T.H.E. (Trying Hard Everyday) TEAM ~ Week 19 ~ WELCOME!!



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    After reading thru the posts, all I can say is - THIS TEAM ROCKS.

    I have a question, last week I upped my calorie output by starting those step classes, and in about the last week, especially the last few days, I've been starving all the time. Gone over like 200 in cals, usually, that still leaves me a 500 deficit so I'm not so concerned about it, because I'll still lose some weight, but do you think the reason for my hunger again is my metabolism going up? Which hopefully means it will settle down again? Cuz I'm starving all the time, I went to bed and couldn't get to sleep because I was so hungry, but I wasn't about to eat again!!!
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    adopt4...I'd be VERY surprised if your metabolism wasn't going into higher gear. The way you exercise...wow.

    Since I have a long habit of nibbling in the evenings, I had to come up with something to help me through that "mindless" state, because I swear, my mind goes blank when it comes to food in the evenings. I go into "must have something" mode. I used to raid the fridge and eat the leftovers, so I was actually eating a second supper...after supper.
    But now I have a large basket filled with Thinsations, granola bars, and I drink most of my water at night. I can't stand ice cold water, so I actually bring it up to room termperature...and it fills me up.
    So now, when I go into my mindless state, I can just stick my hand into the basket, come up with a 100 calorie snack, and I don't go over calories...or at least not by much.
    Anything "candy bites" is my favorite. Takes more energy to eat them one by one, I guess.

    If you're actually feeling physical hunger pains (and it's not faulty mindset), I'd say you should eat something before you go to bed. An apple and low fat peanut butter? Even if it puts you over your calories, if you stick with a low cal snack, it may be enough to allow you to fall asleep.
    And is it just me? Or does extreme hunger carry over into the next day?
    Listen to your body, adopt...If it needs some kind of nourishment, you gotta feed it.
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    indianagranny thank you so much for always thinking of me.. :happy:

    I feel better today.. I'm not depressed.. Much better.. Even though he (husband) hasn't left yet, he called me this morning to just say "i love you" .. Awww... Okay, maybe I can get through this Texas crap..

    I exercised but only got in 34 mins.. Treadmill - burned 319 calories..

    I brought my food to work today..

    Where is Kristi??
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    Lulu- Thats my girl!! Isnt it amazing how different we are compared to January, yet its so easy to get down on ourselves when we dont see that scale budge. I did the same thing! What is up with that?? I got mad, then got even...re-evaluated some stuff and refused to give up after taking a mental inventory of all the stuff I can do now that I couldnt do 5 months ago. Cant wait to see pictures of all the hard work your doing!! You guys have been at it for a while... just how big is this patio gonna be?? LOL

    Nitag- Morgolis was gone from April 8th to May 16th... so 5 weeks. I went down to spend the last week with him and take a vacation myself since I love Florida and we were contemplating a move, but 5 long weeks before I went down there passed by. The first 3 weeks went by slow but It took a little time for me to get used to having him gone and find things to keep myself busy, but once I got used to it....It was all good. I just kept telling myself "its only temporary, its only temporary."

    Cyndee- Im not a snacker unless I dont eat breakfast. Yes... I had my Cheerios this morning!! First thing before I had my coffee. LOL Its really wierd tho for me when I snack. I will dig through the pantry looking for something "good" knowing if I have the calories left or not and what would be ok. Once I find something with ok calories, I look at the salt and if its gonna put me over the edge and usually it will so I dont eat it. LOL I have my hard times. I craved dairy queen last week for 4 solid days during my TOM and was just too lazy to get in the car and go. I always crave ice cream during that time! So I had a ice cream bar at my MIL's for dessert the other night and Poof... craving gone. Funny how that works!

    adopt4- not sure what to tell ya on the exercise calories. I know your burning more of them so if your body is hungry...you should probably listen to it and feed it more carbs and more lean protien rich foods. Carbs for the energy and lean protien for the muscle building support. Those classes arent for weenies.. LOL Your doing awesome!!
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    I popped on the scale this morning out of curiosity... Im down 2lbs which puts me at 215.

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    If you're actually feeling physical hunger pains (and it's not faulty mindset),

    aye now there's the rub... i ate chili so lots of beans with dinner, and hamburger, and 3 pieces of bread (hubby buttered them for the boys and I'm like, not my expensive wheat bread! so then I ate them). Hmm... maybe that was too much carbs, and that's why I was hungry again so soon. That's why I wasn't going to eat again, I'm not always sure if it's mental or really hunger. Sometimes now I konw, but not all the time. And yeah, it carries over into the next day for me too. So today... I'm fighting it. Had a cup of cereal (life) for breakfast and a banana. It's now 11:30 and nearly lunch time, didn't get a snack in but might grab a granola bar quick... trying hard to stay within cals (for a while there I did it just fine on non workout days, so I know it can be done!). The only thing that's saving me is those smart ones microwave dinners, I eat one for lunch and a salad. That keeps my cals lower than if I make a sandwich or whatever.

    Hmm... I should try drinking more water at night, rather than drink it all first thing. Maybe if I save part of my water for the evening so I "have" to drink it, it will help the hunger.

