Being OCD about calories

How do you keep from being overly OCD about calorie counting? Most days I'm good - but every once in a while I start to get really obsessed with being precise - which isn't feasible. Anyone else struggle with this?


  • edith_t
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  • robinogue
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    oh yes!! Somedays I'm good but other days look out!
  • laz22girl
    I think obsession is almost normal to be successful at this process.
  • TrishaLeighNelson
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    I loveee being OCD about counting calories
  • herstrawberri
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    every single day.
  • aimeeturner
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    I have gotten so bad that I weigh my food now.
  • sarajmitch79
    If I could get as OCD about my workouts as I am on counting calories I'd be in great shape
  • MissMaryMac33
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    That's why I'm here... I don't want to go backwards and it helps me get a grip on what I'm eating.
    Someday, I hope I don't NEED to track everything but for now I actually enjoy it.

    Once in awhile I do have days where I just don't give a crap and I eat awful -- then I realize its TOM andI know what happened :)
    So I just start again....
  • annimal74
    I'm very ocd about calories it cant be to the point of annoying I use to be that way with the scale also but found that if I had the next size smaller jeans that I would try them on everyday instead of weighing bc I could physically see the difference in my body way before the scale would budge :) haven't figures out the calorie thing yet though I do I will let you know :)
  • Jorra
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    It's completely normal to think about your food choices often, it's important to pay attention.

    However, you are not "being OCD" about it. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a disease characterized by uncontrollable thoughts and habits. Sorry, but that's just a peeve of mine.
  • MacInCali
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    I'm totally OCD about logging in my calories, first to admit it, lol. I'll also admit that I ENJOY logging my food and seeing the results! :happy:

    Never would have thought ... lol
  • questionablemethods
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    Yes. I am currently just trying to log my calories once a week and the rest of the time just note what I eat in the "food notes" section. I have an idea of how many calories are in what I eat based on my experience as a calorie counter (and my once-a-week "check in"). I'm trying not to get nutso about it like I have in the past.
  • KriscoOil
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    Everyday! You have to be for it to be sucessful. It does get easier as you learn which foods or which meals have how many calories and so forth! Keep up the OCD!
  • sc1572
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    everyday. however, i'd rather be ocd about calories and working out compared to going back to who i was before!
  • sdguy2002
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    i dont count coffee made from home. But count little workouts .
  • chevy88grl
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    Oh yeah. I actually had to stop logging EVERYTHING for awhile because I was just too dang OCD about it. I had to back off (not stop caring, but just back off the obsessive calorie counting) to give myself a chance to relax. It's tough.
  • chefswife67
    OMG!! I thought i was the only one that was OCD on calories:laugh:
    If i can't get on MFP to log my food i feel like the world is going to end..:sad:
  • UponThisRock
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    Realize that you could never be 100% accurate about the amount of calories burned, so there's really no point in trying to be 100% accurate with calories eaten. Combine that with the fact that food labels aren't even required to be 100% accurate.

    Everything's an estimate.
  • kimmie185
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    I used to be that way when I first started dieting, but now not so much. When I was on WW I was obssessed with Points and took my over priced calculator wherever I went, especially the grocery store. I would mark the points on the boxes and containers as I threw them into my shopping basket. I think it's just a normal thing to be OCD when you are doing something new because you want to succeed.

    I no longer have to weight my food because after a while you get the feel of what a normal portion should be and what is good and not good for you because it will be a habbit. :)
  • cmoutarimoussa
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    I have gotten so bad that I weigh my food now.

    Lol me too!!! its so bad!!! i am so obsessed with calories!! You should see me in the grocery store!!!!