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Women's average THIGH and CALF size! What's yours?



  • graelwyngraelwyn Member Posts: 1,343 Member Member Posts: 1,343 Member
    Height - 5'10
    Weight -125/126 Ibs
    Thigh - 18.5
    Calf - 12.8
    BF - 19%
  • MoonGazer91MoonGazer91 Member Posts: 18 Member Member Posts: 18 Member
    Height - 5'3
    Weight -124/126 Ibs
    Thigh - 22
    Calf - 14
    BF - About 24/25% depending on the calculator
  • KStambulicKStambulic Member Posts: 131 Member Posts: 131
    Height - 5' 5.5"
    Weight - 125
    Thigh - 19
    Calf - 13.25
    BF - 20-25 depending on which calculator I use
  • shorty35565shorty35565 Member Posts: 1,421 Member Member Posts: 1,421 Member
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 135lbs
    BF: 30% (not completely sure tho)
    Mid thigh: 17.4
    Upper thigh: 22
    Calf: 12 3/8

    I have TINY calves lol
  • GelinaKnowsGelinaKnows Member Posts: 46 Member Posts: 46
    I have very strong legs, from cheerleading, coaching, running, dancing,
    Here's my stats:
    Height 5'4"
    Current Weight 135.8 lbs
    Thigh at widest point 18.5"
    Calf at widest point 13"

    Too bad my waist isn't smaller...its still 27-28 when I'm SUCKING IN!!! Sigh...
  • SPNLuver83SPNLuver83 Member Posts: 2,066 Member Member Posts: 2,066 Member
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 134
    Thigh: 18
    Calf: 12.5
    Body fat: 17.8%
  • kiminikimkimkiminikimkim Member Posts: 746 Member Member Posts: 746 Member
    Wow ladies, I love to see the variety in our different shapes and sizes!

    I used to feel I was the only one but now that I see similar stats, I am loving my legs a little more! Thanks for participating everyone! From your profile pics, you all look great!

  • peachyxoxoxopeachyxoxoxo Member Posts: 1,186 Member Member Posts: 1,186 Member
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 158#
    Thigh: 25"
    Calf: 15"
    Body fat: 26.44%

    Body fat according to an online calculator. I had a BIA test done last fall but that was before I started lifting so I don't think that number would be accurate anymore.
  • Meg_78Meg_78 Member Posts: 1,014 Member Member Posts: 1,014 Member
    I have skinny legs which is something I'm trying to improve (as well as my overall physic. )

    Height 5'4
    Weight 106lbs
    Thigh 18"
    Calf 12"
    BF% around 20-/+
  • HeidiMightyRawrHeidiMightyRawr Member Posts: 3,356 Member Member Posts: 3,356 Member
    5'8 and 144lbs

    At the largest part:
    Thighs: 21.5"
    Calves: 13.5"

    Body fat: No idea, but based on what it was last time I'd estimate around 20%.
  • LauraMcCourtLauraMcCourt Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    I only started measuring this week due to coming to stand still with weightloss & being 3lbs off my target since having baby 5 months ago...and still not being able to get into my pre-preg jeans is depressing :( very depressing

    Height - 5.4
    Weight - 117
    Bust - 32"
    Waist - 27"
    Hips - 36" (still 2 inches bigger than they used to be hence not fitting in my jeans!)
    Mid thigh - 18.5"

    If any one would like to give me exercise tips for hips, it would be much appreciated!! :)
  • Darah1221Darah1221 Member Posts: 2 Member Posts: 2
    Ding, I noticed on Pinterest there are a TON of thigh isolators... You should check them out :-) I am just beginning here after trying too many other things to list. I know I will never reach my college days weight, but I want to be healthy, and feel good. Pinterest has a lot of really inspiring and seemingly fun things to try. Just a suggestion!
  • Sarahbara76Sarahbara76 Member Posts: 605 Member Posts: 605
    5ft 7"
    140 weight
    22" thighs
    15 1/2 " calves
    23% body fat
  • MelMenaMelMena Member Posts: 152 Member Member Posts: 152 Member
    I'm 5'9

    157 lbs
    23.7% BF
    Thighs: 23
    Calves: 14.5

    My thighs are my nemesis. Every part of my body has shrunk down nicely and i'm seriously content or quite happy with everything BUT my thighs. They haven't budged over the last 20 lbs lost...

    Um, I think I have found my TWIN!!

    156 lbs
    26.3 BF%
    Thighs 23.5
    Calves 14
  • Windy32Windy32 Member Posts: 54 Member Posts: 54
    mine measurements are from about a month ago

    height 5'3
    weight 190
    thighs 22
    calfs 16

    forgot bodyfat 36%
  • 29candicanes29candicanes Member Posts: 30 Member Member Posts: 30 Member
    5'5 1/2"
    Thighs- 26"
    Calves- 15"
  • geekyjock76geekyjock76 Member Posts: 2,732 Member Member Posts: 2,732 Member
    This thread makes me realize that a lot of women have big thighs! :smile:

    I am 5'4"
    Thighs: 23
    Calves: 14.5
    BF: 27% (online calculator).
    I know this thread was meant for women but there isn't anything wrong with "big" thighs or calves. Legs with shapely quads, hamstrings, abductors, adductors and calf muscles are hot! Back in college I had a friend who had the most beautiful set of calves yet she disliked them because she thought they were too big and defined. I kept complimenting her on them. Its too bad much of the fashion industry produces clothing with measurements that don't actually represent the majority. My athletic female friends did say they've found several that market to the athletic female, though.
  • hippiechelhippiechel Member Posts: 170 Member Member Posts: 170 Member
    i'm 5'5.5", about 129-133lbs (depending on if i'm using my home scale or work scale). according to my digital scale i'm about 23-25 body fat but i think it might be higher.

    thighs at biggest part: 21"
    calves at biggest part: 12.5"
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