Which part of your body bothers you the most?



  • Fockertots
    Fockertots Posts: 221
    My stomach. There is no more muffin top on the sides, but it still spills over the front of my pants right now. It's really frustrating and DEFINITELY where my focus lies.
  • jc1229
    jc1229 Posts: 220 Member
    My flabby arms..I could probably almost take flight! Lol
  • catattack13
    catattack13 Posts: 117
    my arms are wiggly. also my joints dislocate which means painful everything. *sad*
  • jnmac007
    jnmac007 Posts: 2
    Id have to say my tummy and my arms. My son says my arm keeps waving even after I stop..Not funny. LOL
  • TrimThinTonedTight
    TrimThinTonedTight Posts: 69 Member
    My legs. Good holy hockey pucks are they upsetting.

    Not just my thighs either. I have 'thalves' Thigh-calves. Basically there is no largely visible difference between the back of my knee, lower thigh and upper calf. So I can't wear shorts or knee length skirts or dresses without feeling upset.
    They're mostly fatty, but I do have a large amount of natural muscle.
    My legs are pretty 'frumpy' looking, so I'd love for them to be long and lean.
  • plcarpenter
    plcarpenter Posts: 83 Member
    For sure it would have to be the muffin top, and just the overall look of my tummy
  • BaDaSsBrUnEtTe
    BaDaSsBrUnEtTe Posts: 518 Member
    my stomach....after two kids its not as easy to get a flat, tight tummy.
  • My stomach or as my mom calls it the playground.
  • lgbeiza
    lgbeiza Posts: 2
    for me its not just the muffin top but also i eat certain foods and my stomach bloats up so bad i look like i'm ready to give birth.. again.
    DAMNCHARLIE Posts: 569
    My stomach or as my mom calls it the playground.
    that's too funny, I agree my gut as well, dont like looking pregnant if I am not. I can hide it but its 85 degrees now and you cant hide to much now,
  • sofitheteacup
    sofitheteacup Posts: 397 Member
    I don't give it much thought, but my inner thighs are atrocious, despite the weight I've lost. Elsewhere I've improved, except for here. Then again, I'm pretty comfortable with the people who get up close and personal with me there. ;)
  • My stomach, hate the look of my flabby belly.
  • enelira
    enelira Posts: 25
    the belly
  • my "back boobs", love handles, stomach and my double chin...I WANT IT ALL GONE
  • menutrit
    menutrit Posts: 19
    My legs. I have a pear-shaped body and all my weight goes to my lower half and I hate it! I have a love-hate relationship with lunges and squats, too :(
  • capnwo85
    capnwo85 Posts: 1,103 Member
    Nothing, it's all gravy baby.
  • Aryel168
    Aryel168 Posts: 126
    No question about it- stomach
  • suavequeen
    suavequeen Posts: 273 Member
    Inner thighs... oh and my tummy scar tissue that keeps the shape I want from fully coming out.. Gotta work harder to see if I can get past it..
  • ANeWcRe8N
    ANeWcRe8N Posts: 1,180 Member
    My belly :/
  • iron_jj
    iron_jj Posts: 446 Member
    Thighs.. Butt
    Thats where I carry most of my weight and I hate it. :explode: