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    renayeb...Congratulations! When I read about your progress, and your size going down, I'm both envious and happy for you.
    Sheila...How much did the eyebrows hurt? I've thought of having mine done, although they're so light they might be hard to find...lol

    I had a hard time sleeping last night. Just before I went to bed, I checked my e-mail...found a letter from my youngest sister. (She has schizophrenia...which is how I came about adopting my daughter, Brittany. My sister was unable to care for her...)
    Anyway, my sister, who is normally sweet and loving, slammed the heck out of me for having a "good life" while she doesn't. She said if it wasn't for people like me, she, too, could celebrate Mother's Day. So that put a huge damper on quality sleep...
    I do feel very bad for my sister, and like I said, we're normally fairly close, but lately she's been screwing around with her meds, and she's way off kilter. I wrote back to her, said I didn't deserve her nasty letters, and I was going to block her, for now.

    (Even when we try to be nice to other people, we can still get bowled over without warning...)
    But today's another day. I have an early doctor's appointment. A complete physical...eeeeeekkkk...

    And today I have a vendor coming to pick up a batch of my tote bags, so cross your fingers. I really hope they sell, and this weekend will tell the tale. The vendor is selling them in Grand Bend - a big tourist area, and this weekend is our long weekend...

    Hope you all have a wonderful day...
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    Thanks everyone for the support.. Even though Brent wasn't a family member I still knew him for 10 years..

    Today's workout:
    45 Mins of Walk Away The Pounds - 512 Calories burnt

    100 Crunches

    I will check in when I get to work and have more time to read..

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    Hi everyone, good morning Anita. Sounds like yesterday was one of those terrible days that come along in life. You can't prepare for them, all you can do is get through them. I am so sorry! But, it sounds like you did get through it, and here you are today, sticking with your commitment, which is amazing and wonderful! You inspire me!

    Cyndee wow, Sounds like you had one of those days, too! I can't imagine what its like to have your sister be so ill. And as you well know, its the illness speaking, not her. But it still hurts. Good luck with those bags!

    Renaye!!! WAHOO!!! That is so cool! We area absolutely doing this! Lets both win these contests we are in! How cool would that be! Then, we can prolly write a book and go on Oprah! :happy:

    Sheila - you make my head spin! Good luck with that schedule, girl! Take time for you and get some rest for heaven's sake!

    I weighed this morning for the biggest loser contest at my work. I only lost a pound, but I am not complaining, cuz thats since Friday and after my big week last week, and big meal last night, I am good with that! Taking food real easy today, because my tummy is still unhappy from all that Chinese yesterday. Well, got a lot to do today, so, I will catch you later!

    Good day to everyone!
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    Im in the lead at the weightloss challenge. YAY.
    I was a lil scared there for a minute cause I was gaining a lil here and there. At yesterdays meeting I was the only one who lost weight. Im down 2 lbs since 2 weeks ago. I bought new clothes this week and I love being able to not squeeze in them. Time to redo the wardrobe. Hope you all are doin the same.
    I was in denial when a was getting out of a size 22 but not quite a 24. Boy does 18-20 feel great. My goal is an 8 or 9/10.
    WTG Renayeb!!! Great job! :happy:
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    Good Morning Team! Did I tell you all that I will be flying out of town this weekend? I leave Thursday and return Sunday night. Not sure if I will have computer access or not. I am heading to Maine for my sisters graduation from Grad School. Hopefully I'll be able to use her computer to check in. I will not be here to weigh in Friday am...debating whether i should do it Thursday or just wait till next week?!?!?
    Any advice on the whole eating without MFP...I'm nervous about how that is going to work! :ohwell:
    Today is looking like it will be nice out so I am hoping to get to the gym for centergy and walk my dog if the weather holds out.
    Happy Tuesday!
    Jamie :flowerforyou:
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    Kristi- Sounds like you had a great time!! My son is learning to play Acustic guitar and We have several musically inclined neighbors and of course he is over regularly visiting the ones that play in a band or know how to play real well getting free lessons. LOL I wish I could afford for him to take real lessons tho because he has shown a big interest in it and like I said is getting pretty dang good at it! Now if he could stop breaking his guitar strings every time he practices, he may actually get some productive time! Strings are cheap, but you break 1 and you have to replace them all, so at least once a week I am replacing his strings.. :laugh:

