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to all women! - clothing size and bmi

happy_veganhappy_vegan Member Posts: 200 Member Member Posts: 200 Member
Hi everyone!
I was just wondering what people's sizes typically are at a certain BMI. I'm at a 22 BMI which supposedly just above middle (21.75) of the healthy range and I wear a size 8,10, sometimes 12. Usually 10 these days. Here are my stats:

145 lbs.
BMI 22.0
BF: 23.6%
Size: 8-10-12 (it's all over the place depending on stores)
I usually have to buy Women's Large for shirts, men's small.

I guess i'm asking because when I started I was 175 and size 14, women's large. I don't know if it's my tall build or what but I don't fit into those other sizes anymore but i'm still pretty large in the women's department.
I imagine I have another 10-15 pounds to go until I get to be fit looking and get my BF down to 20% or so. But going from 36%-23.6% and my size isn't too much lower! I know people who are 5'2", 135lbs. and wear size Small, but that's crazy to me since their bmi would be 23.9.

Can we get a sample aggregation going? I'm curious if it's my body type or if tall girls just end up wearing bigger sizes?? I'm very lemon shaped..small boobs, thin legs..large middle. HAH!


  • Izable2011Izable2011 Member Posts: 760 Member Member Posts: 760 Member
    I'm 5'11"
    I wear a size 22 loosely.
    My BMI is 34.2
    Weight 245
  • thedreamhazerthedreamhazer Member Posts: 1,156 Member Member Posts: 1,156 Member
  • thetrishwarpthetrishwarp Member, Premium Posts: 841 Member Member, Premium Posts: 841 Member
    H: 5'5"
    BMI: 25.8
    S: 6-8
  • wendyannie1976wendyannie1976 Member Posts: 205 Member Posts: 205

    I'm 5ft 6 tall
    weigh 134lbs
    bodyfat of 15.4%
    BMI of 21.6

    and I wear uk dress size 8, even small dress shops like Lypsy fit me in a size 8

  • MichelleLydiaMichelleLydia Member Posts: 224 Member Member Posts: 224 Member
    My BMI is 26.3 which means I'm overweight. I'm 5'3 and 148 lbs. I wear anywhere between an 8 and a 10, and Medium in shirts.
  • sarah44254sarah44254 Member Posts: 3,130 Member Member Posts: 3,130 Member
    I weigh about the same as you, but my BMI is much higher, and my pants size is smaller. It's got a lot to do with height, too. :) I'm a bit shorter than you, so I wear smaller sizes at similar weights to you, but you look much slimmer!
  • dcgonzdcgonz Member, Premium Posts: 174 Member Member, Premium Posts: 174 Member
    I think it depends on your body composition and the brand of clothes.
    I'm 5'7", 127, BMI 20, Body Fat %17.
    I can run anywhere from a size 4-8, just depends on where I shop.

  • elshamelsham Member Posts: 555 Member Posts: 555
    I'm 5'8 too, 150 lbs. Those calculator things say my BMI is 22.8. ( I started off pushing the limits of a 12, and now I'm a comfy 8 and just a slightly too tight 6 (US sizes, and depends on the brand too.)
  • HeidiMightyRawrHeidiMightyRawr Member Posts: 3,356 Member Member Posts: 3,356 Member
    5'8", 135lbs, BMI: 20.5 and a UK size 10/12 on bottom and 10 on top. BF% around 16-18%
    Started at 150lbs, BMI, 22.8, size 12's were seriously tight but never bought a 14. Never knew my exact body fat % but I think it was late 20's.
  • cheshirechiccheshirechic Member Posts: 477 Member Member Posts: 477 Member
    Height: 5 ft. 4.5 in.
    Weight: 137.4
    BMI: 23.2
    Pants: 4 or 6 (S or M)
    Tops: 8 (M, but occasionally L depending on the look I'm going for)

    I hope this helps! <3
  • Phanessa917Phanessa917 Member Posts: 100 Member Member Posts: 100 Member
    What's worse is i am short AND have a long torso. so talk about long legs? never in my lifetime ^_^

    BMI 20.8
    BF 27% (dunno how accurate that is without doing the water weighing thing)
    Size 4 or 5 (small in tops)
  • katapplekatapple Member, Premium Posts: 1,108 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,108 Member
    I'm assuming it's because of your height

    bottoms: 6-8
    tops: xs-s (I have a small chest though)
    BMI: 24
    Bodyfat: 22-25, never had it professionally tested
  • livinghcglaceylivinghcglacey Member Posts: 63 Member Posts: 63
    hmmm i weighed 177, 5'6", bmi of 28.8, and BF of 38 when i started my diet. I wore a 14, large in womens.... i now weigh 171, bmi is 2.4 and bf is 36...but my pant size has changed enough to go down yet. my 14s are loose, but i think 12s would be tight.

    i think it depends too on where you where your pants if that makes sense?? like if you button at your bb then they should be smaller than if you button and let em sag to your hips. my legs and hips also keep me from wearing a smaller size!

    I too am curious as to what size i'd wear if i was at my gw of 140. and that site is pretty neat!!
  • Molly_LouiseMolly_Louise Member Posts: 503 Member Posts: 503
    I'm 5'5".
    BMI is 29.0
    UK size 16/18 depends on the clothes and shop.
  • TluvKTluvK Member Posts: 733 Member Member Posts: 733 Member
    Do you strength train? If you are pretty happy with your weight but want to get into smaller sizes, then I highly recommend looking into a weight training program. I was happy with my weight, started lifting heavy weight and lost about 2 inches in my waist and 1.5 inches in my waist and dropped a size. Think about it, if you don't do it already.
  • thetrishwarpthetrishwarp Member, Premium Posts: 841 Member Member, Premium Posts: 841 Member
    What's worse is i am short AND have a long torso. so talk about long legs? never in my lifetime ^_^

    Same. My roommate who is 3 inches shorter than me has longer legs than I do...
  • worldhurdlerworldhurdler Member Posts: 153 Member Member Posts: 153 Member
    I'll try to help you out!

    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 160lbs
    BMI: 21.7
    BF: 17.3%
    Measurements: 36-28-41
    Sizes: pants 8-10, dresses 6-8, tops S-M

    I too vary in sizes from store to store, but it's settled pretty much into the 8-10 range. Although I love shopping at J.Crew because I can often squeeze in to a 6 ;-) I'm more of an hourglass shape, so that helps me go smaller on tops. Random fact: on a lot of vests/blazers/coats I can go as small as a 4. Weird!! But then I like things very fitted through the torso, since my waist is small.
  • kelseyt17kelseyt17 Member Posts: 110 Member Member Posts: 110 Member
    Height: 5'6
    BMI: 20.5
    Sizes: Bottoms 3-5, Dress 3, Tops XS - S
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