"Fat" clothes - keep em or burn em

I already know what I plan to do with my fat clothes - I still have my clothes from my highest weight - in a box. They haven't fit in 3 years and I work hard every day to ensure they never do again! I still have a ways to go and my ultimate goal is to take a pic of me standing in ONE pants leg of my size 28 pants. LOL.
SO I'm just curious -what are everybody's plans for their "fat" clothes once they get their desired weight off? And if you have already done so what did you do with yours?


  • youngtweezy
    youngtweezy Posts: 183
    Donate them!
  • JennsLosing
    JennsLosing Posts: 1,026
  • reese66
    reese66 Posts: 2,920 Member
    Donate them...
  • newjmf
    newjmf Posts: 78
    I have donated most of mine to a battered womens shelter. The others I have given to co-workers.
  • mielikkibz
    mielikkibz Posts: 552 Member
    as soon as they don't fit, I donate them. . just gave some clothes to a friend between jobs who definitely appreciated them :)
  • suzooz
    suzooz Posts: 720 Member
  • Nanadena
    Nanadena Posts: 739 Member
    Donate them!
  • idahogirl71
    idahogirl71 Posts: 1,110 Member
    I gave my to the local homeless shelter. Not many plus size clothes are donated to the homeless so that is a great place to take them. I have my one outfit I am keeping for when I reach my ultimate goal, but I get rid of everything else as soon as I am down a size. It keeps me motivated to not gain back what I have lost because I don't want to have to buy the same fat clothes again.
  • kmeekhof
    kmeekhof Posts: 456 Member
    Give them to somebody I know that could use them and/or donate them to a Goodwill/ second chance/ salvation army
  • changling82
    changling82 Posts: 137 Member
    burn 'em. best thing i've ever done!
  • fatboypup
    fatboypup Posts: 1,873 Member
    took em to a donate box
  • StaceyZombie
    StaceyZombie Posts: 69 Member
    Gave to friends. Some of the sizes I only wore for a month so the clothes were practically new. I do wish I would have kept a pair if my size 24 pants just as a reminder....but GOOD RIDDANCE :-)
  • themommie
    themommie Posts: 5,029 Member
    throw them away or donate
  • deidrelgrewell
    First way to go on keeping out of those clothes for 3 years! Second, I would burn the outfit you hated the most! The one that you always hated to wear but had to because of your weight! Then donate the rest! :)
  • Crystal817
    Crystal817 Posts: 2,021 Member
    What everyone else said... DONATE! :)
  • katzav
    katzav Posts: 67
    i have a closet full of skinny clothing, but as soon as i (blessedly)get too skinny for something, it's outta here!
  • summerfun21
    I agree donate. But find that one piece and watch it burn baby burn!
  • KhollerSA05
    KhollerSA05 Posts: 39 Member
    Lots of my "fat clothes" have hardly been warn so I am going to have a yard sale to help declutter other areas of my home and out them in that and whatever doesn;t go I am going to donate. I do have a few items that are very near and dear to me and I want them to go to people who will appreciate then so some of my friends have offered to take those pieces off my hands. Of cse I also had some lovely undergarments that were close to never worn, and you can't really donate those or anything so I have decided to make myself a "fat girl" crazy quilt as a way to remind myself how far I let it get and how far I have come.
  • donicagalek
    donicagalek Posts: 526
    I took them to the local women's shelter with the clothes my kids outgrew. Ask for a receipt for your taxes.
  • SheilaSisco
    SheilaSisco Posts: 722 Member
    I have one pair of jeans that I will keep just as motivation to NOT let myself go that far again... but the rest I will donate... always feels good to help someone else out, don't you agree?
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