    Swignal- Dang! You did have a busy day!! The eyebrows only really hurt bad the first time you get it done. If you get it done regularly after that its not so bad because all those little tiny hairs arent being pulled off. I get mine done once a month or so when I go for my monthly pedicure. I think the worst part for me is I have a couple moles around my right brow and the lady always has to tweeze around it to make it match my left one. The tweezing hurts but I had a lady once who didnt do it that way and tried to wax it instead, took the top layer of skin off the mole and OUCH!! I was cussing for days every time I rubbed my face there because it would sting. So I much prefer the suffer the couple minutes of tweezing pain around the mole than to suffer the days of growing skin back over that area.:laugh:

    Renya- YAY!!! You go girl!! Nail that scale at your challenge!! So... did anyone else have to pay into the pot?? :laugh: As for the clothes... I know exactly what you mean. I was in denial for a long time about moving to a 20. So much so that even after the 32lbs Ive lost, I can still wear alot of my pants that are a 16-18. :laugh: No wonder I look like a cow in most of my old pictures. Aside from being fat, I was wearing clothes that were way too small for me. :embarassed:

    Cyndee- Its a shame that your sister said those things to you. She doesnt mean it. Mental problems make people say wierd and hurtful things sometimes. You are right to block her until she can treat you with some respect. Just know that, that may take a while to happen, especially if she is going awhol on her meds. My best friend of 12 years had mental problems and passed away 5 years ago. In the 12 years we were friends, I saw her go off the deep end twice, which, honestly scared the crap out of me! The second time almost ended out 12 year friendship.

    Its funny that you said what you said about being bowled over without warning after being nice to other people. I found out this was happening to me yesterday from another friend in regards to someone I know, but not real well. About 1 1/2 years ago I met this girl in a class I was taking to become a foster parent. At the time of our class, I thought she was a pretty unique person, but we didnt talk or get to know eachother, then Last December a friend of mine and I signed up to play Bunco with a local group. Turned out that this girl had also signed up and we ran into her there. She knew who we were, from the class and since that time the three of us have gone out a couple times. I had her over to parties at the house and thought we were getting along great. When my husband was gone to Florida, I went out with her and a couple of the friends we had in common and we went dancing. It was fun and the following weekend we made plans to go out again and check out some other clubs. She stood me up, even tho i called her like 3 or 4 different times and left her messages on her cell. I hadnt heard from her and since she stood me up I figured "oh well, something musta come up" and figured she would call when she wanted to talk to me. Well...yesterday (more than a month later) I find out that she is talking crap about me to my other friend, telling her that I dont like my other friend and that I stood HER up the night we were supposed to go out (only she was the one who went out with other friends and didnt answer my calls) Now, dont get me wrong... I dont know her real well, so Im not very upset, but I just dont get it. I dont get what I did wrong to make this person start this crap? It makes me want to call her and say "WTH??" but I think its better if I just let it go and just not even talk to her anymore since I dont know her that well and she obviously has issues with being honest. The other friend who told me this was going on is not a unreliable source and not a drama queen, so Im certain what she told me is what was actually said. :ohwell: The sad part is, I have a hard time making friends with women because of crap like this. I hate drama and the first time it surrounds me with them, I tend to throw up the wall and walk away. Ive been burned too many times and just dont need dishonest people around me who embelish and create situations revolving around my personal life or other friends. I guess its the old saying... "Hurt me once, shame on you, Hurt me twice, Shame on me"....the stress it creates is just not worth it to me anymore. Im too sensitive I guess?

    Well, dang! I didnt mean to write a novel. LOL TOM arrived this morning, so guess I just needed to vent about that. :laugh: :laugh: I gotta get outta here. I have kiddo's coming at 9am and its 8 now. Gonna go wog around the neighborhood and get that in before they get here.

