Over 200 New Year New Me Part 51



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    Congratulations Tstout! You are right RedneckWmn ... there has got to be something in the water on this board! (although I'm DEFINITELY not going to be getting pregnant - since I'm dealing with things at the other end of the spectrum - peri-menopause/menopause)

    Momma24: we will miss you, but it sounds like you have a full plate right now. I'm sure next year I will be sad when my daughter leaves for college (even if she is driving me crazy half of the time right now!). Don't worry overly about the mole biopsy, chances are very good that it will be nothing, but it's good to have it checked. I have had moles removed all my life, and now have several removed every year because I've had a couple come back with 'irregular cells' ... but even those aren't worrisome as long as they are completely removed and I watch to make sure they don't come back. Good luck dealing with everything you've got going on right now, hope to see you back regularly soon!

    checking in for yesterday:
    calories: OVER ... aargh ... I wanted so bad to get into the 210's tomorrow ... but I have been self-sabotaging all week ... pretty good during the day and then eating too much at night. I have been feeling blue and a little sorry for myself (post-vacation blues always get to me) ... I need to stop using food to try to cheer up because it has the opposite long term effect!
    exercise: good - an hour of step
    water: good
    protein and veggies: good on protein - still need to work on more veggies
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    Teresa: Congrats to you and Adam! So exciting!!

    Sherry: We'll miss you and I hope things calm down in your life soon so you can re-focus on you. Sending lots of love to you, your hubby and your beautiful children! We're here if you need us.

    Jess: Please tell me you'll be staying with me in the non-pregnancy club for a while! Pretty soon I'll be the only one who doesn't have kids if you abandon me!

    Checking in for yesterday:
    Calories: Over, I didn't listen to my body very well because I wait too long to eat dinner and then ate too fast to know when I was satisfied.
    Water: 120 oz.
    Exercise: None
    Proud: I went to a different WW meeting because I missed my Tuesday one. I typically just stop in to get weighed without worrying about the meeting.

    After the WW meeting, which was a different leader, I've decided I NEED to find a leader who isn't over 60 years old. I've tried three and loved one, but her only meetings are in the mornings; I only got to know her because she filled in for my regular leader while she was on vacation. The two other leaders are rather tame...I need someone younger to motivate me and infuse energy into the room. In 2006, I had a great leader who I loved and the meeting sizes were smaller...I lost weight much faster and stayed interested longer. Nate says he can tell I'm not getting anything out of WW right now because I leave the meetings bored...he says it's obvious I'm getting way more out of the friends I've made of MFP. He's so right!

    So, thanks, ladies!
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    Teresa - Congratulations to you and Adam!! How exciting!!!

    Heather - I'm pretty sure I like Nate more and more everything I hear you talk about him. Also, please count me in on the not getting prego soon (unless we have a change of heart, we're waiting a bit longer)!

    Sherry - Thinking of you and your time with your family!

    Leann - Good for you and that step class!

    Checking in for yesterday:
    Cals - OVER! Went out last night and had a cheeseburger, fries, and a beer. WHOOPS! Oh well...moving on!
    Water - 72 oz (or maybe 96, is it weird that I may have had an additional 24 oz and just not remember?)
    Exercise - None, too busy eating cheeseburger!
    Proud - Had a good day at work

    I just took a look at my schedule for next week and saw that I have something EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! ACK! I really wanted to commit to Bikram this month - going 3-4x/week. Does this mean I have to go to the 6:30 am class?? SCARY!
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    Count me in the no baby group!! Not happening anytime soon!!
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    Congrats TSTOUT!

    If there is something on this thread causing pregnancy, I will have to leave! :wink:

    There is no way I am going back to babies, I am still trying to survive teens!
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    teresa - COngrats !!!!

    Momma - Think of you and your family

    I have struggled this week not sure why. I think TOM is coming next week so i am sure that is it. And had lots of dr appts for serena this week and it is sooo freaking hot outside.

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    Momma - *hugs* you and your family are in my prayers. Keep in touch.
    Teresa - Congrats!!! I am so happy for you!!!
    No babies here. I am perimenopausal! :noway: :laugh: :glasses:

    Started school today. Ugh. That means early mornings and early nights. :sad: I hope I can keep up with here and work, ladies. Wish me luck!
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    Good morning, long lost sisters!

    I have been MIA for a few weeks... life has struck again!

    For the next several (several, several) months, I will be here logging food and keeping up with the board, but I will not be losing any weight... Adam and I are having a baby :)

    Because of weight (and family history), I need to be paying super close attention to weight gain! The doctor says I'm allowed about 15 pounds.... so I'm going to have to be super diligent!

