Over 200 New Year New Me Part 51



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    Hang in there, Sherry! Just think how bored you'd be if you didn't have stuff going on! Think positive thoughts and takes lots of deep breaths.
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    Thanks Heather, I thought I would share a story with you because I get the feeling you understand what a big deal this is.

    On Thursday Ryan forgot his lunch box at school and he was upset. It took forever to get out of him where it was. I would say where is your lunchbox at school or on the bus. His answer "its gone" so after going through this at least 6 or 7 times he finally said it was at school. His teacher sent home a conversation starter to help explain to him that he will eat with or without his lunchbox. She actually sent it last year but just so happens I needed it on Friday. So Friday I explain that he will eat food from the cafeteria. We get that all down and we Velcro the picture of the cafeteria onto his "where am I eating today" page and he went to school. When he got off the bus I ask how was lunch at school? what did you eat?. With his adorable toothless grin he says " I ate pizza, lettuce, pineapple and I drank milk" I was so excited, it is like pulling teeth when you ask him a question just to get an answer and he just spilled it all out. He has been out for 1 month for the summer (I put him in extended year just to keep him on track) The teacher emailed me Wed. and said, " He is talking so much, we were all so happy to hear him he even gave all of us a big hug. Some of the kids were having adjustment issues but not him he just went about his day happily talking and doing work" I am so proud of him he has been so good through out this whole experience of school. They kept telling me to expect him to get violent when things got too rough. Now they say "Not Ryan even when he is frustrated he seems to have the ability to keep a good attitude about everything" Can you imagine a little guy with autism in a class with 32 children who were all speaking and singing and chaotic. You could not understand everything they were doing and yet everyone is trying to push you to do it. That was Ry in kindergarten. He is my little hero he had some bad days but he always tried so hard to get through. I can't even express how proud I am of him. I know that he is going to go very far in life. When he was first diagnosed I was offered "grief counseling" and I know that I grieved but they were thinking I would grieve my hopes and dreams for him. I am so full of hope for that little guy. You all watch and see he will go far.

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    Sherry, that's absolutely amazing! I'm telling you, some of the kids with autism that I work with hardly speak until they're 8-9 years old and then all of a sudden you can't get them to stop talking. I wish you could meet some of the amazing kids I work with because you would see what I'm talking about. I honestly have no doubt that he'll be fine. Give it a few years and I bet he'll pretty much catch up in language skills with the rest of his class. He's such an amazing kid!! Seriously, I'm just beaming right now for you and him.
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    Hi girls ... I was MIA over the weekend (with a lot of other people it looks like!) ... it seems like a lot of us need to get back our focus!
    I gained 2 lbs on Friday, so wasn't excited to log in and do a check-in ... in fact I'm going to wait until Friday and hope it motivates me to lose those 2 lbs before then so that I don't have to see my number of pounds lost go down. I know why I gained, and why I am continuing to struggle - I've been losing focus and letting myself eat things that I had avoided since January when I started my nutrition class. I need to get back to being serious about losing weight and changing my eating habits. I almost broke down and bought potato chips and dip, and a diet pepsi this weekend! Those were the two biggest habits I had to break and it would have been a big setback for me to give in and get them ... so at least I didn't do that ... but I did over-indulge on carbs all weekend. On the positive side - I had a challenge with a friend to eat at least 3 veggies a day and I did work really hard to do that... so I'm going to continue to concentrate on having veggies this week and getting back on track.

    momma24: I hope all is well with your daughter's blood results and her mole removal. Congrats on the huge gains that Ryan has made! I completely understand what you are saying about arguing with your husband when you are stressed ... I have been doing a lot of that lately too. I have no patience with him and I think it's because I just don't want to deal with any more than I already am, but it isn't fair to him and I have to try to remember that.

    Have a good evening all, I will check in tomorrow.
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    Hi guys!!!:flowerforyou:

    I'm through the surgeries and today I really started BACK! I mean that I got up and went to the rec center before work and I'm so excited to have finally done it!

    I've been so frustrated about the setbacks with my surgeries (preventive mastectomy with reconstruction) and work has been pretty stressful - and life has been stressful I just kinda when to ground for a few weeks...

    Today I learned that if your shampoo won't lather, rather than using more and more, try reading the bottle. Gel does not lather or clean your hair. GAH! I ended up using the all purpose soap in the gym shower and I have a head of frizzy puffy hair today!:noway:

    Yesterday wasn't pretty so I'll check in for today -

    Calories - under (thanks to exercise)
    Water - over by 32 oz.
    Exercise - FINALLY A YES!!!! Day 1 Week 1 of the 5K101

    Proud - I stayed up late last night reading, which was really just my sabotaging my morning work out - but I got up anyway and made it to the gym! And at 5 PM with only about 5 hours of sleep I'm doing pretty well. :tongue:
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    Melinda: Nice job getting up to go to the gym at 5am! It's tough, but worth it.

    Checking in for yesterday:
    Calories: Over...as usual
    Water: 112 oz.
    Exercise: 30 Day Shred, Level 1
    Proud: I was able to find a dress to wear to the wedding I'm attending next week in 20 minutes. Everything I tried on fit, so it was just a matter of picking which one I liked best. I spent the rest of the evening shopping for fun, but not actually buying anything.

    I tried on pants at Ann Taylor for the first time and can wear a 12 there, maybe a 10 in some styles. Exciting!

    I'm going to brag about my awesome boyfriend for a second. He got up at 5:15am with me again to go for a run. He made it farther than last time, so that was great. He said he's going to buy running shoes because I'm evil...which is his way of saying he wants to run but doesn't want anyone to know that he wants to. He's so adorable.
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    Melinda -- :laugh: at using hair gel to wash your hair. I've never had much luck in the gym shower. I always forget something (I think the last time I forgot my towel... and didn't realize it until AFTER my shower. I had to dry off with my work-out pants... :indifferent:

    Sherry -- How wonderful that Ryan was able to communicate with you so easily! That's really great. You're doing such a fantastic job with him, momma. :smile:

    I'm having a bit of a difficult time getting back on track here.I have a feeling I'm not really going to feel like I'm in it until I'm cleared to do all exercises again. Just like when I was pregnant, walking on a treadmill just doesn't do it for me. I can't. And it's too hot to walk outside with the baby so I feel like I'm a bit stuck in terms of exercise when I was told to only walk and not to lift over 10lbs (unless the baby is over 10lbs) until I see my OB again. I'm not doing anything too crazy and I'm not gaining weight, just not losing it. I really want to start running again. I should be cleared to run 2 weeks from today. Yay!
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    OMG! I'm two for two! I managed to get into the rec center again this morning and I even got into the pool! I'm keeping my goals very basic. I have a goal to get there by 6:30 and to shower and get ready for work. This way if I don't feel well, or I have a hurt knee or any other of the five billion excuses I think of at 5:30 AM - I just remember that I don't have to actually work out - I just need to have gotten to the gym and change for work. I can always come into work early!

    So far no one has been interested in going in with me :tongue:

    We had a pot-luck at work today - and I've managed to keep my intake to a couple of deviled eggs, some watermelon and one meat ball! Of course that's only because I ate a full lunch downstairs in our cafeteria (beef ragu on broccoli).

    Today was the first time I've gone swimming since the mastectomy stuff started. I was really happy with my general ability to swim normally which is amazing when you think how much you use your pecs when you swim! I am super out of shape so I could only swim "normal" a little bit then I'd have to go to my side or back to recover. I decided to try the breast stroke for a lap since I've always like it but I couldn't figure out how to do that! My legs kept kicking out of the water and I kept struggling to lift my mouth above the water! THEN I REALIZED... My previous flotation devices were removed and replaced with heavier than water weights! I'm all top heavy and my lower half still has plenty of fat to float with! :laugh: :sad: :laugh: :sad:

    I'm going to check in now for tonight -
    Calories - just under if I have my planned dinner!
    Water - should be good
    Exercise - Swimming and getting in to and out of that evil bathing suit!

