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I've lost an Elephant Penis



  • beccadaniixoxbeccadaniixox Posts: 542Member Member Posts: 542Member Member
    I've lost a small bale of hay

    But I weigh slightly less than a newborn giraffe, which I think is awesome.
  • CrystalDreamsCrystalDreams Posts: 424Member Member Posts: 424Member Member
    ive lost a gold brick. sweet!
  • snkoyle15snkoyle15 Posts: 102Member Posts: 102Member
  • sagetraceysagetracey Posts: 614Member Member Posts: 614Member Member
    I'll take your elephant penis and add a gold brick
  • dellashanksdellashanks Posts: 207Member Member Posts: 207Member Member
    I've lost an average 2year old and an Ostrich egg.
  • jenbridgesjenbridges Posts: 213Member Member Posts: 213Member Member
    haha! love it! i have lost a bald eagle!
  • uglyhobouglyhobo Posts: 108Member Member Posts: 108Member Member
    Lost a cinder block. Have now gained an automobile tire. Hoping to keep bulking and turn that automobile tire into an average two year old or maybe how much cheese an american eats in a year.
    Then lose somewhere around a chihuahua or human head, and I should be ready for next wrestling season.

    TL;DR- weighed 168, dropped down to 133, now weigh 153. Hoping to weigh about 2 lbs more than I do now for season but to be about 10-12% body fat instead of around 14%
  • lillianeliselillianelise Posts: 49Member Member Posts: 49Member Member
    Haha. I haven't seen this. I've lost a bald eagle -
  • brandynicole28brandynicole28 Posts: 113Member Member Posts: 113Member Member
    I have lost a newborn calf!! That really puts it in perspective!! :)
  • hellosara08hellosara08 Posts: 141Member Member Posts: 141Member Member
    so far I've lost a sperm whale's brain. awesome! :drinker:
  • dramaqueen0619dramaqueen0619 Posts: 32Member Member Posts: 32Member Member
    I'm 2 pounds shy of losing the amount of cheese an average American eats in a year!
  • CopyCat97CopyCat97 Posts: 75Member Member Posts: 75Member Member
    almost lost a car tire and hopefully heading and getting close or hitting a newborn giraffe
  • crowunruhcrowunruh Posts: 257Member Member Posts: 257Member Member
    Too funny!
  • AsaraFuriosaAsaraFuriosa Posts: 293Member Member Posts: 293Member Member
    I love these! Plus if you haven't done one in a while then you could have lost something entire different! :smile:

    The Worlds Largest Ball of Tape and an ostrich egg!
    84.1lbs :bigsmile:
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