Coffee doesn't wake you up.



  • onedayillbeamilf
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    It makes me poop.
  • histora
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    Wow. I am most definitely going to change an important routine in my mornings, one that makes my day start pleasantly and helps me shift from sleepy-head to morning mom, because someone on the internet who wasn't taught to evaluate sources says I should.

    Or maybe I'll just raise a toast of my coffee tomorrow morning to her and her crusade against everything she doesn't like, even if she doesn't know why. And maybe say a prayer to Odin about helping OP out with that nasty case of hypocrisy she has.

    :drinker: Cheers!
  • vade43113
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    Coffee never wakes me up.:) I can drink one before I go to bed and sleep in 10 minutes.

    Me too... strange...
  • StevLL
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    <<<<<<My profile pic says it best. :-) It's my manna from heaven. Over six cups a day is supposed to give you a 15% advantage to live longer over non-drinkers. I could live forever. :-)

    Addictions are bad I agree, but I'd rather be addicted to coffee then give up my upcoming 25 year sobriety date. :-):drinker: :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: :drinker:
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    Did a search - no dice so I think I'm in the clear for posting this.

    Coffee doesn't wake you up - that early morning cup just reverses the effect of overnight withdrawal - according to a study.

    eer yeh should probably say I'm really anti people who say they need a coffee to wake up or just have coffee for 'breakfast'. :oP

    oh yeh, should also say I'm not a fan of addictions.

    :drinker: aparently i make my coffee very diffrent from you, mines called "resurrection blend" for a reason:bigsmile: :drinker:
  • pinkita
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    I never drink it to "wake up." but it makes me happy. It's also a lifesaver when I get a migraine! :drinker:
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    calcium causes stones too, but would't want to lay off any milk... just saying
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  • nene01pop
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    agreed... wakes me up and makes me more pleasant!
  • saragato
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    Well that at least lets me know I'm not weird. When I was younger (I'm talking teens) I drank coffee at night and never felt the effects that would force me to stay up all night or get wired or anything. My best friend at the time drank it too and swore up and down she never could go to bed. Me, I'd have a large black coffee and two hours later could go to bed. Can't stand coffee now, though. I had a job as a barista when I was 20 and handled used filters the size of newborns and the stench and the fact it even seeped into my pores cured me of ever being able to drink it without vomiting.
  • rextcat
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    Coffee? I start my day like this...


    wow your just like my hubbie, its also his lunch and most of dinner
  • waffleflavoredtea
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    whether or not it's undoing a withdrawal or actually waking me up, I still LOVE that feeling of 'relief', even if there wouldn't be a need for said 'relief' without my favorite caffeinated beverage.

    It's interesting that there's an article about that though. Probably won't stop us coffee lovers :)