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3-2-1 Cake



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    I tried an Angel Food Cake and Strawberry cake, but I keep coming up with 156 calories for a serving of 3 Tbs. (No frosting) Others got much less.

    I took a box containing 432 g and 1600 (for the whole box) and another with 456 grams and 1680 calories. Then added them together and divided by 14 (14 grams per Tbs.) Then multiplied by 3 for the 3 Tbs of mix in the recipe.
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    For anyone using Weight Watchers this counts as one point without toppings.
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    THANKS! :flowerforyou: bump
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    can't wait to try it!
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    Bump. Thanks!
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    heck yea, BUMP
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    I put this into the recipe builder here. I call this mug cake but i use only cake mix and no angel food cake mix. I use 1/3 of a cup chocolate cake mix which i was told was 1/10 of the package and 3TB of water. Mix well in mug and microwave 45 seconds. I top it with fat free cool whip and if i really wanna feel like im cheating i add 1 - 1/2 ts of reduced sugar peanut butter to the batter before i microwave. Mug cake with the ff cool whip and 1ts peanut butter is 206 calories and 5 grams of fat. Mug cake without peanut butter is 160 calories and 2 grams of fat.
    1/3 cup chocolate cake mix 160 calories
    ff cool whip 1TB 8 calories, 2 grams fat

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    This sounds so good and easy. Goint to store today and get the Angel Food Cake mix and a Lemon one which is my and my husbands favorite. Hope it turns out and I can figure out the calorie count.
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    I have this all the time. Red velvet is my fav. I love to put spray fat free/cal free butter on it while it is still hot. YUMMY!!!!!
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    For anyone wanting the calorie breakdown...I haven’t seen an accurate breakdown in this feed.
    I measured out a box of Betty Crocker Angel Food Cake and a box of Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate. They both had 2.25 cups (36 TBSP) of mix.
    Angel Food Cake is 12 servings at 140 calories, making the box 1680 calories. 1680/36=46.67 calories per TBSP.
    All other BC Cake mixes are 10 servings at 160 calories, making them 1600 calories. 1600/36=44.44 calories per TBSP.
    Making the 3-2-1 cake 137 calories.
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    mem1086 wrote: »
    might have to try this. What did you "bake" then in?
    you can use a coffee mug!! they work great!

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