What size pants do you wear?

When I started MFP in March of 2011, I weighed 183 lbs and was wearing a size 14 in pants . My goal was to be 135 lbs and wear a 7/8 . Yesterday I went shopping and bought all 5/6 pants and they fit so comfortable!! Not tight at all. I weighed in this morning at 141. I am 5'2". I am just floored that I am not even to goal and am wearing a smaller pant size than I was even shooting for. :noway: Anyone else wearing a smaller size than you ever dreamed you would?


  • Sidesteal
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    32 atm. Last year I wore 34 but when I started lifting in Sept/Oct of last year my measurement around the navel was 39".

    Now I'm 33". Feelsgoodman.jpg
  • UrbanRunner81
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    I never thought I would see size 8 again. I was aiming for size 10 (I was size 14, 180 lbs 5'10"). Now I am 142 lbs and my size 8 jeans are loose! I might be able to fit into a size 6. I really can't believe it. I can't wait to go shopping!
  • marycmeadows
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    when I first made my lifestyle change (before I started MFP) I was at 303.4, and wearing a size 24 jeans..... Now i'm at 218.6 and I'm wearing a size 14! :)
  • Onesnap
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    A 7 is a junior's size and not cut for a woman per se (I find they don't allow room for hips and booty).

    I wear a size 8 women's (typically low rise style) or medium in workout pants/skirts.

    That's my goal size weight so I'm trying to maintain. I'm 5'6" 136 lbs, age 34.
  • unmitigatedbadassery
    Started at 50 jeans and now I'm rocking 42s on my way to 36s!
  • Sublog
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    32 atm. Last year I wore 34 but when I started lifting in Sept/Oct of last year my measurement around the navel was 39".

    Now I'm 33". Feelsgoodman.jpg

    Depends on brand. 30,31's.. Waist size at naval 33"
  • PearlMarie_3gen_11484
    When I started this journey my pant size was a 22w now I'm in a size 14.
  • vsyates
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    When I started with MFP my goal was to weigh 135; I was wearing size 6 pants at that time
    I re-set my goal to 127, then re-set it to 125. I currently weigh 124.5 and wear size 2/4 pants (US size) :ohwell:
    I never in my wildest dreams every thought I'd be able to reach my 125 goal. I'm 5'5" and 56 years old to boot :happy:
  • jill___
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    I am also 5'2" and currently wearing a 12 -- when I started I was a size 20!! Can you imagine, 5'2" size 20!!!

    My goal is also a size 8, but my goal weight is 136. I feel like at 136 I'll be much smaller than an 8!
  • dlyeates
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    Not me yet. I have extra belly fat/skin due to being short torsoed and having no room for my babies to go when pregnant than out (I was over 54" around when pregnant with my second).

    I weigh 178 and my size 16s are mostly too big with a couple fitting pretty good in the tummy but big everywhere else. 14s are still too tight in my tummy.

    I'm 5'4"
  • melizerd
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    Proof that the scale is not the ultimate goal!!! :D

    I started at a STUFFED into an 18 and now I'm at a 10/12. I'm more interested in losing inches than pounds now, though another 10lbs or so would be nice!
  • 16mixingbowls
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    I just traded a coworker- my 10s for her 8s!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!

    5'10" 163 lbs.
  • Onesnap
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    P.S. Pants in the US for women have no standard sizing. That's why one to the next from the same rack will fit differently. Find a brand you like that fits you well and stick with it. What I stated above, a 5 is a junior's size, as is a 5/6 so you will find a women's 6 fits differently.
  • Rae6503
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    6/8, I was this low after my 2nd pregnancy, but prior to that I never thought I'd get below a 10.
  • hottottie11
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    I have similar stats as you. I'm 5'2..started at 200 lbs and a size 14....now I'm 154 6-8 (eights are getting lose) and my original goal weight was 135....(which actually isn't possible given how much lean mass I have)

    And the crazy thing about it, I'm only 6 lbs lighter than last year, but have drop 2-3 dress sizes.
  • RTricia
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  • TriumphNow
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    Congratulations! That's a great NSV. I started in January weighing 207 and wearing a 16W (16 in the plus size stores). Now I weigh about 160 and wear a regular 12 and a lot of those are loose but I can't fit the 10 yet. The size 12 is a huge accomplishment for me. I don't think I'll get smaller than an 8 or so but we'll see. Keep up the great work :)
  • KnottyJen
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    I can't believe I'm about to post this....But I'm incredibly excited about my current size....Sooooo...

    Six months ago, I was wearing 32w jeans. Today, I'm wearing 20w jeans. I think the last time I wore a size 20, I was a junior in high school. It's an incredible feeling.
  • TNAJackson
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    Honestly, maternity mostly... sad part is, I'm not even pregnant!!!! :sad:
  • Tegan74
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    I started between a 16 an 18, I'm in a 12 now. When I started I wanted to be in a 10, but I know I'll be in a smaller size than that when I'm done :)