Which part of your body bothers you the most?



  • Bum/Thighs.

  • YukonJoy
    YukonJoy Posts: 1,279 Member
    My arms. I hate having fat arms. They are so stubborn and will not lose weight, I hate wearing tshirts. I feel like having them exposed makes me look a lot heavier.

    Thankfully I have a pretty good hourglass shape so the fat on the rest of my body sits in all the right places.

  • OhShesaPistol
    OhShesaPistol Posts: 46 Member
    my arms uhhhh!
  • divinesaber
    divinesaber Posts: 21 Member
    Everything I guess. x.x;
  • WJZR
    WJZR Posts: 98 Member
    definately my belly fat. it sticks out past my boobs, and that bothers me. its flabby and not at all nice. legs and butt is OK.
  • monerddd
    monerddd Posts: 27
    My stomach and arms... Girls my age are wearing short skirts and shirts that sometimes show off the skin. I cant get that because im Obese but hopefully that will change in time :)
  • ckuzzz
    ckuzzz Posts: 2
    My gut and chest. Can't seem to get rid of the fat and I been eating way better then before.
  • I agree with you. Congratulations on your weight loss! I lost 60 pounds, and my abdomen is big and hangs a little, but I'm still happier and healthier than before. Keep up the good work!
  • shaelataylor
    shaelataylor Posts: 224 Member
    stomach, most definitely!
  • warmachinejt
    warmachinejt Posts: 2,167 Member
    my nose and height
  • bkthomas2004
    bkthomas2004 Posts: 130 Member
    My stomach and thighs are what bothers me the most, if I could just tone those bad boys I'd be good to go!
  • Loose tummy skin. That's it. Only thing that is going to fix that is a miracle or surgery, so I'll deal with it, but I would love if it would go away.
    When you lose as much weight as I have, though, having a little loose skin is a small price to pay for getting fit and healthy after years of obesity.
  • Hoover8it
    Hoover8it Posts: 107 Member
    My belly.................It's hard to buy shorts or jeans because my legs are like sticks. In order to get pants that fit around my belly I have to get them with big legs.

    Anybody know where a 42 year old can buy cool jeans or shorts?
  • westdove
    westdove Posts: 174
    My BELLY! Grrrrr :grumble:
  • kimr41
    kimr41 Posts: 219 Member
    Legs. Huge thighs & calves. I would love to be able to wear boots but can't get them big enough to zip around the calves.
  • pauljsolie
    pauljsolie Posts: 1,024 Member
  • LUVNME94
    LUVNME94 Posts: 34
    My belly is the trouble spot...oh I can't wait until it is totally flat again. :sad:
  • thighss. i hate looking at them really. Especially when people always tell me that i'd have athletic legs if i'd just lose the layer of fat:(
  • Vermilla
    Vermilla Posts: 348
    I hate the fat :laugh: My entire body would be good without it!
  • iamlottiebee
    iamlottiebee Posts: 33 Member
    The loose skin is what bothers me most. It's mostly on my stomach, a little on my upper thighs and upper arms. I guess it kind of frustrates me because I know I've done such good things to improve my health and fitness, and it kind of feels like the skin is never going to firm up.

    I was overweight, but not obese... but I was overweight pretty much my entire life. So I think because of how prolonged the stretching of the skin was, I don't think it'll ever get really tight, but at the same time, it's not bad enough to require surgery. It's just kind of this ugly reminder I have under my clothes of the way I used to be. Oh well...