to fat to exersize



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    I find it very inspiring to see people that are overweight doing their best to get in shape. My thought process when I see someone like that is "you go girl/guy!"

    Do your best to ignore those ones that are making you feel inadequate because they probably have issues in their lives that we just can't see.

    You're the better person for getting out there and making that effort. Be proud of yourself! :love:
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    I've been there. I think most of us have. The best advice I can give is to just get out there. Who gives a s*** what others are thinking while throwing down their $1 double cheeseburgers. You are making a change in YOUR life. Do it. I'm here for support if you want to add me.
  • I have 2 responses...

    1) What's more important to you, your health or what people think of you? Get out there and do what you need to do. In his book "the winter of our discontent" John Steinbeck says (paraphrased) We wouldn't wonder what people thought of us nearly as often if we realized how seldom they actually do

    2) I have far more respect for a large person trying to get in shape and lose weight than I do for a 20 something year old who has the natural metabolism that makes staying thin easy at that point in their lives. It's true what they say; that as you get older it gets harder to stay thin and easier to put on weight...

    Go out and do your thing. People who have a problem with that have a problem period.
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    When I see a fat person exercising, I think this:

    Wow, she's brave! She's tough! She's committed! She's motivated! I wish I could stop my car and hug her. I've never been very big, but I know the bigger I've been, the harder it is physically to exercise. And I'm not talking about worrying someone will laugh. I mean, my thighs rub together and get chapped, I can feel my butt fat bounce with each step and it hurts, my joints hurt sometimes, and I get winded easier.

    When I see a fat woman run, I think of how hard it is for little me, and I know she's got it rougher and she has all my sympathy, empathy, and positive wishes.

    Yes, there are mean people in the world. Screw them! There are plenty of nice people, too. Anyone who does something positive for their body deserves nothing but praise!
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    There is this who started working out at my gym, taking group classes and has to weigh 400+. I have nothing but respect for him and anyone else who is trying to make thier life better. For every cruel remark you hear there are hundreds who will admire your courage.
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    ahhhh, that darn self conscious feeling, I still struggle with it, most of us do. Wanna know what I do? I stare straight head, put my music on LOUD and GO! Forget what others might think, that is NOT your focus or your problem. Your focus is to do it and feel great afterwards. I run on the boardwalk and there's always people on the boardwalk, but I tune everyone out. If theyr'e stupid enough to laugh or say something, I dont see it or hear it. But honestly, I have yet to encounter any negativity, what I've gotten is thumbs up from real runners....because I run at a slow pace, lol. But hey, we're doing it, right? We could be home on our couch eating and watching TV. Good luck sweetie, you can do it!!!
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    I get out and walk every day, but I still prefer to do it when the snarky high school kids are safely locked away in their classrooms. Also, it really helps to find some workout clothes that make you feel better about your body. People only pay attention the first couple of times out anyway. Now I get thumbs up from strangers who see me out there all the time.:wink:
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    Go outside in the sunshine. It will help you feel better. Who gives a **** what other people think. Please don't let this impact your journey. Your doing this for you not anyone else. Screw them.
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    My experience has been that if you are on the road with anything less than 3000 pounds of car surrounding you, you are invisible (and I have the scars from going through a car windshield to prove it). Get a purple hat and a red top...research has proven that color combination makes it impossible for others to see you and always assume drivers don't see you. Spring is about to be sprung...get out and enjoy yourself.
  • I have panic attacks and anxiety attacks when I leave home too. For the first 10 weeks of my programme I did exercise at home. At first I did some walking on my treadmill (very slow at first) then I got a couple of exercise dvds (Active 2 and a dancing one) and worked on those. Now my friend has agreed to come with me to a local gym at a time when it is very very quiet, and I am going to start on that. It may be that some days I cannot cope with it and have to leave, but every time I go I know it will build a little more confidence and a little more fitness. Yes there are people out there who may laugh at you or judge you. But the truth is that they are the minority and they are not people whose views we need to pay attention to. I dont believe that these people will make up the majority of those we meet. I believe that most people will admire you for having the courage to go and do something about it.
    Dont let the small minded people keep you imprisoned inside. You deserve more than that. It might be hard at first but so is most things that are worth doing. One step at a time :)
  • I volunteered last year at a 5K race. Pretty small, only a few hundred people. So most of them were pretty hardcore. My daughters and I worked the finish line food tables. By the time things were almost over, we had to leave. On our way out, we passed the finish line, where the last person was finishing. She was a really large woman, who walked the course. It was her first race of any kind. Her entire family was waiting for her at the finish line. The kids had balloons, and her husband had this big batch of roses. People had gathered round to cheer her on. There was screaming, and cheering, and yelling, and clapping, while she just cried and hugged her family. It was one of the greatest race day moments I've ever seen, and I was grateful I got to experience it. With my kids, no less.

    In the running community, people who have to struggle to accomplish what comes easily to most are considered heroes. Sometimes of epic stature. For every shmuck who bothers you while you're training, you'll get back 10fold people on race day who cheer you, congratulate you, tell you how inspiring you are. And every one of them will mean it too.

    Dayum. I'm in tears here.
    What a fabulous story!

    Me too. Such a wonderful story. :heart:
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    You dont have to run!

    Just walk!
    Cardio is cardio!

    If you are 35% Body Fat and above you shouldnt be running anyway because of the extra pressure you have on your knees and back.

    Walk for 20 mins after dinner daily and youll see a difference.

    Now the big thing for you is all that store precious ATP in your muscle!
    You should pick things up and put them down....a lot!

    the stored ATP can actually create muscle while at a deficit but you better start lifting yesterday!
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    But honestly, I have yet to encounter any negativity, what I've gotten is thumbs up from real runners....because I run at a slow pace, lol.

    A small correction to your post... "But honestly, I ahve yet to encounter any negativity, what I've gotten is a thumbs up from OTHER real runners..." If you're out on the are a real runner. Or for that matter if you're on the hamster wheel in the gym...running and runners are defined by the act of moving your body forward on your feet under your own power. Pace is just a number.
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    @trijoe that is an amazing story and so uplifting!
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    hey guys i am having a little trouble,

    I would love to get out there and run every day to start off my day but i have two problems

    1) i have trouble actually leaving my door,
    and when i get the courage to leave the house
    2) i am so scared people are going to make fun of me like this super fat chick running and puffing and dying

    has anyone else had this problem

    how did you over come it?


    i was the same i started walking in the evenings about 7:00 or so that way no one could really tell who i was. Now i walk whenever and i have a 2 year old who now screams at me that she wants to go for a walk in mornings and i have a 11 year old who i walk with in the evenings so we have our time all in all start in the evenings if your scared of embarassment and get a buddy! Also in the evenings i just do intervals so that i am not completely out of short then jog and walk to catch breath :happy: good luck!
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    I totally understand what you are going through. At one point I weighed 320 pounds and was too embarrassed to do anything in public. I cut my calories, ate a little healthier and made little changes at a time. I had a lot of bad habits to break and it has taken years to get to this point but I am approaching the 100 pound mark and proud of it. Exercise has worked it's way into my life over the years as well. At first I got work out videos and did them when no one was around, not even my husband. I am to the point now where I am on a mission to be fit and confident. I will get there and I don't care who sees it. When I take my walks/runs (I have to do a mix of both since I can't run for any large amount of time yet) I think of every car that passes and imagine that I am inspiring them. I imagine they say "if that girl can get off the couch and make a change, I can too". This attitude has really changed how I view my workouts and boosted my confidence levels. I know that I am doing what I need to in order to be healthier. With any luck I am inspiring someone to do the same as I lumber down the road!! :)
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    I have over 100lbs to loose so I understand the feelings of not wanting to go outside and be seen by others, specially when doing something that makes you feel so vulnerable. On the flip side of that, when I see someone even larger than me out walking or jogging around I think to myself, "Wow! good for them!!!" and I want to run home put some sweats on and join them!!

    You are definitely NOT too fat to exercise. If you want to stay within your house to get started though, I recommend checking out Leslie Sansone walking videos on

    You are beautiful though, so don't let what other people may think hold you back!
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    When I started, I was morbidly obese and was so out of shape that all I could do was walk around the neighborhood.

    As time went by, it got easier and I could go a little faster and a little farther and then I was able to do other kinds of exercise too.

    Now, I am fit and strong and healthy.

    When I see very heavy people exercising, it makes me SOOOOO happy! I know firsthand how hard it can be - not only to get past that emotional barrier, but also how hard it is to move around when there is so much weight pressing down on your joints, and when you get out of breath so easily; however, you CAN do this and you will be SOOOO glad you did!
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    you are never too fat to exercise..exercising is MOVING. try leslie sanzone's walk at home video. if it hurts to stand then SIT and do them..YOU are MOVING!! if i can do this-YOU CAN!! just dont stop doing what you can.. HUGGZ and GOOD LUCK!!:heart::heart: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
  • I get it, I do. I used to be 250 and very self concious, Hell I still am. The bottom line is F#$K what everyone else thinks. This journey isn't about them, it's about you. You want to run, go run. Put in some headphones and go kill it. When they're still in plus size clothes and you're in a size 2 you'll be the one chuckling.