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    Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well. My surgery was a success, but they ended up doing more than they thought. So as a result, I still can't walk. Tony took today off and my sister is coming back down from Indiana tonight to stay with me a few days. She has to be back home on Thursday so my mother in law is coming the end of the week. I'm having a really difficult time with not being able to walk or move on my own. I've got a walker that helps but it's really hard. I had been told that I'd be back on my feet in a few days so I wasn't prepared to not be!! Apparently they had to cut and reposition a tendon so that's what has caused more swelling and bruising. Anyway, enough complaining! On the bright side, my arms are getting a workout! Hope to be back to normal soon. Miss you all!
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    Back from the gym. didn't want to go but once I got going I felt great. Did 10 mins on the escalator from hell, 15 mins on the elliptical that is like running uphill, then 30 mins with trainer. Whew! My legs are sore though.

    Have a new workout plan, where I am taking 2-3 days off per week depending on how much strength training I do, so I can let my body rest. So tomorrow is a rest day since I worked with a trainer today. So that will be interesting to see how I do on cals on the off days! Apparently you need rest a lot more on strength training that just with cardio, at least once you're used to the cardio.

    So I burned 889 cals today. Whoo-hoo!
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    Jamie, where are you going in Ohio?? I dont live far from Toledo!! only about 20 minutes... well have fun traveling...its always nice..

    My bf's family is from Dayton. We are heading out for his niece's graduation party. I am not sure where that is in relation to Toledo though. Are you familiar with Dayton.
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    OK, so I havent taken pictures of the yard yet. Been out getting errands done all day and after dinner Im going to the gym. I had to go grocery shopping and restock the catfood, produce & milk. Then I had to hit the cake shop to get supplies for my FIL's cake and decided to just get hubby's supplies also. Decided not to do a fondant cake for the FIL. His is gonna be a 2 tiered round (chocolate cake on one, carrot cake on the other covered with reduced fat cream cheese frosting that Im making from scratch) Easy enough. Im gonna make a small German flag out of fondant to drape over the top of FIL's cake, then add some handmade flowers (roses & cala lilies cuz Germany has NO national flower...who knew!) I'll be making his on Friday.

    Anyway, all the running around, getting stuff done around the house. Sunburn doesnt hurt... much. Every once in a while I feel it on 1 shoulder, but otherwise, its tolerable. I think if I hadnt gotten to the sunscreen when I did, it definitely woulda been worst. I was wearing shorts too, so the back of my calves are nice and pink. Doesnt hurt, so Im just happy to finally have gotten some color on my neon legs. LOLSee picture below for my "Redneck" photo.... LOL

    On another note.....all three babies now have thier eyes open and are watching you!!! So, no more slackin around peeps!!! :laugh:
    Opa aka fuzzbutt age 12 days
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    Ok Girls - Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am owning up to it. Another day without exercise and it is my fault. The week and maybe two weeks after inventory is a bear - been working 8pm to 9 am. With the heat and humidity finally getting here the factory is like 95 degrees of a night. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been there 11 years next month - takes some getting used too though each year. Please help be my push in the morning to get some kind of exercise in - You can either WHACK me hard (Adopt4 are you around - if you post tonight put some kind of fire in my rear end in the morning when I read your post.) or you can do it gentle. My goal for tonight is to get lots of water in and eat healthy - then come home and get some kind of exercise in.

    To you who got up and got the exercising in today - Congratulations - way to go. I am so proud. Anita - Adopt4 - you will be my inspiration for tomorrow morning. Be expecting my post tomorrow night. Keep up the good work

    Kristi - We will be doing the happy dance for you. Girl - keep up the good work. Thanks for the post on alchohol. I had thought about having a drink but the stopping of the metabolism - stopped me. Just got it kicked in - don't want to stall this now.

    Sheila - Long story short. We took a cruise that we stopped at ocho Rios. We went to Dunn Falls and decided to climb it with the kids. Well my late husband had some kind of real expensive camera which the guide kept saying - let me carry that cause you will fall. Reluctantly my husband handed it over. Th guide then took two steps with it and fell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The camera went under - I was so mad!!!!!!!!! Well when we got back to the ship - he took it apart and dried it out real good. We got the camera to work again but figured the roll of film in it was ruined. Years after my husband past and after our trip - I found a roll of undeveloped film. Well when I had it developed - Ya it was that roll of film. The pictures were hazy but ok. Oh the memories.

