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    Hi everyone :smile: I'm looking for a great team to join and this one seems to fit me :smile:
    T.H.E. - this I am doing :smile:

    So my start weight was 285 lbs on May 6/09 and my current weight is 266 lbs as of June 12/09, my goal right now is to get down to 200 lbs by my 40th birthday, working really hard for that :smile:

    I'm always looking for tips, suggestions, support and inspiration, please feel free to add me as a friend :smile:

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    Welcome, Lorann...
    The more, the merrier.

    Feel free to add me as a friend, if you wish.
    Looks like you checked us out, but I'll give you a few tidbits anyway. We weigh-in every Friday. If you look back at the posts, you'll see how we write it up. Starting weight, goal weight, current weight, pounds lost of gained in the past week...

    adopt4...Start your boys out early, as far as picking up after themselves. On Sunday, when my son was here, he told his fiancee that I never made him do housework. Instead, I only requested that he (and Brittany) pick up after themselves...before they left the room. My son says that he realizes (now) that I was actually making him clean the house, since he was the only one making the mess...:laugh:
    (I knew it at the time. I was a clean freak until this steenkin fibromyalgia...)
    But that's key for any child, I think. From the time they're old enough to make a mess, I think they're old enough to clean their own messes. Won't kill them, that's for sure, and your sons' future wives will love you to pieces.

    Had spaghetti for supper, so now I have less than 80 calories left for today. :cry:
    I'll go over by a bit and have a Thinsations for nighttime treat.
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    LI4G - when you hurt your shoulder i when you were in Florida - did you put ice of heat on it by chance? I have done something but I have no idea what. It is just painful at times.

    I did try the ice and I did try alternating heat and ice packs. Also tried 800mg motrins on top of that even that didnt get rid of the pain all together, but it did help. It was just plain painful and I still have issues with it when I do heavy swimming or lift weights at the gym. Its in my left shoulder and runs down the outside of my arm. Sometimes while Im trying to get comfy in bed, I'll roll to that side and feel a twinge that doesnt feel right. Im pretty sure its just tendonitis. It doesnt hurt all the time, just when I do too many laps in the pool or lift to heavy of weight at the gym, which is why I have been lifting many arm weights these days..:angry:

    you can try mineral ice and if its a muscluar thing that should help. For the most part tho, take an anti-anflamatory like motrin or aleve and just try to let it get better by not working it. If it doesnt feel like its getting better in a couple days or feels like its getting worst, you should definitely get it checked out.
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    adopt4...Start your boys out early, as far as picking up after themselves. On Sunday, when my son was here, he told his fiancee that I never made him do housework. Instead, I only requested that he (and Brittany) pick up after themselves...before they left the room. My son says that he realizes (now) that I was actually making him clean the house, since he was the only one making the mess...:laugh:
    (I knew it at the time. I was a clean freak until this steenkin fibromyalgia...)
    But that's key for any child, I think. From the time they're old enough to make a mess, I think they're old enough to clean their own messes. Won't kill them, that's for sure, and your sons' future wives will love you to pieces.

    Im one of those "your gonna be self sufficient" parents. LOL I had to figure out alot on my own as an young adult so as soon as my kids were big enough to drag thier hampers to the laundry room, I thought them how to sort darks & lights. I did the wash, but they had to sort it and that made it a ton easier for me. Then once they hit the age where they could read labels on clothes, I started teaching them what the directions ment and they started doing thier own laundry. Shelby does all of hers by herself each week and Travis & Allie I have to remind to stay on top of it but I make them wash, dry, fold and put it away thier own laundry.

    My kids had chores from the time they were old enough to walk. I made them clean up all thier toys before meals and before bed every night, no exceptions and I always made them help clean up each time we visited family or friends. (believe me, we could be there another hour sometimes with the messes the kids and thier cousins made out of eachothers rooms). Thier rooms were thier domain and had to be cleaned 2-3 times a week and before company came over. They could make as big a mess as they wanted in there but the rest of the house was MINE and had to be kept tidy. If they knew they had to clean it up, then they wouldnt drag it all over the house and were pretty good about keeping thier crap in thier rooms.

    They also started doing dishes at about the age of 8, then a couple years ago that got to be a hassle because they would fight over "whos turn" it was so I started making them cook dinner also. LOL Now we have the rule of "if you make dinner, you clean the kitchen" and each one has a "dinner night" that they not only have to cook and clean the kitchen but they have to plan what to make. Morgolis isnt allowed to cook in my kitchen. He makes things explode on the cieling (no joke) so he was banned from making anything that involves the stove unless its scrambled eggs or take-n-bake pizza LOL!! So 3 out of 7 nights the kids cook full meals and we have it down to specific days so there is no confusion or fighting.

    Oh, and my kids do not get an allowance either for doing chores. They have complained about it in the past but we have just always told them that doing chores is part of being a family and taking care of eachother. When they want to "earn", they have to ask for a special job that isnt on our list of normal chores. Amazingly enough, Travis is getting the hang of this and helps out more than the girls.

    Yep, Im a hardass. :bigsmile: but trust me, you get them started young and you wont have as many issues later on. I went through the whole "you make them do to much" from my ex and my mother. I just told them both to be quiet and let me do my job. Now they understand why!! :laugh:
  • LI4G - thanks for the info on the shoulder. I don't have any idea what I did but it is sure giving me a fit today. Hoping it passes but if it don't I will go see what is wrong with it.

    My daughter has raised her four children from the time they started walking too. They helped with the laundry, clearing the table, cleaning their rooms and keepinng the outside picked up.. I can only imagine what my son is going to be like. It took them so long just to be able to have one - I am anxious to see what he and my daughter- in- law are going to do.
  • Hey team.. I had a cheat day today. I took the kids shopping and we stopped for lunch/dinner at a buffet. I didn't do to bad but out of my norm. I couldn't even document it because I have no idea of the calories consumed. The biggest thing i feel guilty about is the barbque ribs and 2 pieces of barbqued chicken breast, a little bit of spaghetti, sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, oh and 4 hushpuppies and 2 chocolate cookies. I did do some extra walking. So did I do to bad. I figured i could do it once a week as long as i get back on track tomorrow. One month till I leave for vacation...hooray..
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    Buffets are the hardest thing...
    But I think I may have said it last week, and I'll repeat it. I read somewhere that the way to handle a buffet was to only put 2 or 3 things on your plate at a time. That way, you're paying attention to what you're eating, and...Your stomach has a chance to register fullness before you make too many trips. Most of us are taught to finish what's on our plate, and we tend to load our plates at a buffet. So then you get into the mindset..."All you can eat!" Not likely we'll stop at one plate.
    I haven't tried it yet, but I will. Next buffet, I'm only putting 2 or 3 things on my plate, and I'll let you know how it works out for me.
    I tried doing the "small amounts of everything," but that didn't work so well...

    I do think that it's probably okay to cheat occasionally, but my own experience is that you have to undo the "cheat," and that takes a few days. I try not to cheat now, because I want all of my effort to go into losing that pound or so a week. I'm tired of losing the same pound over and over again...lol

    Anyway, going to bed soon.
    Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. Wishing you sunshine!:flowerforyou:
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    :smooched: I'm in love. I hear all you talking about cycling. I'm such a cycling fanatic! Wish I could ride every single day. Might I recommend padded shorts:wink:

    running victories and walking victories. This team rocks.

    On the hubby front. One thing I had to come to terms with is that men value themselves on their occupation and their job as provider. There was a time in life that my husband was working out of town for 9 months and came home on the weekends. I had 4 small children. Had to tell explain I could survive without the extra money. It was hard but he did it.

    Did an easy 5k today for the National Kidney Foundation.

    Not feeling so well since the afternoon. Think I'll turn in early. Have a great weekend ladies.
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    Hello all....I love all the advice on raising the kids. I thought I might be too hard on my kids....but now I do not feel so alone.
    For the past 3 weeks, I have been using smaller plates and bowls and I really do feel like I am not getting smaller portions this way!! My plate is full. Maybe it is a mental thing, but it seems to be working. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. I took a day off from the gym today...legs were hurting..will be back at it tomorrow. Take care!!
    prayerfulmom: I really want to invest in the padded shorts or seat cover for my spinning class, hoping to have the extra $ next week, how long did your 5K take, have you been training or do you run on a regular basis? I am training for one in 6 months.
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    My parents set really low expectations until I was in high school, then expected me to magically know how to do certain things. :noway: My mom was not a cook. She could burn a whole batch of cookies on noburn cookie sheets.. LOL so, I learned from my grandma who was an amazing cook and did everything from scratch (she turns 101 in August!!)

    Ive always set the bar high for my own kids and had high expectations of them. Kids are smarter than you think!! If they think they can tell you "I cant do it" and you'll do it for them... they will. LOL When Ive heard that from mine, Ive been like... "ok...grab that scrub brush and the comet..sprinkle it...ect, ect" We have our battles some days, but I refuse to just say "oh nevermind, I'll do it myself". I make them do it, until its done correctly so I know they know how. :wink: And I explain it to them. Im not mean about it and alot of times I explain why Im explaining it...then they dont get mad or have hard feelings while Im "showing them for the 100th time". :laugh: Ive definitely made my fair share of mistakes, but dangit... my kids can at least cook a good dinner and not dye thier underwear pink on accident. Heck, my 15 year old son can cook better than most women I know. He's gonna be a great wife someday. :laugh:
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    Oh I forgot....

    I hit the fresh produce farm today and man am I happy I did!!!

    I got 2 full flats of fresh ripe strawberries, some celery, cabbage, onions, baby red potatoes, granny smith apples, green peppers and asparagus and it came to $50!

    Adopt4, the flats are 18.95 and weigh roughly 10lbs. Though you would wanna know.

    Im gonna slice them up and freeze for munching and smoothies and make some freezer jam tomorrow. Gotta go dig through grandma's recipe book and see if its in there. If not, Im gonna have to go visit her and write it down. Her's was the BEST!!
  • Welcome Lorann to T.H.E. Team. Feel free to add any of us as friends. Several of our menus are share with just friends only. Mine is not a good one as I don't get everything posted but my goal for this week will be to make sure it is done correctly. Feel free to post anytime, ask questions or just vent. A little more about me, my name is Lisa I have two married children and 5 grandchildren with one more on the way. My grandchildren, daughter and her husband live in Montana. I work nights.
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    Good morning, everyone...

    I got my new desk. It's actually not a "desk" - it's an old hairdresser's work area. Marble top, upper shelf. Fits the bill just fine, and it has "character." That's right in tune with my decorating style. I will never be accused of being ordinary.

    My exercise will be housework again today. I doubt if I'll get out for a walk. I'm trying to pace myself this week. Birthday for my daughter mid-week, and big family reunion on the weekend. It's our first reunion in about 40 years. I'll be seeing cousins who were babies the last time I saw them...

    Funny, the bit about kids letting on that they can't do something. I never let my kids get away with that one. If they say, "I can't," I usually come back with something like "OMG!!! Are you missing arms? Legs?" Then I'll pretend to check them out..."Hmmm...Everything seems to be where it's supposed to be. All parts are working...So what you mean is that you need some practice...right?"

    It helps that I've worked in group homes with so many kids. Generally, Saturday morning was housework day. They each had a designated chore, plus they had to get their bedrooms in mint condition. There would always be one or two kids that would swish a broom around, or they'd flop their sheets over their bed, and then they'd say "Done." I learned how to be very calm and unemotional, and I'd say "Sorry. You need to do better." So many battles under my belt...
    But eventually they'd get it right. My position was always "Life comes to a halt until you get this done." So there'd be no TV, no outings, until the teen finally came to grips with the fact that they had to do their share, and they had to do it right.
    I'm a good one for platitudes..."Everyone in the world needs to pull his/her own weight, to the best of their ability"...and "No one gets to ride for free"...or "You can't afford a maid, dear...You'll have to do it yourself."

    I think we do our kids a great favor, when we teach them to clean their own little corner of the world, learn how to feed themselves, wash their own clothes, etc. I, too, taught my kids how to sort their laundry, wash their own clothes, fold them...by the age of 12. (Britt's turn is coming up...)
    It makes perfect sense to me, because it's true, isn't it? No one should get to ride for free.
    It also explains why I'm single...Because I stress this with men, and that's frequently the push out the door...
    I haven't met too many men who really understand that word "equal." (Sheila...I think your husband is way ahead of the pack. Yay for your liberated husband!)

    Anyway, speaking of cleaning and housework...Better go and get mine done.
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    cjc-i actually just walked yesterday. I do run. I've run for a few years. I am still a good amount of overweight thus quite slow. It doesn't matter to me. I'm doing it. Funny thing is its really not my passion. I love to walk. I love to cycle. I just run because.=) I've done a couple of 1/2 marathons this year and I'm slightly over 3 hours. I trained for a marathon and got in the longest run of 20 miles. Its so darn time consuming I burned out. Having trouble getting back in the swing. I do have a 10k portion of a triathlon relay next month. Need to get my behind in gear. Last year I did 2 triathlons myself. Enjoyed it but not so much the swim portion.

