to fat to exersize



  • deadbeatsummer
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    Hi honey,

    Nobody is too fat to exercise. No matter what.

    For those reasons you listed that is why I choose not to run outside - I'd rather do exercises at the gym or in my home - you should join the gym and use the elliptical/cross-trainer - it burns up big calories as running would - but protects your shins from the impact of being overweight and not being used to exercise. Also swimming is very helpful in that regards. - This is what I had problems with.

    I also have the turbo fire workout which really really kicks me up the bum to workout and I feel so much better for it!

    Doing exercises like that will build up your physical fitness until you feel confident to get out there and go outside.

    Nobody is judging you - and if they are then they are NOT worth your time. xxx
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    I'm still weird about going outside to exercise. Took me ages to get it together to go to the swimming pool.

    I'm slowly working up the courage to go outside and start running.

    DVD's worked great for me, it gave me a structure and a time limit to each workout each day with modified moves to progress through.

    If you have access to Rosemary Conley DVD's give the Real Results for Real Women one a go - I fully credit it and calorie counting for my loss to date.

    Jillian Michaels 30 day shred is working on toning me up now ;)
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    put it this way: Do you ever laugh at people or judge them when you see them exercising and they are overweight?

    ^^ This

    Whenever i see someone out and about who is overweight i think, 'wow, good for them'! And i hope the best for them. Anyone you would put you down is an idiot anyway.

    I'm overweight too and i'm approaching 35. Not really at the point in my life where i care what people think. I know that's all i worried about when i was younger, so i totally understand. Go out and do your best. Don't put it off like i did!! Good luck:)
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    I TOTALLY understand what you are feeling, you are NOT alone. You can try the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home videos to start until you get the confidence up to walk outside. And really, so as not to injure yourself, you may want to start with walking, not running. You don't want to put stress on your knees and ankles and back, that event he fittest of people can get when running.

    We are all here to support you though, and feel free to friend me. You can do this! And BTW - SCREW those people that would laugh. I've been laughed at too, and it hurts. But they are *kitten*, and will always be *kitten*. And you may be fat now, but you will be skinny someday, and they will still be the jerks they always were.
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    Only stupid people make fun and they don't matter. Remember, no matter how fast you are, you are still lapping the people on the couch.
  • trijoe
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    You're NEVER too fat to work out. EVER.

    Let me repeat, YOU'RE NEVER TOO FAT TO WORK OUT! EVER!!!

    Running is fun. Walking is fun too. When I weighed 250 I did a lot of walking. A LOOOOOOOOOT of it. Eventually I thinned down enough (and built enough self confidence in spit of the @$$holes that would honk at me while I was walking) that I started jogging. Just a little. Then a little more. Then a little faster... I'm sure you've already figured out where this is headed.

    Nobody can build your confidence but you. Period. And sitting around worrying about things won't build squat. Sucking it up, getting out there, and trying. THAT builds confidence, then confidence builds weight loss, which builds more confidence, which builds more weight loss... Again, I'm sure you've already figured out this hamster wheel of success.

    Just do it. Just put leave those fears on the couch, while you go for a run. Or walk. Or anything for that matter. It doesn't have to be far, or long, it just has to be. Eventually, as you start stringing those runs together, you'll see results that make you glad you started.
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    If you feel funny, that's okay. It's normal. It's also okay to start slowly. Why don't you start with walking? Set a goal for walking briskly for 5 or 10 or 15 minutes. Just do that a few times a week. Then do it longer the next week. Once you get used to it, you'll want to do more.

    It IS hard to start. Yet, you CAN do it!

    And, if you can, tell yourself something positive about your efforts, whether it's "Today I tried my best," or "I'm one day closer to my goal."

    If you start thinking or saying positive things, the negative will have less room in your head.
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    Lots of good tips from other posters. I think the sooner you start the less time you will have to deal with feeling that way. I really hope you don't let others get in the way or stop you from doing what you want to do. You are doing it for yourself not for them. You will gain confidence as you go. Anyways who cares what anyone else thinks, do whats right for you. Good luck with your journey. I wish you much success along the way.
  • LorinaLynn
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    Renstwin, i have tried Zumba at home, i think i need to be out of my comfort zone, i just wonder if anyone else had this hurdle

    Yes, and I'd go further and say almost EVERYONE has had this hurdle. About something.

    I didn't want anyone to see me running when I started. I began with Couch to 5k, and thought people would laugh when I only ran for 60 seconds then stopped and walked. And that went for outside as well as at the gym.

    The reality is... no one cares what you're doing. The majority of people who will see you only see you for about three seconds. They have no way of knowing if you've been running 30 seconds or 30 minutes. Anyone petty enough to put enough thought into making a judgement... well, that says a LOT more about their character than yours.
  • lacroyx
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    I started jogging outside @ 400+ lbs. I don't jog inside on treadmills. I hate treadmills.
    my response to those that may point and/or laugh and make comments
  • Birder150
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    A. Others are probably not focusing on you. They are focusing on themselves.
    B. IF they think anything, they'll probably be thinking, "Damn. I should be doing the same thing."

    Get out there and enjoy yourself!

