Ripped in 30 - October/November! [Closed Group]

Alrighty, so this is starting on Monday the 17th! Is everyone ready? I surely hope so! And I hope you are all serious about sticking to this. If you are going to drop out, just tell me now and I'll take you off the spreadsheet. Sure, it's okay to miss a day or two here or there, but in order to stay motivated, we need motivating people on here! I don't want to see a lot of self-hating on this thread because you're missing too many days. This needs to be a POSITIVE forum!

With that said, please send me your starting weight and measurements on Monday. If I don't receive them by Wednesday, I will remove you from the spreadsheet (I know, so harsh!). While you don't have to post any pictures of yourself, I HIGHLY recommend taking before and after pictures of your front, back and side. You will really be able to see the results this way!

Here's the plan:

So... Level 1 will start Oct 17 and finish Oct 25, skipping Sunday the 23rd
Level 2 will start Oct 26 and finish Nov 3, skipping Sunday the 30th
Level 3 will start Nov 4 and finish Nov 11, skipping Sunday the 6th
and Level 4 will start Nov 12 and finish Nov 19, skipping Sunday the 13th

What I need from you:
Belly Button:
Lower Arm:

You can access the spreadsheet here: I will do my best to keep it updated!

And to make this a little more interesting, please post a little something about yourself and why you are interested in getting Ripped! Do you have any additional goals? Do you have any fears? Let's hear it!

For me, I hope to continue going to the gym 5+ days a week and/or running outdoors. I plan to eat my exercise calories back and wont be following Jillian's meal plan, but might get some ideas for dinners and lunches from it. :) I'm doing this because I had great results from the 30 Day Shred and I'm ready for another challenge and more results!


  • John020667
    I think it's great that your so motivated to go to all this trouble this will inspire me when i start thinking about slacking off knowing how much you have put into this. Thanks again for the opportunity.


  • noeleen22
    noeleen22 Posts: 4 Member
    wow you have put alot of work into this! I'm excited about this, thanks!!
  • shaunamc
    I'm ready!

    I was a Divisioin Collegiate runner and sort of fell of the wagon. Had a baby in 2001, lost all the weight within 4 months and maintained it for the next 5 or so years (116-121). I flirted around 130 for a while and now i'm at 146--my highest being 150.
    While I don't want to get down to 116 ever in life again, I'd like to get back in the low 130's and reduce my body fat, tone up and continue to run consistently again.
  • lazatin
    lazatin Posts: 452 Member
    I am so ready...I did the 30DS when i started and i saw great results..I know she can make changes....I also love yelling at here on TV...right now I miss that. I really let myslef go and when I saw my OMG Easter picture i almost died! But it took me two months afte that picture to get going. I think I might be the biggest one on here after looking at the spreadsheet! I've never put out my inches or weight before so please be gentle!
  • Holdra76
    Holdra76 Posts: 9 Member
    Thanks for putting this all this effort in for all of us! I am chomping at the bit to get going!

    I am 35, mother of 2 busy wonderful boys ages 8 and 10 and wife to the greatest Man on Earth. I have been athletic all my life - captain of the High School Volleyball team, Provincial Curler, Ringette player for my all my school years and just love all sports.
    After having my 2nd in 2003, I reached my alltime high weight of around 210. Joined a 12 week fitness competition called the Fit'n'Firm in Grande Prairie in 2004. Healthy choices and exercise is their main focus. Managed to lose 14 pounds in that time, an additional 10 or so over the course of the next year. I did keep most of it off for 6 years. It is just this last year or so I have let the last 10 or 15 pounds come on and had lost the desire to exercise. I needed to get back on track! My sister in law introduced me to this site this summer as she has lost over 50 lbs since April. So here I am!!

    Fears - keeping it off.
    Goals - 165 lbs by Christmas.