    Well Good night all - gotta roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Oh an to answer cyndee's question about how to post pics on here...

    upload your photos to photobucket, then click on Share to have it generate a link code for you. You'll wanna use the BBS code that looks like this below.


    Just copy and paste the code into your message then Change the tags to lowercase at the beginning and end of your image to have it show up.  Hope that helps!
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    Almost forgot....

    Adopt4 and I were talking this morning on the phone and she mentioned that you can now share your food diary with others. If you click on the Food tab above and go the settings option it allows you to make your diary public, private, viewable by friends or to password protect it.

    I set mine to "Friends only" so I could share with you guys what a typical day looks like for me. Also thought it would be cool to share them since it may give us more idea's on things to eat if we see what someone else is able to do. If anyone else does the same, let me know so I can check it out. :wink:
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    Hello Hello :happy:
    Today was such a long day! I felt like I couldn't get awake today. Kept yawning. Maybe it was the long weekend and day off for the holiday.
    After work I went straight to the gym. I have been trying to keep extra clothes in my car or grab some over my lunch break so I have no excuses. When I have long days if I don't go right after work I get lazy and don't go at all. So kick boxing is done for today. Came home ate a Jennie-O turkey burger and some ceasar salad and now I am making blueberry muffins. I hope the rain holds off to be able to walk my dog but it doesn't look like its going to.
    Did you all find your motivation? If not find it now. Go take a walk. Do some crunchs or push-ups or toe raises, lunges. Have a wonderful evening everyone! :flowerforyou:
  • jamielbeck
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    Oh and p.s. I ate well today. I am happy with my choices today. I really wanted to eat chocolate or junk this afternoon and asked myself if I was hungry. I thought I was and told myself when I finish my bottle of water I'd have some. Well I finished my bottle of water and forgot! How cool is that?!?! :noway: :noway: That's never happened to me before! So tonight I have more than enough calories to have chocolate milk!
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    Cyndee ~ LI4G posted the short version of how to post pictures. I personally needed the "posting pictures for dummies" version and a lot of practice.... here's the link I learned on:


    Just copy and paste that link into your address bar and voila - learn away.

    I ate like crazy bad today.... not over cals but just really unhealthy stuff... I don't have any good excuses for that. I have already taken the slipper to myself:blushing:

    Indiana, working in that hot environment would really take some getting used to - definately stay hydrated!!!!!

    Dara - Dang girl, take it easy - How's the pain? Glad you have lots of help - take it very, very, very easy:heart:

    CM - Your "comment" on exercise - LOL!! Sure hope your arm is quick to mend - no cartwheels for you:flowerforyou:

    I'm going to go for a 30 min. walk and then do 120 crunches and some arm work ~

    later gaters:smokin:
  • lulubar
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    LI4G - I will share my diary when I get back home and am cooking for myself again! lol - but I do like the idea.

    Jamie - good for you! Forgetting to eat junk food - priceless! :drinker: :drinker: :drinker:
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    Jamie, where are you going in Ohio?? I dont live far from Toledo!! only about 20 minutes... well have fun traveling...its always nice..

    My bf's family is from Dayton. We are heading out for his niece's graduation party. I am not sure where that is in relation to Toledo though. Are you familiar with Dayton.

    I think Dayton south of Lima not far from Kentucky I think... I am not sure though.. I would have to look at the map... lol
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    Hiii everyone!

    Just checking in, and saying hi. Really busy lately with the intensive bio classes, commuting, and planning the wedding quickly! 4 months away today....ohhh yay! I am excited, but so much freaking planning!

    :flowerforyou: Hope everyone is good

    Li4g - Awww kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cyndeebee
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    Wow, chantybear...
    Four months! Congratulations (since I didn't really know you, up until now...)
    I'm so inspired by how close you are to your goal.

    lulu...I'll definitely check out the "add photos for dummies."
    Perfect! Especially since I have to confess that I thought I'd be off the Internet for a few days. The guy who hooked up our router simply strung the wire down the hall. Tacky...
    Anyway, in my quest to have perfect new floors and nice-looking hallways, I decided it was time to unplug the router. Live and learn. It's not that simple...
    I found out that hard way, that you can't simply unplug a router, then hook the cable back up. Huh??? I lost my Internet for about 6 hours. 6-very-long-hours...
    Finally, the tech showed up (same one who hooked up the router) and he managed to put things back together. I'm stuck with the router still, but no cord in the hallway. And...It turns out that I needed a code. He had the code...I didn't.

    Okay then...This "tech" stuff is making my head ache.

    I'm definitely going with the photos for dummies...
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    Hi, gang, did not mention earlier today, but I am having a lot of fun exercising with my HRM. So, here is my day: Worked out 28 minutes. (Got interupted and only did about 2/3 my workout. BUrned 642 calories. I'll take it. Went to work feeling so pleased, when I walked in the door, people said to me, "ok, what are you on?" I said, heck, I just worked out thats all. Then someone, said, are you seeing someone? Hmmm... Interesting, didn't know I looked THAT happy. :laugh:

    Anyway, life is good, work is still pretty hectic. Love you all!
  • cmriverside
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    If THAT doesn't scare you into Pushups.gifsitups.gif5.gif

    then I fear it is time for the slipper, wuwu. :ohwell:
  • LosingIt4good
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    If THAT doesn't scare you into Pushups.gifsitups.gif5.gif
    then I fear it is time for the slipper, wuwu. :ohwell:

    LMAO!! yeah, he is just sooooooo ferocious looking aint he?
    The other 2 are the screamers, they wont sit still long enough for me to get a good picture. Little boogers! We've nicknamed the other ones "Screetch" and "Meowth"
  • Stillkristi- thanks for the post on overindulging. I agree 100%. Never touch the stuff but the empty calories from pop have kept me away from it since I started MFP. Getting my dancing shoes on for your 400 club goodbye dance. A little happiness seems to go a long way. (co-workers minds always go there!) :noway:

    DWray – wow, you’re gonna have great arm muscles. I remember using crutches once, it almost killed my arms. Best wishes :flowerforyou:

    Adopt4 – Great idea to work with a trainer. They push you past what you think you can do. Keep at it, your body will reward you soon!

    Li4g- love the “redneck” photo. Mine is not quite as bad. Never remember to put sunscreen there. Love the kitty picture – so serious!

    Indianagranny – great story about the camera. As for exercise- you will find a way to fit it into your life. You may not be able to change work hours right now but your desire to be healthy will overcome. Hang in there!

    Jamie – congrats on resisting the temptation! I try to drink water when I feel tempted to eat at the wrong times and it always works for me, so does leaving the kitchen lol!

    Hey chantybear! Nice to see you.

    I am back on track today with my eating. Sodium was so low its almost non-existant. Pays to eat vegetables and fruit. I did a short wog today - my feet still sore from new shoes. Tomorrow less cardio and more strength training to give my feet a rest!

    Catch ya tomorrow!
  • cyndeebee
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    healthymom...Me, too - a very low sodium day yesterday. I'm going to have to photocopy my food choices, because most days, I struggle to keep it under what's allowed.

    I woke up feeling THINNER today. Strange feeling, but nice. I'll be into my smaller pants soon...I hope.

    Lovely story, indianagranny, about the camera. I think that qualifies as a miracle...

    Today is another rest-at-home day for me, and hopefully, I'll get it right. Yesterday didn't count. All that stress from technical junk...
    And I'm also going to finish prepping the last of the floors, because tomorrow, I go with my sister to get the rest of my tiles. Cross your fingers for me. Maybe by Friday night, I can put my house back to normal. What a relief that would be.

    Anyway...onward for me. Let's get this day started!
    Wishing everyone good motivation, and success in meeting your goals...:flowerforyou:
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    Morning all.. I was up pretty much most of the night :grumble: :grumble: our kittens are terrorists... I hate having to lock them up but tonight they are back to lock down and I'm tempted to toss the key. Seriously I thought my husband was going to toss them outside. I've had kittens before but never 2 at the same time and I have never had them act this way. :noway: Even my dogs were afraid of them last night..

    Yesterday was a really good day... Today will be better. I still am feeling a little bloated but I think its because of all the drinking we did over the weekend.

    I have been looking at what everyone is eating and it is very interesting.. Now I want to see everyone's food...

    I am off to exercise... Have a great day...