    :heart: ya's!
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    reynab - WTG!!!
    kristi - how're your workouts going?

    cyndee - you can't, CAN'T, let her words hurt you. She is sick and doesn't have a good grasp of reality. She's hurting and lashed out. It's actually NOT you that caused her to have a bad day. It's not YOU that she's actually mad at, but she can't bring herself to blame herself... she's in denial. Never take to heart the words of a crazy person... which on a lot of days, is MOST of us.:wink:

    On the odd friend club... I worked with this girl, Steph, at one place. i thought she was great and fun and all that. I was totally bamboozled, but then, I didn't work with her (I was a trainer, she went thru my training class is all). So when I went to a different job, I brought her along when she started looking. I thought she was smart, hard-working, honest... I totally thought I was a good judge of character until all this happened. So she got hired based on MY recommendation... and then I saw her "REALLY". Lie, cheat, steal... mostly lie. She was, I think, truly a pathological liar. She'd take whatever she heard and it became "her" life. So one day I told her about the circumstances of a miscarriage I'd had years ago. The next day she "had" a miscarriage at work. Sat on the phone talking for a good 2 hours with a friend (with me sitting next to her, wondering why she was doing that) then hangs up and told me she'd had a miscarriage just that moment. Well if you just had one, why are you chatting on the phone for 2 straight hours with a friend? Since I could hear all of the conversation, I knew she'd never said anything to that friend. So I told her she should go to the hospital.. not believing that she'd even been pregnant, because hubby #4 was deployed and the math just didn't add up... so she talked an older guy in our group to take her to - urgent care. HUH? He took her (even though I had offered, it being a woman thing) and they were gone for like 4 hours. She comes back for her FREE lunch (company bought lunch that day) and then went home after she ate. Said that the urgent care was going to give her a blood transfusion but she wasn't comfortable with them doing it (urgent cares don't give blood transfusions, for goodness' sake, this one didn't even deal with broken bones or stitches). And when she said she 'went to the pharmacy for a prescription' after that, I saw the look on the guy's face that it was a total lie, but he never said where they actually did go.

    The way she "described" her miscarriage was nearly word for word what I'd told her the night before (mine happened at work, etc).

    NOTHING that came out of this woman's mouth was true, I swear. The poor guy who'd married her we met, and he looked like a train wreck within the first week (he was lucky to be deployed six months at a time). Oh yeah, and his job? in the Navy? he worked on ocean subs. Well on 9/11 he was assigned to patrol Washington, DC. She was telling everyone this. (Umm... DC is pretty landlocked, and the rivers aren't deep enough for a frickin' ocean nuclear sub!)

    I have tons of stories of this crazy woman who STILL calls me and believes I'm her friend and that I believe her. She asks me to be a job reference, of all things (which I gladly do - and tell the TRUTH!). I only talk to her about every six months, and I haven't seen her in years, but I listen to the stories for entertainment value (cuz there ain't no truth in that!)....

    and like losingit, I'm now VERY gunshy and don't believe people very easily. But lying about you? I don't get that. Maybe she is jealous of your friendship, losingit? And so wants to separate you from your friend? But then again some people are just born liars and there's not really a 'reason" that sane people can figure out.

    I lie... I lie to bill collectors (check's in the mail)... 'no habla englaesh'... LOL I lie to hubby (new shirt? no, I've had this for YEARS)..(not really, that's a game we play, he gets mad if I admit it IS a new shirt)...

    So there you go, I am a big fat liar, ya'll!!!!.
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    Those aren't "lies," adopt4...Those are pacifiers. We say those things to soothe other people, because the truth might hurt (either them or us...lol)

    Anyway, I'm pretty much over my sister's negativity, and I'm reminded that when she does strike out like this, she's really suffering, in her mind. And I'm reminded how tragic it is that she has this illness. It's genetic, of course - from my father's side of the family, and out of 6 of us kids, she - the youngest, was stricken. Horrible, horrible illness. At one time in her life, she was so pretty, sweet...She was married with 3 beautiful children (pre-Brittany) and her husband and she had a lovely, brand new home. Her symptoms showed up shortly after the birth of her 3rd child, and it cost her a marriage, home, the ability to raise her babies...
    It's cost her SO much. And now she's a shell of who she used to be. She lost her looks, her physical health, and I can't imagine the demons in her head, when she lashes out like she did. Poor soul. So when I put my thinking cap on, I realize that words are just words...and maybe I could just suck it up, eh?

    Well, it will be nibbling on lettuce leaves for my supper. After my doctor's appointment, I went for lunch with my parents. Had chicken pot pie. Ooops. That, and a few fries, and a lovely homebaked roll...and I've pretty much used up my calories for the day. I'd exercise like crazy just to earn a few calories, but I'm too sore. Can't win. But tomorrow is a new day. And lettuce ain't so bad...