    (I used to feel the same way and one day just decided, *kitten* it.)
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    I did the couch to 5k a while back and was self conscious, but I hate running in the treadmill so I sucked it up and ran in the park. It was more like a shuffle and everyone kept passing me, but as they passed I got a head nod, or a good morning, and occasionally a few of the avid runners even ran next to me just to tell me to keep it up. Don't be worried about what others think. Do what is best for you. Put on some good music and rock out. You'll be so glad you did and then when you're the one in shape you can be the one to encourage the next overweight person you see trying to get in shape. Trust me most people are more concerned about their own workout, or are happy to see someone trying to get healthy. There are not that many that woud actually go out of their way to be hurtful. Good Luck!
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    I don't want to sound insensitive, but get over it.

    About a month ago I was jogging a few miles from my house...some redneck in a truck with confederate flags all over it (I live in Chicago so this is not the norm here) and a loudspeaker started yelling "Hey, fat *kitten* get off the road" followed by "big bi#ch is gonna damage the road." He actually looped around to yell stuff again.

    I left my headphones on (honestly didn't even realize he was talking to me at first) and did my thing.

    I run a 10:30 minute mile and weight in at 194, wear a size 12... Not tiny but strong and fit. I have a feeling he would've yelled this at just about any woman running. For lack of a better word, the guy was just a *kitten*. But that's his burden, not mine.

    Do your thing. Ignore the idiots.
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    I cant run, but I dont care. What I can do is try! Start out walking, walking out the front door. Actually that's the easy part. I start walking. Once I get warmed up I try to run a little for as long as I can, which is probably 30 seconds, then I walk again. Repeat this process for an hour. Yes there will be people looking but so what, I'm sure in your life you have had to find ways to ignore people, not always easy but you can do it. Remember that they will see you dropping those pounds and will be AMAZED at your journey of weight loss.
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    You can worry about what other people think all you want, but what has that way of thinking done for your health so far? Do you really think you can successfully lose weight & still think like a fat person? I felt that way too in the beginning, but just like the other folks are saying, at some point I just had to say fck it & run. I'm entirely certain I looked like an uncoordinated 300-lb hippo on the treadmill but I had to block that out.

    If you get out of your own head, one day you can have pictures like this to be proud of:
    You may notice that the red tutu I was wearing probably made me look even more like a hippo. But in that pic I was finishing my first 10k, ran it straight through without walking, & did not finish last. Sure, I was at the tail end, but there were a good 40-50 people who finished after me. It was So. Much. Fun. Ended up doing another the following month:

    Now when I see heavier people at my gym running, I get so excited & hopeful that they keep it up, so they can get the sense of accomplishment I do from it.

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    The people that point/laugh/ say mean things are probably doing so because their own lives are so crappy that's the only thing that makes them feel good about themselves. You on the otherhand getting out there and doing the running or whatever are doing so to better your own life.

    Who's the winner there :flowerforyou:
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    Once, at a hotel gym, a woman got on the treadmill next to me, looked over at my 2 mph setting and sneered. She set hers to at least twice that number and started jogging/running. However, after about 10 minutes she was almost dying. That was it for her. She had to stop. She glared at me for still going on while she was wasted. I just smiled and wished her a good day as she dragged her sorry behind out of the gym. I kept on going at my snail's pace for another hour.

    Point is, don't worry aboutt what other people are doing and don't let anyone else's attitude about you and your exercise intimidate you. You are getting healthy not for them, but for you.
  • CyberEd312
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    At some point in time you have to stop caring what other may be thinking and make it more about you and getting healthy. The one thing you will have to come to terms with, is the fact that no matter how much weight you lose the fat person mentality probably will never go away. I started my journey home bound for over 2 years, unable to walk from room to room (had a computer chair I ripped the back off of to roll myself from my recliner to the bathroom or kitchen.) At 560 lbs. the last thing i wanted to do was go out in public and see anyone and be judged... But the one thing you have to do is stop saying no to everything and start saying yes..... No matter how much it takes you out of your comfort zone. I had to start my journey in the pool (cause I was unable to walk) so I spent 18 months in the pool walking before I had lost enough weight (175 lbs.) to be fitted with braces and walk on land. You have to concentrate on you and not what others are doing or thinking and to tell you the truth the one thing I have come to realize is everyone else is dealing with their own issues and alot are worrying about the same things I am...And just remember no amount of weight will ever cure you of some of these feeling. I have lost 303 lbs. and still am dealing with self image cause I still see the fat guy I once was................. You just have to make the decision, is it worth more to me to be healthy and fat free no matter what I may think other are thinking or do I want to be trapped in my fat world......Only you can make that decision for yourself.............. Goodluck......
  • kimtpa1417
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    At my job alot of people walk and jog on their lunch breaks..... well recently there is a group of people of 6 or so that run on their lunch when i am out for my walk. One of the girls is really big. And she is huffing anf puffing and trying so hard to keep up. I admire the fact that she is out there everyday doing it
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    I volunteered last year at a 5K race. Pretty small, only a few hundred people. So most of them were pretty hardcore. My daughters and I worked the finish line food tables. By the time things were almost over, we had to leave. On our way out, we passed the finish line, where the last person was finishing. She was a really large woman, who walked the course. It was her first race of any kind. Her entire family was waiting for her at the finish line. The kids had balloons, and her husband had this big batch of roses. People had gathered round to cheer her on. There was screaming, and cheering, and yelling, and clapping, while she just cried and hugged her family. It was one of the greatest race day moments I've ever seen, and I was grateful I got to experience it. With my kids, no less.

    In the running community, people who have to struggle to accomplish what comes easily to most are considered heroes. Sometimes of epic stature. For every shmuck who bothers you while you're training, you'll get back 10fold people on race day who cheer you, congratulate you, tell you how inspiring you are. And every one of them will mean it too.