    Proud - that I got the the rec center and that I got into the pool!
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    You're too funny, Melinda!
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    Mstahl: Good for you with the swimming! p.s. I've gone to work with gym hair before - I always forget to fill up my shampoo bottle and have to use various available body washes from my bag or gym body wash... just doesn't work like shampoo!
    Lilspy: You've got a lot going on at the moment, you'll be able to get back into running and losing very soon! give yourself a bit of a break ... you don't want to overdo it right now.
    HeatherMN: I am sooo jealous of your size12/10 pants ... it is hard to imagine every getting there myself ... good for you!
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    lstpaul (Leann?): You'll be able to get there, too! Just remember when it comes to weight loss, "it takes as long as it takes." Just keep plugging along.

    Checking in for yesterday:
    Calories: Over, of course
    Water: 121.8 oz.
    Exercise: 2 mile run with Nate at 5:15am
    Proud: That Nate made it further running that before and that he wasn't as sore afterward this time. When we went to the mall last night, he was actually looking at running shoes until I told him he really should get fitted for a pair because he has a lot of foot/ankle/knee issues...but I'm pretty sure they're due to poor shoes. When he wears his good work/hiking boots, he doesn't have the problems. Isn't he just too cute? :love:
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    calories: over - but not horrible
    exercise: an hour mall walk
    proud: that I got a lot of veggies in
    August goals:
    veggies: good
    protein: not so good
    water: UNDER
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    I slipped up last night and ate 2.5 pieces of of pizza and 4 TBSP of ranch dressing - OOPS! That said it was WORTH-IT!:love:

    Seriously - where in the "Exercise" part is the section for Cardio that is tiled "getting out of a wet suit or sports bra" because seriously!!! I thought I was going to be stuck forever today!:embarassed: That has to be worth SOMETHING and talk about getting your heart rate up.:explode:

    Prunes. My new tool to battle "what-not" weight :grumble:

    It seems hell froze over because I was at the rec center today for the THIRD DAY IN A ROW! Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment in the morning so the streak ends here.. but still I think that may mean I've doubled my attendance at the (expensive) rec center this year!:bigsmile:

    Julie - your daughter is beautiful and I don't just say those things (some kids are flat out ugly!!!) - I love love love the owl snuggly!

    Heather - I may just get on a horse this summer!

    lstpaul - you've always been my workout inspiration - I am SURE you'll be in a size 10/12 one of these days!
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    Hi ladies!

    Getting back on track has proven a lot harder than I thought... but!! I went to the store Monday night and bought all kinds of fruits & vegetables... and (not surprisingly) I FEEL a lot better!!!

    Looking forward to keeping up with all of you :)

    Annnnd go!
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    Dodged a bullet - bacon mac and cheese in the cafeteria today. :noway: and no other yummy healthy choices! I got the last dried out piece of panko crusted cod and some sautéed zucchini :cry:

    After that settles in and tells my brain that I'm OK and not actually dying of starvation, I'm going to go down and get more sautéed zucchini...:heart: It has whole cloves of roasted garlic in with it so it's pretty amazing.

    Sorry - I will be over posting - stalking this site has always ALWAYS corresponded with me losing weight. Not just this site but this actual thread.

    cause uhm... you complete me!:sad: :flowerforyou: :heart: :smooched:
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    mstahl - I will happily over-post with you ... I need to keep my focus and when I am posting here it helps too! I just had a really bad eating afternoon/evening ... over by 675 calories! I was starving all day, and finally gave in to the munchies ... and now I feel horrible. :mad:
    Tomorrow is another day.
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    Good morning ladies!

