Post here if you want more friends!



  • nigelhowell37
    nigelhowell37 Posts: 3 Member
    How do you add people as friends on here?
  • mllc2017
    mllc2017 Posts: 7 Member
    Just joined MFP today. Could use some friends!
  • aribel95
    aribel95 Posts: 32 Member
    I want more friends
  • Tesh25
    Tesh25 Posts: 56 Member
    Feel free to add me :smile:
  • Crazyfighter99
    Crazyfighter99 Posts: 38 Member
    I've started over for the umpteenth time, looking to lose 50-60 pounds. Last time I lost almost 40 so I know I can do it! Just looking to make my feed a little less lonely :)
  • mara19diaz
    mara19diaz Posts: 3 Member
    Add me!!
  • anna1984jones
    anna1984jones Posts: 2 Member
    Hi I'm Anna and recently started using my fitness pal, I'm 33 and mum to 3 I had open heart surgery 4 years ago. I'm always looking for friends along the way xx
  • spts2016
    spts2016 Posts: 11 Member
    Hello everyone, count me in. Currently overweight at 83kg. Aiming gor 75kg reduced weight. New here. Want some inspiration. Add me as a friend too :)
  • RulerOfCali79
    RulerOfCali79 Posts: 39 Member
    What's up fit peeps. Feel free to add me. I stay active on here and very motivational to all.
  • PaulStrongLife
    PaulStrongLife Posts: 2 Member
    Male 55 from Minnesota. Love working out, the Vikings and playing golf. Just recently rejoined and am looking to build an active friends list.
  • Tji2512
    Tji2512 Posts: 5 Member
    Really needing some encouraging friends on here ! Have had to change my diet quite a bit, as I have discovered I have a hernia and stomach ulcer - ouch. I have depression and anxiety which is now slowing me down a bit :-( Need some motivation so please feel free to add me !
  • MissScary
    MissScary Posts: 1 Member
    Just started again with MFP and I'm in need of some friends. I can provide a shoulder to cry on and recipes.
  • Tapout112009
    Tapout112009 Posts: 109 Member
    I'm pretty active on here.. have a great motivational story and post alot of workouts I do or did for my weight loss journey
  • curt40
    curt40 Posts: 137 Member
    This is such a great app! I've been on before and I was into it but not as much as I should have been.

    I have handled much of my outside stress and this is a key piece of the puzzle! Im back with commitment and I'd love to share that and exchange life change ideas with others. Feel free to add me!
  • jonathoncole1223
    jonathoncole1223 Posts: 1 Member
    Add me
  • Hi just joined and created a group! Hoping that through this group we will all help each other; stay motivated and accountable. Join my group - let's see results together!
  • Irontri7
    Irontri7 Posts: 143 Member
    Hi all! I was here a few years back and had a lot of success and met some great people. I'm a triathlete that fell off the wagon after the last race I did...2 years ago. Hopping back on and looking to drop some lbs and get back in shape. Feel free to add for motivation/support!
  • veezybell
    veezybell Posts: 104 Member
    feel free to add me, guys and girls
  • Feel free to add me - join my group! Looking to stay motivated together! Looking to lose 33 pounds / 15kg!
  • fee2321
    fee2321 Posts: 6 Member
    Hi all I could use some friends too! If you have a Garmin Vivoactive let's connect there too, so let me know that would really help!