    I think we've all encountered a few Jekyll/Hyde friends, by the sounds of it. Gotta wonder what makes them tick. Drama - for sure. Maybe they're put in our lives to test our patience.

    (And for comic relief.)

    Talk to you later, all...

    ________________And oh yeah...
    One other thing: When I went for my last physical, the doctor said I was 5'1" tall (I figured I'd shrunk as I aged), but today, my family doctor said I was 5'2". I made him double check and it's true! Either I started growing again, or the other doctor was wrong.
    Either way, that's got to affect my BMI...right?
    I'm going to check right now!
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    BMI - 24.3 The top of the healthy range, but still too much for me with my little birdie bone structure...
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    hello peeps
    just had to say i did 100 pushups for lunch because my car is in shop and all my (i need to eat early -even if i just had breakfast at 9 am coworkers ) left to lunch . but i will still do my workout tonight and post then . just had to vent again now on to find some food
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    Well, dang! I didnt mean to write a novel. LOL TOM arrived this morning, so guess I just needed to vent about that. :laugh: :laugh: I gotta get outta here. I have kiddo's coming at 9am and its 8 now. Gonna go wog around the neighborhood and get that in before they get here.

    :heart: ya's!

    Mine too...
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    well cyndee - it only stung for a second then it was over... she said next time she would make them a bit smaller she didnt want me to go in the state of shock!!!! the first time...

    I am back from the camp ground and it is nice outside so I think I am going to get some natural sun!!! lol..

    Reynab - wtg.. keep up the great work....

    Kristi - i made myself tierd just typing all that I did.. lol today wasnt as bad...

    I wish I could just wiggle my nose and be tan... to much peperation LOL..

    be back in a bit..

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    Back from gym. 15 mins elliptical to warm up, then 30 mins with trainer. My legs are shaking, LOL.

    What I learned today - in the last 2 weeks, by their scale, I've lost 8 pounds. (whoo-hoo!) BUT my body fat has gone up a percent. WTH?? Well, it appears that I was burning muscle, not fat, last week when I didn't work out. My metabolism was burning cals, all right - but the wrong thing! So the trainer said build more muscle, so you won't burn what you got!!! That's the lesson for today. That is probably especially true for people who are close or at their goal weight but have a flabby stomach or something. One trainer said cut down cardio to 3x/wk and do weights every day, make more resistance in my weights (shake it up!). Oh, she also said, that now that I've been doing cardio for so long, even though I'm changing what I"m doing, my plateaus can come every 2-3 weeks, and I'll really have to shake it up, like just doing weights and little cardio, in order to get thru them or not have them. That I didn't know.

    My trainer said to keep doing all my cardio for now but to do weights or strength training every day to build that muscle. He's not concerned about the body fat change and with not working out last week, it makes perfect sense. But I gotta burn that body fat!!!

    I have another lower abs exercise to share... but I think I need pics so let me go search and I'll post them later!
  • adopt4
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    see "knee up" - I gave ya'll this one last week... do 2 sets of 20
    see "seated knee up" - he had me try this today, I'm NOT there yet, LOL... do 2 sets of 20
    see "oblique crunch" - new one from today... do 2 sets of 20


    Oh yeah, and be ready for "ow ow ow" for the next 2 days if you these! :laugh:
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    and like losingit, I'm now VERY gunshy and don't believe people very easily. But lying about you? I don't get that. Maybe she is jealous of your friendship, losingit? And so wants to separate you from your friend? But then again some people are just born liars and there's not really a 'reason" that sane people can figure out.

    I lie... I lie to bill collectors (check's in the mail)... 'no habla englaesh'... LOL I lie to hubby (new shirt? no, I've had this for YEARS)..(not really, that's a game we play, he gets mad if I admit it IS a new shirt)...

    So there you go, I am a big fat liar, ya'll!!!!.

    It really is a shame tho. Im one of those people who trust's everyone until they give me a reason not to trust them. I am a patient person and accept people FOR WHO THEY ARE. I guess Its just dawned on me that accepting someone for who they are doesnt mean I have to let them hurt me over and over again. I guess you could say that Im accepting her for who she is and deciding NOT to be friends with her. I may have sounded a bit "unforgiving" in that last post and its not that at all. I have a big heart that tends to get stepped on by the wrong people, thats all. I can handle someone being rude or maybe even being a little greedy FAR better than I can handle someone putting words in my mouth and making up lies.

