Are you a hugger?



  • hiker282
    hiker282 Posts: 991 Member
    "Brothers don't shake hands. Brothers gotta hug." Ah, love that movie!
  • hugs? oh heck yes! i can't get enough of them :)
  • HauteP1nk
    HauteP1nk Posts: 2,140 Member
    No. I find hugging awkward... My friends always hug when we see one another...and I find that I am content with just smiling, waving and saying hello...hahahaha

    The only person I like to hug is my fiance...or my pets...haha And maybe one day my children... Everyone else...just weird.
  • leahalissa
    leahalissa Posts: 88 Member
    I hate hugs. And high fives.
  • LaurasClimb
    LaurasClimb Posts: 211 Member
    Definitely NOT a hugger. But I have no problems letting people know that. I'm polite, if it looks like someone's coming in for a hug (I'm pretty good at reading body language), I quick jump in with an extended had and "I'm not usually a hugger, hope you don't mind."
    If it's someone I know real well I have a pretty smart mouth and might say something like, "I'm not sleeping with you, you shouldn't be touching me!" All in good fun, jokingly, never rudely!
  • paeli
    paeli Posts: 295 Member
    I only hug my SO! My family was never affectionate growing up so I never learned hugging as a natural thing. With my family we've always got those awkward shoulders in, butts out kinda hugs with the bro pat on the shoulder. I try my best to give obligatory hugs to be polite, but I never initiate the hug!
  • Tamstar1985
    Tamstar1985 Posts: 334 Member
    i love hugs - to give them and receive them! :D my hugs don't seem to go over well in china, though. despite there being no concept of personal space and people will actually touch my blonde hair while i'm riding the bus... a hug to a friend or relative? unheard of!
  • I LOVE TO HUG!!! Full frontal is really good but side hugs are good for different relationships. But I believe in giving my children at least 8 hugs a day just to be healthy. Besides a good hug can relieve stress and just make ya feel good. I will hug anyone...hugs are good:-)
  • HollieDoodles
    HollieDoodles Posts: 678 Member
    I'm a hugger, sorta kinda... When I'm in the huggy mood, then it's peachy. When I'm super busy, back off or I'll flatten ya.

    When I'm around a certain someone, I may have the intention of hugging, but ummm.... well. Sometimes just being that close makes me wanna do stuff that is probably not so acceptable to do in public :tongue:
  • Nerple
    Nerple Posts: 1,291 Member
    I only like hugging my dog and my niece
  • shanlynt
    shanlynt Posts: 754 Member
    I am not. Never have been, never will. Have a social event coming up this weekend where there will be some hugs. Ugggh. I'm just not a hugger. Is something wrong with me? :tongue:

    Anyone else anti-hug?

    Totally agree. The only person I enjoy hugging on a regular basis is my son.
  • ninyagwa
    ninyagwa Posts: 328 Member
    I like to hug certain people, my mom, my step mom, my nieces/nephews, my grammy, but everyone else, it's awkard. I have a very limited personal space bubble and I don't like it invaded. Weird thing is, people seem to want to hug me...maybe it's because I appear squishy & cuddly? That is also the hardest part of pregnancy, people wanting to touch my belly.
  • Silverkittycat
    Silverkittycat Posts: 1,997 Member
    Oh, sure! But many people I know aren't. They say some hugs can be "too long". And my groping is "inappropriate". And sliding my right leg up and around them makes them "really uncomfortable". Geez.

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  • grmpy1
    grmpy1 Posts: 462 Member
    So not a hugger. Totally cringe when I see them coming...except from my grandkids!
  • teagin2002
    teagin2002 Posts: 1,901 Member
    Only to my family and very few friends in person. I don't like being touched by people unless I know them.
    On here I give ((hugs)) all the time, but to be in person no.
  • Switty_Kitty
    Switty_Kitty Posts: 582 Member
    Yes, I am a hugger :)
  • I am indeed a hugger, once again. Lost that for awhile when the weight was packed on - but now that I'm not worried (omg they'll feel how fat i am!) back to lots and lots of hugs!

  • jarrettd
    jarrettd Posts: 872 Member
    [ this is MY space]

    [this is YOUR space]

    unless you are my kid, my spouse, or my dad.
  • Anti-hugger. I like my space...unnecessary touching not welcomed. :smile:

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  • I'm with you. I hate hugs. I do hair, and I can't stand it when one of my customers wants to hug me before they leave. I live in a huggy area though, so I have to just accept it.