    Feeling pretty terrible this morning... morning sickness sneaked up on me in the shower. Disgusting. Then Starbucks was out of the tea I needed (yes... NEEDED lol). So I tried something new... It smells like spinach. I can't bring myself to try it for fear of more retching.

    The scale, however, has ceased sky rocketing... which is great! I'll have to admit though, it's hard to watch it creep up when I had just started seeing it go down again :-/

    On to good things :) I think Adam has bought a ring! He was very concerned that I had snooped around in his overnight bag at his parents' house (which I didn't!) :) So I'll be sure to keep you posted on that front! We're going to my parents' house next weekend for my sister's wedding shower.... so my thoughts are that it'll be sometime after that!? I hate waiting... hahaha

    Heading to the doctor today to find out exactly how far along I am and some other testing. Then: I WILL EXERCISE TODAY!
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    I hope you are feeling better tstout! With my daughter (18 years ago), I had a terrible time with any strong smells making me immediately vomit. I remember trying to go to the mall and just walking through the perfume department sent me running to the bathroom - which smelled even worse - so I just had to leave. With my son it wasn't smells but anything tight near my neck made me gag ... even my seatbelt so I had to keep pulling it down around my waist. I used to love turtle necks but I still haven't been able to get back into wearing them because they remind me of how nauseous I would get when I was last pregnant! Good luck!

    I am so mad at myself ... the scale was showing up 3.5 pounds this morning ... I have just really lost my weightloss focus since my class ended and then I had 2 different weeks of vacation almost back to back in July. I was getting so close to the 210's and it seemed possible to get under 200 by the end of the year ... now I feel like I will never get into the 210's. I've got to start trying harder again.

    checking in for yesterday:
    calories: over by 675 ... WITH eating all my exercise calories (which was alot)!
    exercise: good - an hour of step and some weight lifting
    August goals:
    water: not so good - didn't track
    veggies: not good at all
    protein: pretty good ... but waaaay too many carbs
    weightloss goals - not looking like there is a chance I will meet my August weightloss goals ... I will be lucky to get back to where I was at the beginning of August! :angry:
  • Hey everyone - sorry I've been MIA. I've been unbelievably cranky, feeling unwell, and just moody. :grumble: TOM is here, but I'm on the pill, so I thought most of these symptoms were supposed to go away or lessen, NOT GET WORSE! I've been all over the place, and I think it's the birth control more than anything else. So I need to see the dr once my health insurance kicks in on September 1 (thank goodness - no more crappy student health insurance!).

    The weather's been great and I got in an awesome run earlier in the week, but have not been motivated to work out much. I wanted to go for another run this afternoon, but there's a huge fire in the Great Dismal Swamp, and the air quality has worsened as the winds have pushed the smoke up to where I am. Everywhere in town smells like a campfire and it's hard to breathe. But, I've made the commitment to do my 30DS DVD on Level 2.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good weigh-in tomorrow.

    I'll try and get on and reply to everyone individually in the afternoon. :heart:
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    Allison: Great Dismal Swamp sounds a bit like any oxymoron, don't you think? For some reason the name brings ominous Harry Potter images to my mind.

    Melinda: I agree that getting out of wet swimsuits and sports bras SHOULD be exercise. This morning, I thought I pulled my elbow (is that possible?) getting out of my sports bra. Oh, and you'd better get on a horse...do it for your sanity and mental wellness.

    Teresa: Oooh, we might have an engagement announcement soon? Exciting!

    Checking in for yesterday:
    Calories: On target! Can't remember when this happened last.
    Water: 111.7 oz.
    Exercise: 30 minutes of 10 Minute Solutions Kickboxing Bootcamp and 90 minutes walking at volunteering. Total calorie burn approximately 628.
    Proud: Was very active yesterday and did my morning workout again!

    I ran on the treadmill again this morning before work. I really hate the treadmill, but better get used to it with winter just around the corner here in Minnesota...then again, winter is ALWAYS just around the corner in Minnesota!