    Everyone has some sort of drama, but when that drama starts to effect my relationships with other people, that is where I draw the line with that person. I had to do this with another person I knew a little over a year ago and Id known her since High School. I just couldnt handle the drama and the lies anymore. When it starts to effect you, your family and your other friends time after time, as far as Im concerned... its time to let go. I havent talked to that person in over a year. She got married last July and invited me and hubby, but I decided not to go even for the entertainment value. Mainly because I hadnt talked to her in 6 months and I didnt want to open that door all over again, especially since she was in a new relationship (her 4th marriage). Just not willing to put me, my family or my friends through that again and Im glad I made that decision. :happy: My life has been very peaceful the past year without the added stress and I intend to keep it that way. :laugh:
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    Made 2 loafs of this today and it turned out pretty yummy!! Will definitely make it again!
    If you want 2 loafs, double the recipe like I did. This stuff doesnt last long in my house since the kids really like it so I have to make more than 1 loaf. I plan on making this my breakfast for the next couple days if It lasts that long. :happy:

    Pumpkin- Apple Bread
    2 cups flour
    1/4 cup sugar
    1 tsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp baking soda
    1/2 tsp salt
    1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
    1 large egg
    1 cup low fat buttermilk
    1 medium apple, peeled, cored & grated
    1/2 cup canned pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie mix)
    1 tsp powdered sugar

    Preheat oven to 350. Spray 9x5 loaf pan with non-stick spray.

    Combine flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, salt and pie spice in a large bowl.
    In a small bowl, beat the egg and add the buttermilk, grated apple, and pumpkin.
    Pour the wet ingredients over the flour mixture and stir until blended. Do not overmix.

    Spoon into pan and bake until a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. 1 to 1 1/4 hours.
    Cool in pan on rack 10 minutes. Remove from pan and cool completely. Dust with powdered sugar.
    Cut into 10 slices. Each Slice is a serving.

    Here's the nutrition info, which I already entered into MFP as "Losingit4good- Pumpkin Apple Bread
    1 serving is 137 calories, 1g fat, 0g sat fat, 0 trans fat, 22mg chol, 243 mg sodium, 28g carb, 1 g fiber, 4g protien, 57mg calcium.
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    Just back from Max Muscle and meeting with a "workout nutritionist". Anyway, the numbers he gave are really close to MFP as far as calories for my activity level, etc. They do it 1 pound a week, when I entered in their numbers vs. MFPs. So I changed the goals to be the Max Muscle numbers except I took off 200 cals daily, so that I can do 1.5 pounds per week rather than 1. Thing is, it changed my calories from 1370 to 1636. Whoo-hoo! But then again, maybe I had it set on 2 pounds per week before... hmmmm.... can't remember now.

    Anyhoo, they suggest daily intake as this: 50 % carbs, 30 % protein, 20 % fat. They said it doesn't matter if you go over on protein, unless you're like eating 3000% of what you should be, LOL. So I set my goals to that and will try that.

    On a workout day, they suggest:
    6 servings of dairy ( ex. 1/2 cup of non fat cottage cheese is a serving)
    5 servings veggies (1 cup raw carrots)
    4 servings fruit (1/2 small banana or 1 small orange)
    12 servings starches (1/2 cup mashed potatoes)
    14 oz protein (1 oz cheese or 1 oz chicken)
    3 servings fat (1 Tb reduced fat butter)

    On a nonworkout day, they suggest:
    5 dairy servings
    4 servings veggies
    3 servings fruit
    7 servings starches
    10 oz protein
    0 servings fat (like right)

    Just thought I'd share the knowledge, since I paid so much for it!!! LOL
  • LosingIt4good
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    Did they give you any other options for the starches besides taters? There is no way I could fit in 6 cups of that on a workout day.. :laugh: :laugh: Especially if I was eating everything else they say to eat. I think rice is another, but not sure??

    Thanks for sharing that!! Thats good info!!
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    The Pumpkin-Apple Bread sounds wonderful.
    I may make it my breakfast in the next few days...

    Amazingly, I did NOT go over calories today. I figured I would since I only had about 280 calories left after lunch. But I just entered the info for my supper, and I am UNDER by 2 calories.
    Hmmmm. I wonder what I should have for a snack?
    Water sounds about right.
  • LosingIt4good
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    if only.....:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: