to fat to exersize



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    I used to think the same, and today managed a 1.5 mile walk at almost 400 lbs. I don't know if it is because I walk with my gf (or any other friend who comes along to encourage me) or whether dog walkers are just nicer because we walk our jacks together I don't know. Can you find a running/walking buddy to go with you? I have found over the years that snarky comments are more likely if you are on your own and there are more than one of the mean people being rude.
  • Been there! I started jogging in the park early in the mornings when I weighed 250 and became more comfortable with it. Then winter came and I needed to go back to the gym. Wow, that was so hard for me to run there. I go to a gym that is run by a man who has participated body builder competitions and the type of people who go there have the same kind of physique. The first couple times at the gym I just walked on the treadmill. But I couldn't take it anymore! I needed to run! :) That's when I realized that it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. I am only responsible for myself and my health. And I also realized "Who's looking, really?" I knew that I didn't pay attention to what anyone else does at the gym and we are all there for the same reasons - to become more fit. Add me if you'd like.
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    I get it too. At my highest weight, I didn't want to do any activity in public that would emphasize how out of shape I was. Having said that, realize that most people, the vast majority in fact, won't even notice you except in passing. Of those who do, many will think, "Good for you." and the ones who don't are likely people who are completely out of shape and could not be bothered to work at dealing with it. I have seen some heavy people out jogging while I am cycling. I have nothing but respect for them.
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    Doing nothing doesn't yield results. It's like the fear that many new people who join a gym for the first time and think everyone is looking at them.
    Whether you believe it or not, most people don't give a second thought to whether people exercise or not. They are focused more on what's going on their lives than yours.

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    Go for it! When I see people running on the street, it doesn't matter their body format, I just think they're awesome for getting out there and getting it done!

    However, I understand if you really don't want to run publicly. I have friends with the same feelings. Maybe you could invest in a treadmill?
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    work out inside your house! im always afraid people are gonna judge me so i work out in my house with all the blinds closed and all the doors locked:) but thats just me
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    I'm over 300lbs and have been in the morbidly obese category for a good few years. I wanted to lose weight but even when I asked for a gym membership at 16, I barely went because I felt I looked stupid up against the thinner, older women that were coming in.

    Eventually what I did was I started walking the mall. I didn't go with any of the groups that get there before opening, I went by myself during normal business hours, turned on my mp3 player, and walked as quickly as my legs would let me around the inside perimeter of the mall a few times until I got tired or a muscle cramped. No one knew I was exercising and no one stared or bothered me because hey I wasn't the only big person in the mall walking around.

    Just recently I started going back to the gym and while sometimes I feel silly when there's a handful of people around the area I'm in, I turn on my music and ignore them. Yes I huff and puff and I drip sweat but so does everyone else in there.

    It's seriously hard and looks borderline impossible, but you can't let what others may potentially think of you stop you from doing what you want and need to lose weight and be happy. I'm not saying put yourself in a situation you're not comfortable in or that will have negative effects on you, but it's no good sitting in your house and staying scared of the outside world when, in reality, a vast majority of the outside world couldn't care less about you using a jogging path or anything else. And those that do, they're beneath you.

    Long story short you have to start small and work on taking steps further and further out of your comfort zone in order to get anything done. I did my years of crying because I was the fat girl and I'm done with them. You need to find the point where getting healthy matters more than getting your feelings hurt.
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    Honestly, I've been there, seriously. In the past I had enough fat layers over my abdominals I couldn't properly perform crunches.

    I wouldn't stress about it to much, you are working to better yourself if anyone looks at you badly for that 'F' them!

    Now, anytime I see people running/ working out I cheer them on! (Mentally.. don't think they'd appreciate a random stranger yelling at them!)