    I hope everyone is doing well! I plan on "seeing" you all MUCH more often :)

    Yay!! Congratulations! Definitely do what you can to eat healthy and stay active but I'm going to warn you -- pregnancy weight gain is not something that is easy to keep in check (at least not for me and the ladies in the thread I was on). You can do everything right and still gain way more than you think you should be gaining. Sometimes I would eat perfectly, exercise well, and still gain 3 pounds in a week. Don't. Freak. Out. :smile: I gained a crazy amount the first part of 2nd tri and that's when I was trying to eat the healthiest and exercising the most! Toward the end I was hardly exercising at all except for a couple walks a week and eating WHATEVER I wanted in whatever amounts I wanted yet I hardly gained any weight at all in 3rd tri. :laugh: Whatever.

    By the way, that pregnancy thread is awesome & still going strong. You may want to check it out, Victoria (meokk) is there & I still try to keep up: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/topics/show/305078-pregnancy-august-2011?page=6#posts-4099962

    And I think you all need to get a baby. :tongue: They're so awesome! Tonight, I got puked on and then seconds later realized I had poop on my finger... and I didn't even mind because she's so stinking cute and I love her so much. :laugh:
  • Tonight, I got puked on and then seconds later realized I had poop on my finger... and I didn't even mind because she's so stinking cute and I love her so much. :laugh:

    That is the cutest thing I've read in a long time.
  • Allison...............0...................0.0%

    I'm even over last week. Given how much my trainer pushed me on Monday and Wednesday, I'm not really worrying about it. My muscles are retaining water to repair themselves. In fact, I almost forgot to weigh in today! So that goal is totally working for me. :happy:

    August goals:
    *Get to onederland for serious this time: I think I'll see a decent drop next week.
    *30DS every day I'm not working out with my trainer: I should have revised this to "days I'm not working out with my trainer or running" but I did it this AM.
    *no night snacking! This could use a little bit of work
    *2 - 3 runs per week: I haven't been running at all this week. Heading out tomorrow morning.
    *only weigh in on Fridays and either Monday OR Tuesday
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    I am sooooo close to getting into the 210's ... I was pretty dissappointed with the scale, but I know I had some bad eating nights this week so shouldn't be too surprised. I'm glad I lost what I did - it all adds up eventually..
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    Yep, gain here, but considering sodium and alcohol intake were both up this week, I'm not concerned. To be honest, I'm just focusing on the intuitive eating and being content maintaining right now. I always lose more in the winter (unlike everyone else I know!) because my schedule opens up and I have more time to focus on myself. Once my volunteering ends in October, I'll be hitting the ChaLean Extreme and I fully intend to get through the whole program at least once.

    Julie: Your daughter is stinking cute, but I really don't think I should get a baby. My cats and horse are as close as I need to a baby. I prefer kids when they're 3-12 years old....potty trained, but not snotty teenagers yet. Maybe someday I could foster kids in the appropriate age range.

    Lauren: Welcome to the non-pregnancy group!

    If I get pregnant, I'm requesting a refund on my IUD and from Durex.

    Checking in from yesterday:
    Calories: Over
    Water: 83.6 oz.
    Exercise: Volunteering
    Proud: Of our rider who has stopped launching himself off the horse when the horse stops and is now using his sign language to tell us when he wants the horse to move (walk, trot). Progress!
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    Count me in the up some group. But this has also been a very heavy sodium week, so I'm not too worried. Unfortunately I didn't make it to Bikram last night because I had to wait 13 min for a train to come (really?? 13 min in rush hour?!? ridiculous!) and would have just been getting to the studio when the class was starting. I still needed to change and there's a good chance they wouldn't have let me in or had room for me. So sadly, no yoga for me last night.

    Check-in for yesterday:
    Cals - OVER by like 1000 :-(
    Water - 16 glasses = 128 oz!
    Exercise - None
    Proud - Had a really on-point day at work. Just one of those days when you feel smart and things are going well.

    Goals check-in:
    Water - Doing pretty good with averaging 96 oz/day
    Yoga - Been one time so far this week, planning on tonight + tomorrow OR Sunday
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    lstpaul - great job this week! It definitely adds up!

    Heather -- I have a hard time in the summer, too, because it's so hot I lose all motivation to exercise.

    Lauren -- Boo for having to miss yoga for reasons out of your control.

    Allison -- I'm impressed with your PT sessions twice a week!

    I forgot to weigh-in this morning. I weighed yesterday morning and I was at 223.4. I doubt there was much, if any, change from that.

    Too hot to walk outside or even inside my house. I hate August. Too babyfied to go to the gym. I'm hoping to start taking baby to the canal to walk in the mornings at sunrise when it's only about 80 degrees outside. I'm so itching for a jog but I think it would kill me right now since I'm not fully healed & whatnot. I really hope I'm cleared to get back to it after my appointment on 8/30.

    I seriously need to buy new batteries for my food scale so I can get back to logging accurately.
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    Hey ladies.
    I am so sorry I've been missing fir the past 3 (or more) weeks. Family situation and this week my family and I started Ramadan.. So I have been fasting about 13 hours each day for religious reasons.

    I weighed myself Monday and I was 205. But yesterday I was 203. I've been hovering around 205 -203 for the past 2 months :(. But I'm hoping this month I will be in OnEderland before this month is done with, crossing my fingers.

    I'm using my phone to write this post and it so hard. My computer has a virus 3 weeks now and hoping get it fixed soon.


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    Hi Ladies,

    I don't know if you remember me but I was on for a few weeks earlier in the year. I'd like to join back in with you ladies but not until late November because I am expecting a little girl in November. I have GD and was told that I will have type 2 diabetes after baby is born so I really need to lose weight after baby is born. Can't wait to join you again.

    Also congrats to tstout maybe I will see you on the pregnancy thread I just posted. I was feeling a bit intimidated by all the posts but I decided to jump in anyways.
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    Hi Ladies,

    I don't know if you remember me but I was on for a few weeks earlier in the year. I'd like to join back in with you ladies but not until late November because I am expecting a little girl in November. I have GD and was told that I will have type 2 diabetes after baby is born so I really need to lose weight after baby is born. Can't wait to join you again.

    Also congrats to tstout maybe I will see you on the pregnancy thread I just posted. I was feeling a bit intimidated by all the posts but I decided to jump in anyways.

    Congrats on the little girl! Can't wait to have you rejoin the group.
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    Good morning, ladies!

    I'm wondering why the weekends are so short! It was a busy, but fun weekend.

    On Friday, I spent an hour and a half catching and training my horse. We're working on her standing still for mounting bareback from a block and standing still while I dangle off of her. Someday, I'd like her to be a therapy horse and these are some of the training requirements. She really is awesome!

    Saturday, Nate and I took the day to drive to northern Minnesota (Tofte/Grand Marais for those familiar with the area). We did some hiking, had lunch at Bluefin Bay Resort and just enjoyed the lovely 76 degree weather. We took some pics and I hope to have those on my blog in the next week.

    Yesterday was my sister's birthday, so my mom took us all out to a Hibachi grill. The food was amazing, the chef was chatty and funny and we had fun all around.

    Needless to say, it was a heavy sodium weekend and I didn't drink nearly enough water. OH, well, it was so worth it.

    Checking in for this weekend:
    Calories: Over - Chinese food!
    Water: 103.1 oz.
    Exercise: Catching and training my horse
    Proud: That my horse is awesome!

    Calories: Over
    Water: 56 oz.
    Exercise: Burned 600 calories hiking
    Proud: I've now been farther north than ever before. The scenery in the Superior National Forest is spectacular!

    Calories: Way over!
    Water: 32 oz.
    Exercise: None
    Proud: I didn't eat the left over hashbrowns at breakfast. I only had what I was hungry for and threw the rest away...this is huge for me because I LOVE hashbrowns and hate seeing them go to waste.
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    Hi gals! We are soooo quiet today.
    I'm in a bit of a rut ... I'm stressed about a lot of things right now and that just doesn't help my focus on weightloss. I really, really want to get into that next weight range this week though. We'll see if I can do it. My 10 yr old son is at a wilderness camp for the week (his first stay away camp and it's 6 nights!). I'm sure he will be fine and have a good time, but of course I'm a little worried about him getting homesick. I didn't realize how much I was going to miss my little buddy though - he and I spend a lot of time together and I am feeling a little 'lost'. I guess I also recognize that this is a milestone and he won't be my 'little buddy' much longer. so sad how fast they grow up.

    I didn't track this weekend. I would guess I was over on calories, but not too bad.
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    Good morning!

    Checking in for yesterday:
    Calories: Over
    Water: 87.1 oz.
    Exercise: None
    Proud: Didn't eat a second dessert.

    Tonight, my mom and I will be moving the brush that came down in the last storm from the backyard to the front year, so that should burn some calories.

    I'm going to try to train myself to be a morning person again. I tried for a while over a year ago but just couldn't quite do it. I'm open to tips on how to get myself motivated to get up at 5am to exercise. The evenings fill up so quickly that it would be nice to have it out of the way for the day.

    This morning, I woke up to my 5am alarm and really thought about getting up, then rolled over. I don't know if it was because I went to bed too late or because the cats were snuggled around me, but I was not motivated. Tonight I'm going to bed earlier and will set out my exercise clothes before bed to see if that helps.