Women That Sweat: Sexy or Gross??



  • JNick77
    JNick77 Posts: 3,797 Member
    Today I was dirty and sweaty so does that double the sexy?? I did some turkish get ups but didn't realize how dirty the floor was.

    You had me at "Turksih Get-Ups". :):heart:
  • crisanderson27
    crisanderson27 Posts: 5,384 Member
    Speaking of sweating... I am more than happy to accept (and welcome) any friend request that has the same mission as me.... weight lifting and/ and/or biking. I am always looking for support and give it too. I am trying to bulk while trimming down at the same time.


    You want to bulk/cut at the same time...that ^^^^...works.
  • dad106
    dad106 Posts: 4,875 Member
    I find sweating to be gross.. no matter who it is.

    Now that it's summer in iL and even though the gym is air conditioned, my trainer is upping the intensity of my workouts.. which means I sweat a lot... and I hate it.
  • nothing annoys me more than non sweaty girls at the gym. Sweat is Sexy!
  • MissTattoo
    MissTattoo Posts: 1,203 Member
    Humans sweat. It's not sexy or gross...its biology. Everyone sweats. It's a body function that you can't control.
  • AugustSong
    AugustSong Posts: 12
    I think it's sexy, but I also admire determination, perserverance and hard work in people.
    I know my boyfriend thinks it's sexy, but he also really likes toned women, and with one comes the other.
  • JenellieBellie
    JenellieBellie Posts: 2 Member
    Hmm, i always though it was unattractive that I sweat while working out, but maybe I was thinking about it wrong. :-)
  • prium01
    prium01 Posts: 306 Member
    I don't think sexy, I think of it as progress. I'm proud to see my shirt drenched by the end of a workout. That means I kicked butt!! :glasses:

    I feel the same, I feel proud!!
  • RunDoozer
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    Very sexy. Especially because I know(hopefully) that a shower is coming soon. Yup my mind goes straight there.