    Do what you can and do YOUR best at it and let everyone else be. :)
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    I really wanted to start running outside but someone told me that I ran funny. It really bothered me because I kept thinking about what others thought of me as I was running. ( I know I shouldn't!). So now I wear a hat and sunglasses when I run with my headphones so I can't hear or really see anyone else. It has helped me! :-)
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    Whenever I see a "bigger" person running I think to myself how awesome they are. If anybody makes fun of you they have something wrong with them. And **** them anyways, you're doing it for yourself!

    I hope you begin your morning runs! You'll be amazed how much better you feel with them! :)
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    I know how you feel. Sometimes in the gym when I'm strength training I feel a bit self conscious thinking that people are watching and seeing how I need to use the assisted machine for my pull ups and dips. However I usually just try to tune that out. I'm in the gym to better my life and become healthier, at the moment I may not be the smallest nor the most in shape but I'm putting an effort out there to get better. Yes for right now you might huff and puff a short distance but don't let that stop you, if you never get out you'll never get past the point of where you huff and puff after 2 minutes. If it helps maybe take your runs early in the morning around dawn when less people will be out.
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    It gets easier hun. 287lbs when I decided I needed to get fit or die. Putting on the swimming trunks and doing the walk of shame through the swimming pool for the first time in years, I found out you can't die of embarassment no matter how hard you try.

    I just concentrated on the reasons why I was doing this and that helped me through. After a few times I realised nobody was even bothering to look. They have other things on their minds :glasses:
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    hey guys i am having a little trouble,

    I would love to get out there and run every day to start off my day but i have two problems

    1) i have trouble actually leaving my door,
    and when i get the courage to leave the house
    2) i am so scared people are going to make fun of me like this super fat chick running and puffing and dying

    has anyone else had this problem

    how did you over come it?


    Walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk

    I lost my first 70 lbs solely off of walking in about 3 months,..... just walked. Didn't really work out... just walked 3 or 4 times a week. Give it a try... Up your mileage daily though.
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    when I started running, I was almost 300 lbs, I was never worried people would make fun of me or laugh at me, I alway think I inspire every last person who sees me....I envision them look at her!! If she can do it so can I!! haha, and now after a year of running it doesn't even faze me anymore.

    you know what? i bet that is exactly what people think too! I know whether i have been fat or thin anytime i see a big person exercising i think "yay! good for them'. So I am 229 lbs and i walk around my neighborhood a lot and there is a fair amount of traffic. I always get smiles and waves :)

    to original op. your own insecurities are what you are projecting onto others and trying to make it their thoughts. stop. love yourself and see that others love you too, fat or thin your beautiful and the courage it takes you to step out there and walk/run is what makes you even more beautiful. you can do this!
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    You know what I think when I see a large person struggling to exercise? "I am so glad that person is trying to help themselves, I hope they keep it up!"
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    people will mock and ridicule you regardless. I'd rather be hooted at while out walking than in line at the fast food place! Turn the music up and ignore the idiots.
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    I see people of all sizes out exercising and going to the gym. When I first started going to the gym i was 303.4 lbs. NOW I'm 198.4 -- still want to lose another 38.4lbs. BUT Point is, if I didn't get out there and do it, I wouldn't have lost over 100lbs so far. Screw what anyone thinks - you're not doing it for anyone else you're doing it for you! You're holding yourself back and that's not good!
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    Who cares what others think. It isn't about them, it's about you. When I see anybody...and I mean anybody exercising...I think " Good for them!" Even if they are going slowly on a recumbent bike or walking slowly around the block, they are moving.
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    Just go out and do the best you can... It gets easier the more times you do it and in fact people may look at you and say things but really deep down the admire you.
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    no one is too fat to exercize. Do a video at home if you have to (walmart has plenty of them I'm sure you can find something you'd like) If you can't stand, sit and do arm exercizes ( like boxing and whatnot) to get your heart rate up. There is plenty of stuff big people can do to get moving..................just see what jillian michaels has done with 400-500 lb people.

    If you want to do will find a way. Look up exercizes online are bound to find something you want/can do!

    Don't worry what others are do what you need to do to better yourself!!