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  • Steph_135
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    I can do it ... I can do it... I can I can I can!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sitting here reading through the boards when I should be off my *kitten* and working out... I have no clue what happened to my motivation but good lord it has to come back soon!!!!! this is ridiculous!!!!
    cms3398... Try to visualize yourself working out, and enjoying it, and think about how GREAT you feel after you workout! Even in my most motivating times, I have spent a lot of time on the message boards. That can totally help to inspire you too (if you're anything like me). Check out the Success Stories part of the forum, and do what you gotta do, even if that involves shutting off your mind, going through the motions of putting on your workout clothes, and getting to work! :bigsmile: I need to do that for myself sometimes. Hope your knee is OK! Maybe keep it low-impact/rest it out for a while.

    nevermorex... Good luck at the gym!! GET IN THERE!! :drinker:

    Krys... Way to take it all in stride. You're a busy person, but it's inspiring to see you so committed in every area of your life. :flowerforyou:

    cdngrl81... Did/are you sticking to your word, and double Shredding??