    Cnydee- love the desk
    L4G-oh how I love farmers markets

    kids- thought i was hard on mine too. have to say that she's 18 and graduated and never have had a rebel. She's a good kid. I've given her freedom with her hair and her bedroom is not my battle. kind of felt it gave her an outlet. of course when i have no towels left or can smell her room when the door is closed i make her clean. but its just not my battle:tongue:

    still under the weather but have sunday school to teach. gotta get off her and get ready. have a blessed day ladies.
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    Good morning, all. Think I'm going to go to the gym this morning and do a "body works plus abs" which is a free weight class, and then do yoga. Probably wont' burn tons of cals, but that's ok.

    Had an epiphany yesterday. Was talking with a trainer about how frustrated I was I'm not losing and it really started when I started seeing a trainer - well what else started right then was doc put me on a new medication, which can cause weight gain... so I'm just treading water here for 2 mos!!! Frustrating! So gonna call the doc tomorrow and say, put me on something else!!! I hope that's the answer, although that's 20 pounds I'd be down if that is the cause. Grrrr.

    Anyone can look at my food diary, although I'm not so great at keeping sodium under or whatnot, I'm honest at least. It's kind of an accountability thing for me, which is why I made it public.

    Hubby hung my African mask and banana leaf pictures up yesterday. That room still needs more, but at least I finally have my stuff up where I can look at it and so can the boys, although I don't think sons 2 & 3 have any idea those things came from their home country. It's hard to have an African mask decoration when you don't have walls.... I will look for more themed things at g sales to hang on the other wall, or things that at least go with that theme. Still need a corner shelf for my ceremonial coffee pot set. BTW did ya'll know that coffee originated in Ethiopia? I hated coffee... then I went there and it's so GOOD!! (strong, too strong for me, but the taste is not bitter at all).
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    Thank you Indianagranny for the welcome :smile: I'm not one to usually join in on anything and I hardly ever write on message boards or talk about myself ... always been a very shy person ... but I figure since I'm changing my life style I thought I would go all the way :laugh:

    So here is a bit about myself :smile: As I said on my profile I am 39 and been married 21 yrs, I have 4 children, 21/g, 19/g, 16/b & 14/b. I'm an Administrative Assistant and work Mon - Fri 9am-4:30pm, so I really don't have any excuse for not exercising sooner. I have always been overweight, well since about age 10... I have a messed up knee that has always kept me from doing all the thing kids do and I let that continue into adulthood. There is still a lot I can't do because of it, so the only thing I'm doing for exercise is walking.

    Overeating has never been my problem, actually eating is my problem. For many years I have lived on coffee and usually one meal a day... so for the first month I had to force myself to eat ... still having a hard time with it.

    Just over a month ago my organization started a Biggest Loser contest and I thought that would be a great incentive to start losing weight, so I joined and have been doing pretty good so far, but now I'm not doing it for the contest but for myself.

    I really don't know if what I'm doing is right or whether or not I'm eating properly but at least I am now eating breakfast, lunch and supper and sometimes a snack in the morning or afternoon, never have a snack after supper though. Yesterday I even treated myself to a small cone for DQ and still didn't go over my calories for the day (but I was over in the fat content).

    Ok that's enough about me ... wow didn't think I could write that much :laugh:
    Looking forward to any feedback :smile:

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    Good Morning Team..

    Well I had a bit of drama last night... hubby and I were chilling by the fire pit with some friends and my son calls.. He is crying and says mom will you come get me .. I cant do this anymore.. I said are you sure he said yes I said your not going to change your mind when i get there are you?? he said no but please hurry cuz if you dont get her soon i am going to hurt her..I said I am on my way stay clam and I will be there.. I took my cousin while hubby stayed home with our frineds and the kids..I got there and he came out with his work uniform and said he will get the rest of his things today....Well today is my nephews birthday party and my son and hubby both had to work.. but my son gets off at 5:30 and hubby gets off at 3... so we have to take him over there and get his things.. She turned his phone off last night and he pays the bill.. she dont work and she wont work because he mother and grandmother pay for everything for her... I love my son and I hate to see him hurting.. but she is mentaly abusing him and he needs to be away from her for a while.. but she is going to keep him from his son.. so i need to help him get joint custody so he can come and get him and spend time with him when he wants.....He dont make much money but she takes every penny and last night she told him she was going to take him for everything he has and that isnt much.. and she isnt going to get nearly as much as she gets now!!! I just hope he sticks to his guns and not get sucked back in!!!
    well I am done venting for now...

    hope everyone is having a Great Weekend.. It is nice and Sunny today!! yippie...

    by the way welcom Lorann glad to see you have joined our group...

