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    Well I managed to log my food on Friday and Saturday and I have kept up walking every day that I've been home from Vegas and I've actually lost 4.5lbs this weekend. I want so badly to change my ticker beacause it would finally puts me at 30lbs lost. But I wil wait until Friday to see if it stays off.

    I went shopping for underware yesterday. Like li4g i needed bras. I was kinda looking for some sexy feeling matching bras and underware :blushing: Instead of a size 44 I got a 42 and they fit great. I also found a summer dress that is 2 sizes smaller that I wear that was real cute and on sale for $9. I thought it would make a good "goal" dress for next summer. When I came home I wanted to see how much it was going to take to fit me and I ended up wearing it to the musical I went to last night!! It's kinda low cut and at the musical this man kept walking by me and checking out my boobs LOL I was about to tell him "my eyes are up here fella', but it was actually funny so I didn't mind LOL.

    Glad you got hubby all decked out li4g, I' m sure he will look great. What are you gonna do with all the time you will have???? Farm?
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    Congrats on the new dress bee!!! Thats awesome!! My wardrobe needs rehauling also but other than buying a few pairs of jeans Im gonna wait until we get caught up on a few things which shouldnt us long.

    All the free time... hmm.. Im not sure what Im gonna do with myself. My goal is to get my butt to the gym EVERY morning. Mornings seem to be the best time for me to go because it gives me something to do and gets me going for the day. If i wait until later, I might as well not plan on going at all.. LOL

    I have several huge boxes of photographs and slides that belonged to my grandmother. I bought a scanner on ebay a couple weeks ago and plan to use my spare time to get those organized and digitalized so I can share them with the rest of the family. There are pictures in there that date back to the 1800's and since they were passed on to me, I think its important to archive them the best way I know how. At least then, I dont have to worry about losing them if something stupid happens. When my mom moved she also gave me ALL of my grandfathers slides, his projector and a bunch of other photography stuff... so.. I have a big job ahead but no deadline to do it in. Definitely a project I want to do!

    Aside from that, I plan to work more on my photography. I havent played with my "real" camera for a while, so that Is getting dug. I have several images to add to my site and will be selling some of those as royalty free on other sites I belong to.

    Otherwise... yes.. farming and leveling up so I can buy a mansion are on my list of priorities as well..:laugh: :laugh:
  • Manda - SW 198, GW 135, CW 173 = + 3 lbs
    Lorann - SW 285 / GW 155 / CW 229.5 = loss of 2.5 lbs
    Julie (jlb123) - SW 266.8/ GW 150 / CW 258.8 = loss of 2.6 lbs
    crazybee sw 273/gw 175/cw 248.3= no loss
    Losingit4good SW 252 / gw 200 / cw 212= no change
    stillkristi sw 460 / gw 195 / cw 373.5 = - 8 lbs
    healthymom sw208/gw150/cw168 = -2 lbs
    prayerfulmom sw277/gw195/cw224=-1
    nitag sw220/gw135/cw 195.4 + 1.6 lb loss
    losingweightforme sw226.2/gw160?/185.6 starting over again

    Well gang I have really been "faking it til I make it" and this week I started making parts of it. I got exercising in and started getting my water back in. Food choices are not all good but not all bad. My goals this week are to concentrate on exercise and water as TOM arrives Friday. So we will see. I am still hovering 4 - 6 pounds above my lowest weight.

    You all are doing so great - congratulations. Keep up the good work.
  • :sad: It is me again. I am giving it a shot one more time. I have just lost all my will to do this. I don't really know how much I have gained but I know my clothes do not fit. I am so sad. I just hope you ladies can help push me along. I have been so overwhelmed with life. I am gonna give my best shot. Hope to make it a better time this time around. Thanks for all the support.
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    April, hey its good you are back.!! :flowerforyou: Listen, its ok to be discouraged, it happens. The main thing is not to give up on yourself. It sounds like you are having a rough time, and gaining weight is a pretty normal physical response to being overwhelmed. So, I encourage you to work first on getting control of what ever is overwhelming. The serenity prayer is a good place to start for me. If you aren't familiar with it, its used by AA all the time. Here it is.

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    Then, when you figure out how to cope with whatever is overwhelming, you can give yourself permission to lose weight again. Stick with us and hang in there, ok?

    Kelli, I finally took a picture I don't mind with the shirt you gave me, my new favorite, so I am now using it as my profile pic. Thanks again for some great shirts! I needed them.

    Everyone else, love you guys, catch you tomorrow!

  • Hey April...wb...don't think we have met before. But I am with Kristi...it is okay to ge discouraged..even I am going through that somewhat. I have been trying hard to stay on track for about a month now but keep falling off every week. But I am not going to give in...and you need to just keep coming here and getting the support of others. Even if you mess up, just keep coming here as it is a reminder to you of your goals. One of the reason why I come here...the ladies are great and big time supportive no matter what.

    So hang in there girl and I will do the same - and with you, me and this great group we will do it.

    To everyone else...hugs.

  • I just want to say it is soooo nice to have old friends back!

    Healthymom- AWESOME! Its amazing what we can accomplish when we sign up for a race. Its so motivating.

    Pawpring-.4 is nothing. Press on girlfriend.

    Adopt4-hope your back to 100%. Basically since the regular flu is not this time of year anyone who has the flu right now is basically being told they have h1n1. sorry you’ve had to endure it. I hope your kids don’t get it too. Wondering if you called the trainer yet to change to am when your better? I can’t believe you bike rode when you were still recovering. Interesting on the elipticle. I burned out on it a few years ago. Seems that was all the trainers wanted to use. Now I run, swim, and primarily bike for cardio. I keep telling myself to go back to that escalator thing to prepare for hiking. But I’m just can’t cave to the gym yet when I still can enjoy the great outdoors=) I found that I have to do what I love or I won’t do it. Or I will but not as often and won’t have fun. What do you love?

    Anita- Nice job!

    Button-hugs back at ya. Sounds like your getting on track. Nice work. Sometimes people work better at slow casual changes. I look forward to Friday and your loss. Show us how its done girl.

    Great advice as always. Look at that ticker! I love that your not working someone else’s rules but your working what works for you. That is the way to do it. So inspirational. Its so good to haveyou back.

    Miss April- we are working on the ‘fake it till you make it’ theory. It is said that you can’t be encouraged to do good unless you do good. It kind of rubs off on the other. Say you eat well and log one day. That encourages you to get back strong. Say you exercise one day. That causes you to want to eat well and not blow the workout. So fake it till you make it girl. Maybe you’ll work better if take baby steps and not all or nothing.

    Lw4m-glad your faking it till you make it! Does that make us a hypocrite? No it makes us human. Sometimes that is all we have. We can’t be 100% all the timre. Your moving in the right direction. This is why I take one day a week of no logging. It helps me put off those cravings I have till that day. Seems to work for me. Of course I only lose 1lb a month. But the alternate for me would be no loss cause I’d try to be a perfectionist and not achieve it so I’d totally go the other way. We have to experiment and see what works for us personally. Cheers for fresh starts.

    L4g-That was some serious shopping. I learned for me I have to do my exercise in the morning. Something always prevents afterwork. Awesome that you recognize the evening obstacle. Woot woot.
    OMG, what a treasure those pictures. I’m a genealogist and love old pictures! Enjoy. Much better treasure that virtual farming;) Nothing to pass on to your family from there.lol. So did you make it to the gym today? Shopping?

    Crazybee-holy moly! You go girl. Dang I wish had had to go underwear shopping. I’m a pair so lose the upper first. What a nice feeling for you. Congratulations. I went to old navy and bought a pair of pants too small to work on. That must be so motivating for you. Now that your getting back your on fire girl.

    My weekend wrap up:

    Friday-1175 and 28 mile cycling
    Saturday-2009 and 50 miles cycling
    Sun-1552 and a bit of trampoline jumping
    3 day average 1578. pretty great being Saturday was an off day

    Today, need to get motivated and either do my chores or escape for a bike ride=)
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    Good morning team!!! How is everyone?? Prayerful, you are such an inspiration. Thats a lot of calories! You seriously rock.

    I wanted to share something that I discovered yesterday. I've been wearing the same five or six dresses to church. As you know, I've had some of my clothing tailored (wasn't that a great idea! geesh) but not my dresses. So, anyway, the jumper I put on is to the point that it was falling off my shoulder. So I decided, this is crazy, I need to dig around in my closet and get out some of the dresses I haven't been able to wear for a while, or ever for that matter. Well, I did. And I found about 4 that fit, and one that I have gone clear past. That is so frustrating, but anyway, its another story. So, I wore a new dress to church. I got compliments all day long!!! On the one hand I am thinking gee, people, I didn't lose this weight yesterday, its been coming off for a while! And I realized that I wasn't maximizing my progress by wearing those old sacky dresses. So, we need to wear clothing that fits, so people can see and compliment our progress, because those compliments are very motivating! Anyway, I wanted to share that. Love you all! Take care.

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    Morning, everyone. I'm still not 100% but I'm getting there, finally! Yeah, I figured I had the swine flu, the only one in my house I'm worried about is Z because he's so small and doesn't eat much, plus has bad allergies and athsma that are really acting up now too. But no one else in my house had a fever, so I'm hoping I'm the only one that actually got it, everything else is a cold/allergies (hard to tell the difference this time of year!)

    Planning on getting on my bike in a few. Since I'm still recovering I'm not going to ride hard but will see if I can make it to the video store to return some videos, I think that's 2-3 miles. Flat, so not hard. Have been doing my core exercises every other day though to get that back into shape, still sore but it seems to be working. Still can't walk distance, but want to get my stomach/back muscles stronger before going to the chiro, everything will just get out of place again if I go now. At least that's the plan.

    No, haven't called the trainer. Pls keep on me on that. I plan on doing that after my bike ride.

    April, this is a lifestyle change, not a temporary fix. It takes time to realize where you go when you are stressed/bored/lonely, and change those things into positive things rather than eating the pain. Just start again where you are this moment - dont' look back except to learn from your mistakes - and plow forward. Yes, fake it till u make it because you know what? No one has enough willpower to do perfect all the time. Willpower is a myth, I personally think. You know how hard it is to get up in the morning and go to work/school? But you get up because you have to, not because you want to. This is the same thing. You exercise/watch what you eat and when/count calories because you have to, in order to be a healthier, happier you. Not because it's fun. But because the bottom line is more important than the moment - same with work or school. For work you work to live how you want to, to eat and support yourself, for school you work towards that degree, for this you work towards helping your body.

    And April, I'm totally with you on this. Had an extremely stressful summer, stopped exercising with the plan of a temporary break and just can't get back on it. Then got sick, so even if I was motivated I coudln't do it without making myself sicker. My goals right now are to just get out 3x/wk, gym, bike, whatever, and just get active. I also need to plan my eating better, as we keep running out of healthy stuff and I can certainly feel the difference when I don't eat healthy enough. Then the downward spiral of low energy, no motivation, etc. But - YOU can do it! WE can do it!

    Kristi, I LOOOOOVVVEE that picture! OMG how you have changed! I can't believe it, why haven't you posted those pics sooner! Wow! You look so great! I miss that shirt... LOL Have to learn to tie dye.

    Off to ride the bike... not wearing my HRM because I'm not going to push it today. But is a wonderful day!
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    Good day.
    1300 in, 778 out & I feel great tonight! :happy:
    I also added some pictures to my profile. :laugh: I pretty much think the picture of me with the crimped side pony tail is super funny/cheesy & figured everyone could use a good laugh so I uploaded it as my main photo here. I also added a picture of all my dogs & kitten.

    Bring on Tuesday! :drinker:
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    Hi gang, just checking in at the end of the day. Kelli, so good to see you are up and around again!!! That was a serious flu you got!! Its good to see you back on the bike, and back in the game. And, thanks for the compliments! I really love that shirt, so I am not giving it back! :laugh: When ever I get a little bummed out, I check out my old pics in my profile. The fact that I don't look like THAT any more is really motivating!!

    Everyone, have a great Tuesday! I will check back in then.
  • I"m back on the wagon entering all my food and working out with more furver. We'll see how much head way I can make to getting back to where I was.
  • Love the new photos. Manda- good to see ya missy.

    I took in aprox 1200 yesterday. Hard to say for sure as I ate linner (lunch and dinner combined) at mongolian bbq. Tried to add everything. Ate mostly veggies and a bit of protein. Had a very light breakfast.
    Did 4 mile run and yoga yesterday.
  • Hey group...I am getting there....went in yesterday and log my food till supper time...and then bombed out. But back on track again today. As Prayerful mom has said sometimes baby steps are necessary. Kind of what I am doing. Taking those small steps..and trust me this is always on my mind. Everyday I wake up and think okay I want to eat better and start out doing just that. But then something happens through the day and I bomb. Think it is because I really don't know what I want to eat for supper and then when I get home from work I just throw together the easiet and quickest thing...as I don't want to be cooking all night. Think that is where I am having problems. Exercising is the other thing I am lacking too. Get up in the morning have good intentions...and then poof I don't do it. Dont' like exercising at night time, as evenings I am usually ready to just relax for the night.

    Anyways, that is about it...but I am still trying everyday and going to keep trying till I succeed.

    Adopt4 - hope you get better and better everyday. And your reminder that you asked for - don't forget to call your trainer. :smile:

    Kristi- never seen pics of you before will have to go check your profile and see if there are any there. But I think you look great now....and you have made great progress keep it up cause the more success I see the more I want it.

    jlb123 - GOOD WORK...you go girl. Man so much inspiration at this website.

    Prayerfulmom - I must say - you must have the biggest heart... Seems like every time I read your post...they are so loving and caring and inspirational. You not only do well in your own weight loss...but you are truly an amazing supportive person to us all. Special HUGS to you!!!

    Well that is it...and for anyone I missed....Keep up the good work.


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    g'morning team! I am logging in after breakfast and before exercise so I have a few minutes. So good to check in and see what people are up to. Button, be careful checking out those pics of mine. They are SCARY! Geesh!! But hey, I guess this is about our journey, right? Hey, I have one question for you regarding the start the day out good and bomb later syndrome (which I am really familiar with!) : Are you eating several small meals throughout the day? And are you drinking a lot of water? (Ok, that was two questions. :laugh: ) I an wondering if you are maybe getting too hungry during the day so you can't keep a good handle on things? It works for me to eat a nice hearty breakfast and then several snacky meals during the day. I notice that if I skip meals or snacks during the day, its really hard to manage those end of the day munchies. Just a thought.

    Kelli, how was the bike ride yesterday? Hope you didn't overdo it. Go slow so you don't stay sick! Still, good to see your back to your happy self my friend!

    Prayerful, you are seriously my exercise goddess. I love that you report your exercise and calories to us. I am going to start that I think. Seems like a million things keep me from exercising, so I am much better, but still the best I have done is 3 days a week. I want and need to do better. Thanks for being such a great example!

    Manda, good for you! Lets stay on track this time. We can do it.

    Jib, hope to get to know you better! Love your pet pics. I have a min-pin who is a little crazy and three cats. All of them were at one time homeless, so they are a motley crew, but I love them.

    Cyndi, how is the shoulder? Been thinking about you. Hope its better.

    Healthy mom - I am so excited for you as you get closer to that goal. How are things?

    Lulu - where are you? I miss that great attitude. Check in, k? Love you!

    April, how are you girl? Check in with us and let us know! K??

    Everyone else - ya'all check in too! Take care. gotta go exercise.
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    Hi yall! Yep, went for my bike ride, didn't go as far as I'd planned, I'm not quite up to par yet. Went a mile, I think? Tried to keep up a good pace with my legs to get my heart pumping, but wasn't actually moving that fast, just used a lower speed. But then I needed a nap in the afternoon, plus came down with a migraine. But that's gone today, thank goodness. So today I need to make some calls, set up trainer appts, and am doing some organizational things in the house. We have these cheesy wire shelves in the garage for a pantry and cans fall over, etc. So I am taking them down and putting that in the closet... well, we'll see how that goes. Will eventually get better shelves in the garage, for now I'll use bookshelves to put food on. Went thru the boys' winter clothes and sorted them out, now need to have them try things on and see what fits on who. Too funny when they are all so close in size, yet one has much longer legs, even though the waist is nearly the same as the other one, one has a long torso yet short legs, the other is short but has a larger waist. So pretty much everything has to be tried on!

    My kitty is getting used to me being on the computer, and curled up in my arms while I was playing Farmville. I'm not on that much during the day, but usually when she's out is when I'm on (she's spending most of her time in the laundry room as she gets used to the house).

    I've been rethinking my goals. Well, maybe not the end goals but putting in mini goals so I feel like I'm accomplishing something. Not sure what to do though? I want to change my ticker, and maybe do 10 pound goals so it feels like I'm getting further? I have about 70 lbs left to lose to reach my goal (which still ain't skinny by any means) but somehow that seems daunting even though I've already lost that much. Just strange how the mind works. Any suggestions?
  • Adopt4- I started setting 5lb goals. I'm with you. I need mini goals. Many other programs focus on 10lb but since I'm such a slow loser I'm using focusing of 5 at a time.

    manda- go manda, go manda, you can do it.

    kristi-3 days a week is great! my husband was in shock last night when i showed him cycling alone I've done 900 miles in the last few months. :smile:

    button- i had to make a couple of changes that I don't really love but seem to help.
    1) I eat dinner before I leave work so I have to pack it and can't get too tired to cook (that is so I don't eat and go right to bed and store those calories)

    2) I try often to have 1 cook day where I cook for the week (the time consuming stuff like meat, rice, pasta). Then throw a salad and veggie together. (when dinner is ready i just pack my lunch for the next day).

    3)When I went to the gym I'd put my clothes and all the things to get ready for work in my car that way if I changed my mind I'd still have to go out to my car to get my stuff. not worth it. I'd just go. Now my transportation is my exercise so no problem there.

    Keep experimenting and see what works for you. Just keep pressing on. You keep trying.
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    Afternoon ladies...I have 10 minutes then get to go pick my daughter up for her last dentist appointment. Then Im sure we are done with the dentist for at least the next 6 months.. :bigsmile: I got fit for my nightguard yesterday. Been grinding my teeth for years but finally have the insurance to use up before it gets changed again, so I went ahead and got it. Should have it in a couple weeks and Im hoping it will help alot.

    I got a coupon on Sunday for $10 off $25 purchase at fashion bug so I went looking for a pair of jeans. Found a super cute pair. Tried on a size 14 and they fit like a glove so I got them...figure I could still lose about 15 lbs and they might be a bit big, but still good. Also decided since I could get into those I deserved to get some new workout clothes so I bought a really cute pink, black & white workout set that has a matching t-shirt, jacket and pants. I usually wear shorts to the gym but figured since the weather is cooling off, I'd better get something warmer so I dont freeze my booty off.

    Didnt make it to the gym this morning but I am going later this afternoon after the dentist thingy. Definitely feeling the motivation today so I am putting it to good use! Foodwise, all is good...gonna be going to suck down more water in a sec.....I think I'll go find me a new water bottle tonight too. My big one doesnt fit in the car cup holder so its a pain to take it with me. I just really need to get in the habit of carrying it with me EVERYWHERE I go again.

    Kristi- WOW!!!! You look great!! Its funny too.. cuz you and Adopt4 look alot alike! Didnt realize until I saw this pic..but I had to do a double take!!!! That pic is sure a giant change from the last!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    HEEYYYY! Wow - LOVE all the activity here! April!!! Love to see you back! Stick around - things are good here, we all (except Prayerfulmom) were slacking a lot during the summer, but are kicking it back into gear now that fall is here. You're back right on time!

    Didn't weigh in - I'll catch it this Friday. We are having beautiful weather here - down into the 80's so I can walk outside without getting steam-cooked! Fun fun:)

    Kristi - love the new pic!
    JLB - Aren't you a cutie pie! Even with the crimped-side-ponytail! Precious dogs and kitty!
    Adopt4 - Don't overdo and get a relapse!
    Prayerful-Would you move close to me and be my real life friend?!?! I LOVE you!
    LI4G - Yay for hubby - and for you!
    Anita - How are you liking the Jenny Craig? Are you tired of the food yet or it's still okay? I want to know the scoop on the food!
    Button- work it girl. You can totally do this - when you want it bad enough, it will happen. (same goes for me!)
    LW4M - where are you girl?
    Manda - keep it up!
    Healthymom - I love having you around!

    The resta ya ~ hugs! I'll write more when I have more time! I've been so busy - trying to finish up some transcription work that I had, plus working my full time job, plus chores and exercise and some sleep here and there....

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    Evening everyone...

    I took Allie to the dentist and was sitting in the waiting room playing on facebook with my iphone when the office manager came out and sat down next to me to visit. I was wearing my new workout clothes and she asked me where I got it so I told her. She said she has been looking for something similar and has lost some weight but was struggling to keep it off and had more to get rid of. I of course suggested that she come find us here on MFP... LOL She's a sweet lady, so we'll see if she comes around. She sat and talked to me for a good 1/2 hour while allie was getting her filliing done. I told her if i worked in this office, Id have a hard time resisting those otis spunkmeir cookies that they bake fresh daily for thier patients.. LOL.. she said they are her biggest pitfall at work!

    Anyway.. after the dentist i took allie home, then went to the gym. I walked 2 miles at a 3.4 pace and it felt really good!! Plan on going again in the AM before the little ones arrive tomorrow.

    Allie also made dinner tonight. Fully loaded baked potato soup and man it was the bomb!! 334 calories per 1 1/2 cup serving, but totally home made and super easy! Trust me... just that much is plenty as it is really filling soup but you could also add a salad and bread for a good, filling fall dinner! We have alot of leftovers so Im gonna be eating that for lunch the next couple days.... Here's the recipe..

    Loaded Baked Potato soup
    8 servings (serving size: about 1 1/2 cups soup)

    4 baking potatoes (about 2 1/2 pounds)
    2/3 cup all-purpose flour (about 3 ounces)
    6 cups 1% reduced-fat milk
    1 cup (4 ounces) reduced-fat shredded extrasharp cheddar cheese, divided
    1 teaspoon salt
    1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
    1 cup reduced-fat sour cream (fat free works also too)
    1/2 cup chopped Sweet onion
    6 bacon slices, cooked and crumbled


    Pierce potatoes with a fork; cook in microwave for 15 minutes or until tender. Cool. Peel potatoes; coarsely mash.

    Chop raw bacon and saute with onions until bacon is crispy. Drain on plate with paper towel.

    Place flour in a large Dutch oven; gradually add milk, stirring with a whisk until blended. Cook over medium heat until thick and bubbly (about 8 minutes). Add mashed potatoes, 3/4 cup cheese, salt, and 1/2 teaspoon pepper, stirring until cheese melts. Remove from heat.

    Stir in sour cream and onion/bacon. Cook over low heat 10 minutes or until thoroughly heated (do not boil). Ladle 1 1/2 cups soup into each of 8 bowls. Sprinkle each serving with 1 1/2 teaspoons cheese. Enjoy!

    Nutritional Information