    I am most excited to see people I have not seen for awhile and hear/see their reactions when they see me. I remember the feeling from the first time losing weight and it is like nothing I have ever experienced. It is like the old saying, "nothing tastes as good as slim feels.":happy:
  • kelley_m
    kelley_m Posts: 191 Member
    Hi All,

    I am very excited about this challenge.

    I am a mother to one precious little guy, who just turned 1 and step mom to a 10 year old.

    I have always been active but slacked off in college and gained 50 lbs...took off 20 after college and then the last 30 about 3 years ago and maintained it until I met my husband I gain about 20 lbs from courtship and marriage and then when I got pregnant I gained 60 more lbs.

    SInce having my baby I have taken off the whole 60, first through breast feeding and walking...then in Feb I joined a bootcamp and that help get rid of the rest of the baby weight but the marriage weight has lingered. I joined this site because I know the rest of the weight won't come off unless I manage my eating habits...and this challenge is just what I need to add an extra umph to my already crazy workouts. And to force me to track my eating and log into the site.

    Fear...that my body is stuck at this weight
    Goal to lose the lose 20 lbs by Xmas and be back to slimmer self.
    After that I would still like to lose another 15 or 20lbs.
  • Fitfab41
    Fitfab41 Posts: 21 Member
    I'm ready and I'm looking forward to following along with everyone! I have some baby belly fat I'd love to get rid of. Been hauling it around for almost 9 years now! LOL The 40s it me last year and I figure it'd be better to get fit now because I hear it's much more difficult when the 'pause happens....
    Let's go folks! No phoning it in! ;o)
  • kelley_m
    kelley_m Posts: 191 Member
    Ok...I started today just because I know with my traveling I might miss a day...let me just say it was a great workout...very challenging and I was pouring sweat...I am anxious to see what week 2 is like...but of course I need to get through week one!!! Yahoo!!!!!! this is going to be great.
  • missblondbliss
    hey everyone =)
    i'm so excited to get started! the reason i'd liked to be 'shredded' is because i'm so tired of treating my body poorly and beating myself up over it ,its a viscious cycle. i'm going to reach my ultimate goals no matter what it takes. my goals are to complete the challenge with only the scheduled days excuses. I also plan on attending the bootcamp class I've been going to for the passed month. I won't be following the diet plan either but will definately be focusing on healthy choices.

    just a quick we input our info in the spreadsheet or just send it directly to you? and how will you guys log it in your diary ..aerobics/circuit training/calisthenics (pushups, sit ups) ?
    goodluck to everyone, can't wait to see our results

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  • myscheer
    Im joining because i want to lose cms, aswell as weight! ive already lost over 10kgs but wont to see cm results!

    I love food too much, i dont drink alcohol, occaisonally smoke (but have stopped 99% since losing weight/gym)
    I eat too bigger meals thats why ive gained weight. Ive put on 35kilos in 4 years! thats stupid! And now im getting my life back!

    I love chocolate bullets and thats how i put most of it back on, i used to eat 500grams a night, now once in a blue moon , treat myself with 50-70grams over a week. and i feel better for it.

    I hope the ripped in 30 days will make me feel more confident walking around in skirts, dresses and shorts without tights or stockings and now summer is coming, i want to feel hot wearing bathers :)

  • hecallsmeroses
    Beginning date is getting closer. I am so ready to get focused and recommitting to me again. The last two years have been crazy but the last six months of my life have been a roller coaster ride and now its time to get off and level out. We just came off of a long weekend travel trip to help my daughter move into her newlywed home and now I am having empty nest syndrome.

    My starting goal at the moment is to focus on an exercise plan to help my mental state and give me some structure and to stop being a stress eater. I will not obsess about pounds lost or not, I am looking for a firmer, more toned me at the end of RI30.

    wt and measurements have just been forwarded to you shauna
  • broll11
    broll11 Posts: 16
    I am really excited about starting this workout. I usually do pretty well for a couple of weeks then have habit of slacking off. I hope with all your support I can stay on track and make some major results. I am ready to improve myself and put in the work to make it happen.
  • happymommy40
    Hi! Tomorrow is the big day! I completed the 30DS in August after doing it 28 days in a row. I didn't lose lbs (thanks to a new birth control pill), but I did lose inches. I didn't take measurements prior to starting, but I could tell based on how my clothes fit.

    I am excited to start his challenge and see the difference. I also run 3 times a week and work out with my Wii. I teach and my working out has stalled due to illness and injury so I am excited to get it started again. I sent my measurements to you and I hope to take a before picture today.

    I am trying to lose the last of my baby weight even though my "baby" is almost three years old. I really am looking to be fit and healthy rather than super skinny. Those days have passed and my health and happiness are much more important than the number on my scale. Still, I love seeing that number on the scale go down!

    Looking forward to getting ripped in 30!
  • hecallsmeroses
    Good Luck on launching this tomorrow ladies. I will be doing mine in the evening during the first half of each week and posting then.
  • heyyooadrienne
    heyyooadrienne Posts: 15 Member
    Hi everyone! I am really excited to start tomorrow! I let college get the best of me so now I'm on MFP to get in even better shape than I was in HS. I will not be following the meal plan but I will continue to eat my goal of 1200 calories per day (sometimes I eat back the exercise calories, sometimes I don't). I just finished week 2 of a 5 week running program so I will continue to do that in the evenings after work and do the DVD in the morning when I get up. My only fear is I will get frustrated and give up but that won't be so easy with all the support from this group! Good luck to everyone, I can't wait to see the results!! And Shauna I will message you my measurements shortly!

    Adrienne :0)
  • shauna121211
    shauna121211 Posts: 575 Member
    Thank you all for posting! We can and WILL do this! This isn't a place of judging, so please don't feel ashamed about posting your measurements and weight. In this end, this is about YOU and making a change in YOUR body and yourself. We're here to be encouraging and not judging.

    Please post your weight and measurements on here, or send them to me in a message. If you aren't already my friend, please add me so I can post reminders on your feeds. :) I will be updating the spreadsheet as it is locked to me - avoids any confusion if just one person is looking after that.

    As for logging it in your diary, I use a Heart Rate Monitor, but I've found that "circuit training" is a fairly accurate burn for this sort of workout. That's what I suggest it being logged as. :)

    Let's do this!
  • peariel
    peariel Posts: 91 Member
    Hi all! Good luck tomorrow. :) Excited to have a Jillian support group. :flowerforyou: I have a feeling we'll need it
  • breezad
    breezad Posts: 237 Member
    hey hun,
    i have afew measurements so ill give you thme and get the otherse too you!

    stupid week for me to start but i cant wait to do it :)
    ill catch up and maybe do twice in a day.. see how i go :)

    Weight: 76.5kg
    Breast: 90cm
    Waist: 78cm
    Belly Button: 93cm
    Hips: 99cm
    Lower Arm: 30cm
    Thy: 60cm
  • legacysh
    legacysh Posts: 464
    Hi everyone,

    i'm Steph. I just failed miserably at the 30 day shred, not that i didn't get to level 3, I was just inconsistent with my follow through, so I am going to better this time. I have a knee problem that flared up and set me back, so i will be doing the modified steps when it comes to things that stress my knee, hopefully that will take the pressure off of trying to be perfect and then injuring myself.

    I will not be following the diet plan as I have my own. I am excited to start another challenge because even if I don't do it perfectly, I am still trying and that is better than not doing anything. I am almost at my goal weight, so my real focus is getting stronger and firmer.

    Good luck everyone!!!!
  • rebeccastringer
    rebeccastringer Posts: 9 Member
    Im excited to start Ripped in 30 with a group of motivated people. Im a 24 year old nurse who, since being with my partner of 3 years has gained 16kg! Im now one of the 'big girls' in my group of friends and I hate it! Im hoping ripped in 30 helps me to drop some kgs and tone up ready for summer so that I can feel happy and confident about myself again!