1000 Minutes Challenge - February

We are a group of MFP's who have committed to doing 1000 minutes of exercise per month (minimum). We count minutes for all types of exercise: yoga, aerobics, walking, weight training, strength work, stretching or heavy gardening. You be the judge of whether it's exercise. We're here to support, encourage, and set challenges for ourselves. It's all about intention. If we don't make the 1000 minutes this month, there's next month to go for it. Newcomers always welcome!

Here’s how to join, plus some additional information:
• You simply post to join.
• You will keep track of your own minutes every month-see intro to see what types of activities count toward the total. If you join us mid-month, it's ok to try for a percentage of the 1000, e.g. join on the 15th, go for 50% or 500 minutes.
• Most people track on the days they workout, sometimes more.
• We try to encourage and support each other.
• Not many folks post on weekends but more post on Monday-Friday.


  • Hi everyone! I apologize for the late post. My bad. So here we go.... have fun everyone!!!
  • I am in this month, this will help me to be more accountable. I have 22 minutes for the first day!
  • Mompanda4
    Mompanda4 Posts: 869 Member
    2/1/2012. 125 min - elliptical
  • I am in this month, this will help me to be more accountable. I have 22 minutes for the first day!
  • I'll give it a try.

    I did 40 minutes on the treadmill today.
  • kp1439
    kp1439 Posts: 343 Member
    i will do it now on ...
  • dcmat
    dcmat Posts: 1,723 Member
    Bump for later...
  • I'm in!!!

    I did 70 minutes of cardio today! I love zumba!!
  • jovz10
    jovz10 Posts: 592 Member
    2/1 ~ 47mins elliptical
    2/1 ~ 37mins run/walk outdoor

  • Kissybiz
    Kissybiz Posts: 361 Member
    I'll start it tomorrow
  • paulagj
    paulagj Posts: 72 Member
    I will join!
    2/1 - 30mins of cardio
  • auntiebk
    auntiebk Posts: 2,015 Member
    Thanks nixona1031!



    Knee permitting, aiming to average 10K steps/day and 1000 mat minutes this month.

    Hugs to ALL,
    Barbara, who WILL be size 10 one day
    February: get DOWN on that mat every day. Average 10K steps/day. Let it be.
    2012: dance more, bark less and CHECK IN!!!
  • shady81x
    shady81x Posts: 290
    Ticker created. Am good to go!!

  • cheried85
    cheried85 Posts: 17 Member
    Great idea I would be up for doing this. I will start Monday working 7am-5pm Friday-Sunday :(
  • dancingj2
    dancingj2 Posts: 4,582 Member
    Thanks for doing this again! I am trying for 1,500 minutes. I was so close to that last month!

    2/1 - 53 min bike, walk
  • Hi, sounds like a fab idea.

    Just counted up January's = 815 mins so think I can push on to 1000 mins for Feb.

    15 mins brisk walk around central London at lunchtime
    55 mins running home from work (1st time ever - brrr!)

    Love a good exercise challenge - but in the past it's always been about distance so I'm really going to enjoy this one. :happy:
  • Seems doable. I'm in. 40 minutes of power90 yesterday so I'm on target to make it.
  • bhurley1424
    bhurley1424 Posts: 928 Member
    I'm in again - just missed January due to an illness. :sad: Nothing for yesterday; was still recovering.
  • shady81x
    shady81x Posts: 290
    01 Feb: 20 min = walking @ slow pace
    02 Feb: 60 min = 45min brisk walking, 15min walking @ slow pace

    Total: 80 min

  • becka63
    becka63 Posts: 712 Member
    Thanks for posting- lets do it!!

    Feb 01: 176 min (CLX Push 2, walking)
    Feb 02: rest