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what are we eating for breakfast?

melkepsmelkeps Member Posts: 19 Member Member Posts: 19 Member
Hi you all.
Browsing to all the different diarys I cant believe what people are eating.
I am no angel and i dont always do it right. But is see people here who only list processed food and feel like they did allright.
There are hardly any vegtables, fruit and whole wheat stuff.
What do you eat for breakfast?


  • DarcysLosingItDarcysLosingIt Member Posts: 81 Member Member Posts: 81 Member
    I eat the same everyday.
    1/2 cup oatmeal (rolled oats)
    7 eggs whites.
  • EricMuranoEricMurano Member Posts: 829 Member Member Posts: 829 Member
    Cereal - All Bran or similar. Sometimes I'll have toast if I'm feeling a little naughty.
  • NikstergirlNikstergirl Member Posts: 1,554 Member Member Posts: 1,554 Member
    Either oatmeal or cereal (grape nuts or raisin bran or shredded wheat types). I tried Almond milk, but really prefer the real stuff.
  • BrentGetsFitBrentGetsFit Member Posts: 878 Member Member Posts: 878 Member
    Shakeology. I usually add some fresh fruit or some natural peanut butter. Recently I'm on a flax seed kick and toss them in there as well.
  • LornaWLornaW Member Posts: 27 Member Posts: 27
    I have porridge made with water, salt. When its ready I add a little milk and a dessert spoon of maple syrup, Yummy. :smile:
  • bex22mcnbex22mcn Member Posts: 90 Member Posts: 90
    Dorset Cereals muesli (the one with berries and cherries) and Activia pouring yoghurt...yum yum!
  • helloiloveukittyhelloiloveukitty Member Posts: 448 Member Member Posts: 448 Member
    current fav breakfast is quick oats, frozen unsweetened berries and half a tablespoon of honey, its awesome. I also really like having egglands best eggs scrambled or hard boiled or some kind of nut butter and a banana or shredded wheat and skim milk
  • DebbieHarryxxxDebbieHarryxxx Member Posts: 11 Member Posts: 11
    I'm addicted to no added sugar alpen museli with fresh blueberrys!! i also love shredded wheat bitesize with fresh fruit like bananas, or blueberrys!! i hate sugary cereals, i think they are too morish and not satisfying!!
  • yodachoyodacho Member Posts: 90 Member Member Posts: 90 Member
    M-F: rice milk, almond milk, fish oil, fiber powder, Trader Joe's red Antioxidant powder, blueberries, protein/vitamin shake.

    Weekends: something eggy/bacony but usually calorically reasonable (except for this weekend!)
  • JennsLosingJennsLosing Member Posts: 1,026 Member Posts: 1,026
    i mix it up, but mainly during the week i have cereal or oatmeal. sometimes ill scramble an egg and have a piece of whole wheat toast, with it, and yup i use strawberry jam, and not the non sugar kind either. or sometimes ill have an omelette with red,yellow and bell pepers in it. just depends. or if im in a hurry ill grab a banana and run out the door
  • Healthyby30Healthyby30 Member Posts: 1,349 Member Member Posts: 1,349 Member
    Usually a protein shake made with milk and frozen fruit, or old fashioned oats with honey, apple, cinnamon, or eggs/egg whites
  • zillazilla Member Posts: 46 Member Posts: 46
    Normally I have weet-bix with banana, or blueberries and yoghurt. But I made Dahl the other day, so I heated up some of that for breakfast! It was pretty good!!
  • DHalaby73DHalaby73 Member Posts: 980 Member Member Posts: 980 Member
    During the week when I workout I drink a Muscle Milk Light shake..and over weekend I eat egg white sandwich with round roll or wheat bread...this weekend had the taste for pancakes so I added protein powder to it and had 3 small one's with turkey breakfast sausage..
  • AltivAltiv Member Posts: 174 Member Member Posts: 174 Member
    I almost everyday eat the same: 1.5 cup of fat free milk with a whole-grain bread with two slices of turkey ham; right now I'm replacing the bread and ham with a Leclerc Dark Chocolate muffin, just for varying a bit ;)
  • ethel64ethel64 Member Posts: 91 Member Posts: 91
    oatmeal most days but on occasion 1 poached egg on whole wheat toast and coffee, i cant give up my 1 cup a day..
  • ashleyj4321ashleyj4321 Member Posts: 8 Member Posts: 8
    I either have a protein bar for breakfast,a light english muffin with a tablespoon of sugar free jelly, or natural oatmeal with fruit.
  • swimmermamaswimmermama Member Posts: 526 Member Member Posts: 526 Member
    I almost always eat either (1) oatmeal with fruit and a glass of milk, (2) scrambled eggs (sometimes whole, sometimes just the whites) with spinach and other veggies, (3) a Greek yogurt with cheerios and fruit mixed in, or (4) a bowl of cheerios with fruit.

    I do eat my oatmeal and whole wheat blueberry pancakes on the weekends, though. Yum!

    My diary is open. Feel free to check it out!
  • lbewley3lbewley3 Member Posts: 96 Member Member Posts: 96 Member
    I've been eating Uncle Sam original cereal with blueberries (preferably fresh but will settle for frozen) and soy or skim milk for over 2 years now. I buy the cereal by the case!! Love the flaxseed.
  • zandhmom75zandhmom75 Member Posts: 58 Member Member Posts: 58 Member
    Greek yogurt with 1/2 C Kashi GoLean mixed in & a serving of fruit; 1/2 C oatmeal with 6 egg whites cooked in & 1/2 C frozen blueberries added; 6 egg whites scrambled with veggies wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with salsa.

    Good ideas from everyone else! I'm always looking for new things to try.
  • msbananamsbanana Member Posts: 793 Member Member Posts: 793 Member
    depends on my mood-
    today greek yogurt with honey and blueberry granola with flax seed and a banana
    Sometimes an egg white omelet with spinach and bacon low fat part skim mozarella
    Sometimes migas or a breakfast burrito with corn tortillas, black beans, peppers eggwhites and salsa
    Sometimes oatmeal (LOVE LOVE Lavish dark chocolate oatmeal with strawberries)
    Sometimes a smoothie

    But always something and usually high in protien and fiber to get me going for the day

    edited to add: and always always always a cuppa. I can't live without my coffee. :drinker:
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