    It'd be awesome if it's my metabolism though, I've always had a really slow metabolism...

    Going to the store later to see if I can find a step aerobics DVD cheap and maybe a step so I can do some at home. I did check some out online but I need to have a way to get them to my tv.

    Exercise to kill (uh, I mean firm) your lower abdomen:
    Sit on a bench with your legs off, like half sitting, and pull your knees to the chest and then straight out parallel to the floor... Use your arms behind you to balance yourself. So it's a half sit up then moving the legs. Do 2 set of 20. Can't do it, my balance sucks.

    Stand on a step, holding onto something, one foot off, heel pointed toward the floor, bend the other knee and lower the heel to the floor and back up. Make sure your knee is above your ankle in a straight line so that you're working your thighs and butt. Do 2 sets of 20.

    Lay on your back on the floor, holding onto something with your arms so you don't sit up. Put your feet straight in the air, about a foot apart. Lower then about a foot, then back up. 2 sets of 20.

    I forgot to tell you guys, the trainer keeps asking me if I remember the name of the machine after we use it so I can repeat the workout on my own, and what always pops into my head is - well, that one's OW OW OW, that one's OH SH&*T, and that one's YOU GOTTA BE JOKING.... I've never said that to him, but that's what goes thru my head.
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    I am so back on track today...:laugh:
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    Lots and lots of catching up to do.  Sorry can only do the last 2 pages.  

    Lorann-congrats on your 20# milestone!  I was lol when I read your comment about a.m. brain.  I'm with ya.  I get up these days at 3:45  its crazy I know.  That means I have to get to sleep by 8:30.

    Cyndee-Ah, I've been spring cleaning and did a goodwill run yesterday=)  So accomplishing isn't it.  Great advice you give mama cyndee.

    Anita-glad your back in the groove.  I do enjoy Leslie Samone too.  I have several of the WAP videos.  Sometimes I'll turn the volume off though.  =)

    April- the interesting thing about the Walk away the pounds videos is you can make them less intense or more intense depending on what you put into it.

    cjc-I'm with ya...this is one chatty group.  I work 10 hour days so it makes catching up a challenge (but worth it).

    Healthymom-I still get in an exercise funk.  I will think of a gazillion reasons.  Then I do it anyway and am so glad cause then I am reminded that I do enjoy most of it.  Especially when I ride my bicycle (i just fly through the calories).  But I'm not madly in love with running.  I do it; but no love loss there=).  Congrats on your C25K progress.

    Lulu-we gots to remember to celebrate those nonscale victories!

    L4G  Congrats on the 215!  My eyes almost popped out of my head when I seen 10am.  My goodness I was jealous.  Now I understand how your up so late.  

    Adopt4-  I'm going to have to agree that if your stomach is growling or your feeling like your having low blood sugar you need to eat something.  You may burn more calories than thought.  Isn't that the bottom line anyway- us listening to our bodies.  I'm curious as to what is going on in my body too.  I am going to go do a Resting Metobolic Rate test to see really where I am at.  I like cold hard facts.  Of course its not always as simple as that....sigh.  I don't know if your trainer has mentioned but all training I've done the 4th week we back off a bit.  This helps recover and also against adaption of the body.

    IG-I was wondering how you could exercise in the a.m.  Through further posting I see your a.m. not the typical a.m. =)  I'm so excited that your walk is this weekend.  

    Dwray-I hate to be the bearer of bad news.  But its got to be said.  To get flatter abs its not a spot reducing game but a fat reducing one.  You have to do aerobic activity to accomplish this.  It is possible is your still doing the seated exercise to do this.  With this is also the calories in vs calories out.  Just keep plugging away.

    I have to share that someone at work I hadn't seen in many months pointed out to me that I gained weight.  Nice huh.  Like it was news to me.  He then proceeded to give me advice.  Of course I had to counteract that advice with I'm on a low protein diet for my health thank you.  My renal health is more important than the size of my butt thank you very much.  OK, I must let it go.  People are so quick to judge.  
    Ps missing Kristi
  • Thanks Loran. I checked out the web site and that is something I think I may like to do when the weather is bad. I actually seen it at Target today but could not afford it. I may try to look on Amazon. I seen a post where someone was complaining of walking in the 70degree weather. Wow I would love that, it has been well into the 80's and 90's here.
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    Dwray-I hate to be the bearer of bad news.  But its got to be said.  To get flatter abs its not a spot reducing game but a fat reducing one.  You have to do aerobic activity to accomplish this.  It is possible is your still doing the seated exercise to do this.  With this is also the calories in vs calories out.  Just keep plugging away.

    Thanks! I have been doing really well with my calories and everything, and am doing as much aerobic activity as possible. I'll hopefully be able to do more after my physical therapy appointment tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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    ROFL at your names for the machines adopt4. Thats hilarious. You should tell him that some day when those machines seem a little easier. I wouldnt do it now tho, cuz it could backfire on you :laugh: and he might make you do MORE of those specific exercises. I cant do those leg lift exercises. They kill my lower back. I have found tho that in the pool, those noodles are awesome for working abs and doing crunches. Thats how Ive been working mine during water aerobics and when I swim.

    Prayerful- Yeah, the 10am wakeup is not cool. I was doing so good getting up at 7am until my darn allergies started messing with me. I think Im gonna have to try to reset my internal clock and force myself up at 6am for a couple days so I can get to bed earlier. Im lucky if I can get to sleep now by 1am and its killing me! I have rugrats that get here at 12, so if I dont get my workout in in the mornings, I have to do it in the evening.

    Im super excited tho. Tomorrow is the last day of school for my kids and my oldest has been on my *kitten* to go run with her. :love: Dont know if I can keep up and I know I am not gotta be able to "run" as much as she does, but it will be nice to have a running buddy to try to keep up with for sure, especially since the whole reason I started "wogging" in the first place was so that someday I could run with her. I'll let you know how well she kicks my booty. :smooched:
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    Okay, I'm just here to confess the sin I'm about to commit:tongue: Today is my 25th wedding anniversary. Hubby and I got a new stainless bbq pit (it's silver in color, so it counts) and a new patio table with 6 chairs and umbrella for our gift to each other:bigsmile:

    My sin is this - we are going out for Italian for dinner and I am going to eat to my hearts content and to my body's detriment! AND I'm not going to worry about it - I'm even planning on having wine! :heart: AND dessert:devil: !!!!!

    I think 25 years deserves a great treat, and I haven't had pasta in MONTHS!! So, I will check in with you guys later when I'm too full to do anything other than sit in front of the computer:huh: heehee.

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    Happy Anniversary, Lulu!
    Go out and have fun, and leave any guilt at home.
    This is a very special occasion and the focus is on your 25 years of happiness. Nothing else.
    Tomorrow is a new day.

    Eat, drink, and be merry!:love:
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    Where is my Kristi girl and Sheila????

    Miss you guys.. post post post please..

    Jamie you too.. We need to stick together... I''ve been in a funk and need you guys...
  • Good Morning (Evening)

    Well I got up again - sat down and read through the post thinking I AM NOT GOING TO EXERCISE TODAY I AM NOT. But after reading through this thread I went and done 31 minutes. Not a lot but with the heat at work I don't overdo on Monday through Wednesday. I feel so much better just doing 30 minutes even. Two days in a row now.

    Lulu - Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!! You go and enjoy and celebrate those years. You guys deserve it. My son and daughter - in - law's fifth anniversary is today also.

    Adopt4 - If you find a step aerobics DVD let me know please, I have beenlooking for something like that.

    LI4G - you might be surprised how well you do running with your daughter. I bet you can do it!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on the 215.

    Prayerfulmom - ya I have a funny am for four days a week. Messes up my exercising throughout the summer cause of the heat and humidity in the building. I am not a heat and humidity person - it just totally messes with me and my head.

    Lorann - If you got the 2 mile Leslie Sansone DVD - when you feel like a challenge, start it and see how far you can get

    Nitag - glad you are back girl. I pmed Kristi - she will be back as soon as she can. She is just real busy. Looked like her ticker had went up but doesn't have much spare time apparently

    Well girls got to eat before I leave for work. Might be back before I leave - if not GOOD nIGHT
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    I totally agree with ya lulu!! Go have a wonderful celebration dinner! 25 years of marriage... wow..congratulations!!!

    I have some good recipes for your grill when your ready. :) BBQing is one of my all time favorite things to do besides baking.

    Happy anniversary to you and hubby!! And since your going italian...Have some tiramisu for me please!! :laugh:

    Indiana... GREAT job with the exercise today. The rugrats just went home so Im on my way out the door to the track as soon as I get my oldest motivated.. LOL If not, I'll be going it alone for sure. :smile:
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    Happy Anniversary Lulu....
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    Hmmm...LI4G...Maybe you can help me.
    A few years ago, I had a wonderful recipe for chicken, with lime and salsa, but I lost it when I moved.
    Do you have such a thing? It was a BBQ recipe.
    And very low cal.

    Don't work too hard, indianagranny...
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    prayerful ... thank you :smile: looking forward to the next 10 :happy:

    indiana... yeah I will ... right now I brought it to work and I'm getting others to join me at lunch time ... and just continuing with walking on the treadmill at home. :smile:

    Lulu ... Happy Anniversary!! :drinker:

    LI4G ... good luck with motivating your daughter .. not an easy job to motivate the kids ... mine at least :laugh:
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    Well today was a non gym day and IT'S KILLING ME!!! I've gone over my calories by nearly 600 (which doesn't put me quite to maintenance calories) but the evening's not over... I did have some chocolate which did actually seem to help. I don't think I've ever "felt" the relaxation of chocolate before. I just haven't had it in a long time, it was like taking a Prozac or something!! Fun! I'm going to try not to eat any more, not sure if I'll succeed. And after complaining about not losing weight, and then I have a day like this...

    I really can't wait until next week so I can do the morning classes. I can either take water aerobics tomorrow night, or go do the elliptical or treadmill, neither one of which I'm looking forward to. I didn't shop for a step DVD but did record some on Tivo, so I guess I might exercise at home tomorrow doing that... At least try it out. I don't have a step, though... LOL

    Happy Anni Lulu