200-250# women starting out on mfp...

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Hi just wondering how many women are starting out weighing betweent this wt range.. and are around 5ft-5ft4"?
I started at 231 and just completed wk 2 on MFP and am at 224...and im just under 5'4"... what are your goal weights? and what exercise regiments are you doing? i know peeps can weigh the same amount but be in much better /worse shape... I am able to power walk (almost jog now) and hard classes at gym like zumba/body pump...


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    i'm 5'5 and started out at 224 but now 192. my goal weight is 145-155, it'll depend on my body fat percentage. my final body fat percentage goal is 18-20% so whatever weight that leaves me with i'll be OK.

    my workouts are pretty intense because even though i got fat over the years, i continued to exercise. i got fat from eating way too much food. so unfortunately (or fortunately) a lot of the stuff other people my size can do to lose weight exercise wise just doesnt cut it for me.

    i do a lot of strength training with heavy weights (new rules of lifting for women, stronglifts 5*5) to preserve as much muscle as I can (only 10% of what i've lost so far has been muscle so whooohoo for that). I'll be adding in olympic style lifts to my routine this week also.

    I also do running,HIIT sprints and stair running. cardio machines i do versaclimber and rowing and for active recovery stuff i do water aerobics and yoga
  • According to my converter 164 cm = 5ft38", guess we're about the same height? I started on 205 last Monady. I used to weigh around 130-135 (15 years ago!), but my goal is to get down to 155lbs.

    I'm one of these very lazy persons. But, I've started to walk to my office. That's a good 3 km (1,9 mile) a day. Soon as school starts (mid-August), I'll start swimming again (our indoor public pool is closed during the summer-vacaiton). Right now a class of zumba will kill me. I'm still in a very bad shape.

    My inspiration is my old aerobic instructor. She was around 40 years old, my height, and she had a big frame. Looked very heavy. But she kicked our butts - nothing stopping her! I've never met a person looking like her, but still be in such a good physical shape :)
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    I'm 5'3". Started MFP about 7 wks ago at 267. I'm weighing in at about 243 right now. My goal weight is about 140-150. I accumulated all my weight over the years after having 6 kids, youngest 2 are still in diapers.
    I cut my cal intake by alot. I have no clue how many calories i was eating before but i'm sure it was about triple what i eat now. Me and my hubs joined a gym together. We go about 3-4 days a week. We also started Jillian's 30 day shred. On level 2 now.
    And I've started walking during my lunch break. I work 3rd shift and realized I used to just eat and doze off on break, now I walk for the whole 45 minutes. I work in a hospital so i just do laps on the 1st floor. I wear a HR monitor and according to it, I burn about 300 calories during my walk.
    I've been looking into Jamie Eason's stuff. Thinking about getting into lifting.
    Good luck to you!
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    I'm 5' 3" and started at around 215 lb. I haven't set a goal weight. Before I gained weight I was about 115 lb, but I'm not sure if I should be aiming for that or not. I don't think I could survive on the maintenance calories for a middle-aged woman at that weight! So I'm planning to have a slow journey, stopping and starting along the way and seeing how I feel at different weights. I'd like eventually to be in the overweight range, rather than the obese range, and to have a "healthy" waist measurement (4 inches to go!). I don't set a lot of store by those numbers, but it's something to aim for!

    I was quite unfit when I started and have painful joints and heart disease, so my exercise routine is gentler than some (although it still feels hard to me at times!). I'm doing strength training (Starting Strength) with a bit of walking and cycling and also some gentler exercise videos.
  • I'm 5ft 4.5, started at 221 and now down to 211 or there abouts, been here a month now. Slow going, but I'd rather that and knowing it will stay off! Only another 70lbs or so to go!

    I'm trying to exercise at least 4 times a week, lots of cardio at the moment, want to add some strength training in
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    My height is 5'3, I started off at 273 lbs and right now I'm at 210. I lost my first 20 from basically just walking but that was last year.
    Right now I do a lot of power lifting and running :)
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    I'm 5'4" and started at 239 (my all time high ever) I've been on MFP for just under a month and I'm at 223.4 today. I try to walk for at least an hour 3-4 times a week and eat a mostly whole foods/raw diet. I don't know what my ultimate goal weight will be. Right now, I'd just like to be under 200 again! LOL
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    Hi - my all time high was 224 last January. I got down to 210, but fell off the wagon and am now back to 218. Im just under 5ft 4.

    Ive decided today is the day to restart so am going to religiously log cals and keep on track. Im off on holiday next Saturday, so this isnt an ideal time to start - but when is ideal?? opefully it will help me keep a bit better on track while Im away ;))
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    I am about 5' 3" and started out at 233lns (hw was 243lbs)...I am currently 156lbs.
  • I'm 5ft1 and weigh 232. Only joined today but plan on lots of walking to start and would eventually like to take up running.
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    I'm 5'3 and started MFP @ 233 lbs. That was two months ago, and I'm down to 210. My goal weight is 150. Still a long way to go, but MFP is definitely the tool I need to get there. Good luck to everyone else on their journey.
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    I'm 5'6" and started at 210 about 2 weeks ago...down 5 lbs already!!! MFP definitely works when you utilize the tools. Feel free to add me!! I'm always looking for supportive buddies. :smile:
  • Hi :) I'm 5'3 and around 230. I joined the site awhile back but just finally decided to become active and hopefully give and get some support and encouragement. Feel free to add me :)
  • I'm 5'5" and in that weight range. I have set my goal at 140-150 and will see how I feel once I get there.
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    You all give me encouragement. I have just joined; am 73 years old, 5'7" and weighing in at 235. I have been overweight for about the past 15 years, always weighed around 120-125 prior to that. I am trying to use the treadmill at the local gym two or three times a week and plan on joining a Silver Sneakers group, a fitness group for seniors.
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    I am just under 5'5" and I am 41 years old. My metabolism really changed after getting ill with mononucleosis. I went from 135-140 to over 160 and couldn't get the weight off. Had 4 children in 6 years and was 229 at my highest during my second pregnancy. I usually managed to keep my weight under 200 after their births, but in the passed 4 years have really struggled with my weight. I lost weight 2 years ago and went from 216 to 192, then got "too busy" to work out and started drinking 1-2liters of soda a day to stay alert. I started MFP about 7 weeks ago at 219. I am now 192.5. The first 20 lbs came off when I was doing about 1000-1400 calories/week, cycling 5-7 days a week for 20-30 minutes. I plateaued at about a month, upped my calories to 1700-2000 and exercise 5 days a week either cycling or zumba for ~30 minutes and started more strength training this month with weights. I also gave up soda, drink lots of water and reduced the amount of processed foods I eat. I am feeling better on the higher calorie diet, check out the link below.
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    I'm 5'4" - Started at a high of 228 lbs in February and currently down to 187. Goal weight is somewhere between 140 and 160 - I'll have a better idea as I get closer, see where my body fat % is, etc. I've been eating right at 1400 calories since starting a local weight loss/metabolic testing program in May, not eating back exercise calories. I don't have a specific exercise regimen, and with the extended heat we've had locally over the past month or so, have definitely cut back on exercise, although I'm continuing to lose at a rate of about a pound a week based on diet alone.
  • Hi, I have just restarted/re-activated my account. I am 59, 5-3, starting weight this morning is 219.2. My first goal is to get 20lbs off and get under 200 so looking to see 199 in the coming weeks. Long term goal is 150. Ultimate goal is 140 which takes my BMI to Normal-healthy.....tired of Obese!. This journey has been life long. I was a cute, pert 135 lbs in high school but because I was solid and strong and muscular, my 'petite loving' parents led me to believe that I was fat. One day in the last several years, I came across my 45 yr old cheerleading outfit and was amazed at how tiny the outfit was and I thought, 'I fit into that?'......yes I did but all the while at home, my folks were telling me I was fat. wow. really? So began my lifetime of beating myself up and having food issues. Now it is about Me. No husband telling me I am embarassing to be seen with, no ex boyfriend telling me I make him feel old (he was my age folks but trying to be 35)......no more 'other peoples standards' baring down on me. Only my goals and what is right for me. I am not doing this venture for anyone but me. The time has come for me to make my 60s my best decade ever. This will be a journey that I am excited to make. almost did the gastric sleeve last year but thankfully, I have let that go because even after that surgery, you still have to reduce your calories, eat right and exercise....so why not do it with my stomach intact. Anyway....I am committed to being on this website for support each week and am looking forward to my journey. Good luck to all of you!!
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    Hi, I'm new..well back. Its been a long time. I am 5'4 and I weighed in just now at 234.2. Last year I had a health scare and had to do a special diet that had me lose down to 218. I've gained it all back in a year. Obviously I didn't learn anything. Last night i decided I'm so tired of being fat. I feel like crap. I was on a mini vacation with my husband about a month ago and needed a dress. We hit every store and couldn't find anything flattering for me.
    SO here I am.
    Whats the problem though with me. I have decided I'm done. Fixed me a healthy breakfast that was super yummy even. Now all I can think about is living in the fridge and eating all day.
    So I haven't started to exercise yet. I have a pretty bad back problem right now and my Dr has me on some 24 hr extended release pain meds that make me feel great, so I don't realize I'm hurting, so I don't want to do more harm to my body. I'm thinking of starting out walking and I might look into joining a Zumba class in the next month or so after school starts. If I can get over the fact that I'll likely be the ONLY big girl there. Ugh ugh.
    Please excuse my depressed mood, It's day one! I need support and friends going through similar trials!
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    I'm 5'4" and started at 239 (my all time high ever) I've been on MFP for just under a month and I'm at 223.4 today. I try to walk for at least an hour 3-4 times a week and eat a mostly whole foods/raw diet. I don't know what my ultimate goal weight will be. Right now, I'd just like to be under 200 again! LOL

    yes!!! i hear you... i want to see 199 so bad.. just outta the 200 number!!!!!
    were similar ish.. cuz my highest ever was 234).. lost a few.. then started mfp at 231 and now 224
    but yeah cant wait to be under 200 just to see a one again! lol..been in the 200 range 5yrs.. way to freakin long!
    (was never above 200 before that though)...
    keep it up! your doing great.. this is the first plan that i dont feel so deprived and am more motivated...