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    Wow, Sheila!
    Something that's changed over the past decade is Family Law. It used to be that women got custody, support, the assets, but not anymore. Now the courts strongly favor joint custody, both capable parents paying their own way, and fair division of the assets. It takes time, and a ton of patience, but you can assure your son that the days of "I'll get everything I want" are long gone.
    Women can no longer hold back visitation to get what they want.
    Our society believes (and rightly so) that children need the benefit of both parents. A father is just as important as a mother. Women aren't always the "best" parent, so sometimes men get the primary custody.
    Wishing your son the best. Tell him to keep a level head, stay calm and patient, and in the end, all of the right things will happen.

    (And take good care of yourself, too.)
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    lorann, welcome, and I'm a lot like you. Messed up my knee early on in life and thought there wasn't much I could do. But... I was wrong. I started walking/jogging (aka wogging) at 250 pounds! I injured a tendon (not my knee, not even on that leg!) so I'm wary about doing it again, so after it healed I started doing step aerobics classes at my gym... now mind you I"m 235 still... by far the biggest person in those classes, can't jump around like a 20 yr old energizer bunny, but I"m getting my heart rate up there and doing my best. My knee actually got mostly better because I strengthened the muscles rather than favoring it. Surprised me but there ya go. So don't think there's anything you CAN'T do because of your size or even an injury.... work your way up to things, take it slow and easy so you don't injure yourself... but you might surprise yourself at what you CAN do. I take pride in being in those classes with the skinny chicks and being weighing more than anyone by over 100 pounds... I don't care. I'm not there to show off or to look at how good they look and how bad I look, I'm there to burn calories and get fit. EOD

    You will find that your body will adjust to what exercise you're doing and you'll need to shake it up, make some changes. I started out walking on the treadmill at the gym, man at the speed of 2 I was dying, but I did it every day. Pretty soon 2 wasn't so fast and I worked my way up... pretty soon couldn't even get my heart rate up walking and started the elliptical... 5 mins was all I could do at first... pretty soon 10... now 45 but I get bored so I started wogging... that didn't work out so started the classes.

    If you only do stuff at home, have a variety of things you can do for exercise. Do some walking videos (I hear Leslie Sansone is good) and any aerobics that will get your heart rate up there a bit without killing you. You'll work your way into more and more stuff pretty quickly as you get more fit. If you had told me in Jan when I started this I'd be doing step classes by now, I'd have laughed my head off at you. But although I'm still big, I'm more fit than a lot of skinny people at this point!

    And yes, the misconception about eating - if you eat less you'll weigh less. NOPE. You need to keep your body out of starvation mode - that's what 1 meal a day does - and you need to keep your metabolism up. Eat ALL your calories at this stage. Well I mean if you're full and you have 100 left over, don't stuff yourself, but you know what i mean. You'll also find you go thru times when you can't eat all your calories and then suddently they're not enough. Your body goes thru cycles. Eat something every 2 -3 hours to keep your metabolism up. And the "not eating after a certain time" may be good habit wise or calorie wise, but from what i've read doesn't really matter weight wise.

    Make sure you drink your water, plain water not pop or lemonade, you can add a splash of something for flavor, but that's just water you should count. Of course you can drink anything else you want, but only log the water. At first, if you're not used to drinking it, you'll retain water, but that will go away.

    Ok this is long, but there's some tips to start out with.
  • Lorann
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    Thank you very much adopt4, that's helps a lot... right now I'm just walking on the treadmill twice a day for 20 - 40 minutes each time at 2.5 to 3mph ... soon I will be able to add swimming, just as soon as the lakes are warm enough :smile: and as for the water, I drink about 2 liters a day, sometimes more if I walk longer.

    I don't have much (classes or gyms) to choose from where I live, and what there is is very expensive, so I'm limited to what I have, which is a treadmill. :smile: and lakes if we ever get summer :laugh:

    Again thank you for your tips :smile: