foods you eat and their calorie count.
  • alittlemopoalittlemopo Posts: 91Member Member Posts: 91Member Member
    I'm 5'4", started in 2011 at 278 lbs lost 48 pounds before finding MFP in 2012. I have now lost 93 pounds and am 185 lbs. My goal is 145-150. It is a process. Stick with it. Pictures are in my profile.
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