Giving up Meat



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    Thank you : )
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    Ok.....well, thank you everyone for responding to my post. I apologize if I did not post it correctly, as some have indicated that maybe titling this differently maybe wouldn't have drawn such a huge debate. Anyway, I was mostly looking for support not debate. I have been called nasty, vile and stupid here and in private messages so, thanks for the support! Someone ASKED me why I was doing it and I made the mistake of saying that my mother's oncologist had recommended it FOR HER and that was an additional reason I had taken this step. But most of all, i am initially looking for ways to shake up my diet but I had cut out a lot of meat already. It's not like I was eating rib eye yesterday and cut everything altogether today. So, thanks to those who have actually been supportive and encouraging and provided words of encouragement and blogs and recipes, I do VERY much appreciate it : ) Peace to you and yours : )

    Not sure why people feel the need to say those things. Best of luck, hope you achieve your goals.