Food Addicts Anonymous??



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    man I love peanut M&Ms! This time of year is bad for me because I love candy. There is a trick or treating thing for the kids this weekend and that will be my real test! My husband and I usually eat all our daughters candy. NOT THIS YEAR!!! Man I love Chocolate!
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    Morning all! I had a great night last night because of this thread. I did some yard work, then came in, made leftover meatloaf for dinner, had one cupcake (someone made them for me) & I was done for the night! I couldn't beleive it myself.

    I understand the loving chocolate. I am finding if I don't have any to begin with, I can resisit the rest. Does that make sense to anyone?:tongue:
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    Hey all! I did well yesterday. I only had 2 mountain dews and 1 cookie. I only went over buy like 150 calories so I am happy with that :drinker:

    I am going to need ya'lls strength today because I have a work pitch-in for lunch. They always bring BAD food!
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    Amazing:) I already had a bad day with food and it's only noon :explode: Got 400 calories left but going to exercise and then eat well hopefully for the remainder of the day. I woke up very sleepy this morning, had to read for school and I found myself mindlessly eating!!!! But I recognized it and I will be on track for the rest of the day I hope :wink: Enjoy your day everyone:)
  • I really need to be a part of this group. It is so funny that I found this since my co-worker and I were just talking about this yesterday!! I'm also a food addict and I guess I would qualify as an emotional eater, but there are no real triggers so I'm not sure. I just know that I would rather workout 8 hours a day if I had to than give up all of my great foods forever. I've been seeing a nutritionist for over a year now and I've lost 15lbs. but that is really low!!! I wanted to be down like 100 lbs by now and its just now happening. I have fibromyalgia which is adding to my physical problems, plus while in grad school and studying for the post grad school tests I gained about 80lbs on top of already being over weight by at least 30lbs. I think I suffer with depression sometimes too but I'm not completely sure. I just know that I too eat when I'm upset, when I'm bored, when I'm sleepy but trying to stay awake, to celebrate. I'm also really stubborn and easily stressed out, thus I eat again.

    THe good things that I can say is that I'm wearing a pedometer and its making me take more steps each day and that I've been getting close to 80 oz of water in each day.

    Like a lot of you, I can do well during the week and get totally derailed on the weekends. That is my downfall because I have to run all of my errands during the weekend plus keep up with little ones. A lot of times all i can do is grab some thing and go.

    Well, I'm sorry this is so long but thanks for reading it...
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    leshawn: Welcome! I too overeat on the weekends. Do not be discouraged. I have been doing this since July, and have only lost 7 lbs. I have been at a plateau for 2 months! I am frustrated, but I realize that it is ultimately my fault for binge eating every weekend and only working out when I feel like I absolutely have to. (usually when I realize that I gained weight over the weekend.) I am here for you all through out the week!

    :flowerforyou: Jessi
  • I guess that "turning the corner" is important when you get into one of these addictive fits.

    The HOPEFUL thing is that if you can make yourself FEEL BETTER (including by being truly KIND to yourself) then when you do feel better, it gets EASIER to avoid some of the stuff you hate yourself for. Once you're on the road again, without hating yourself, the better behaviors (that you KNOW about) start falling into place to lead you forward.

    So, here's hope for all concerned that we get help (from many possible sources) to TURN THE CORNER.
  • Good for you and I can sooo relate, I've been so unsuccessful in the weight loss department, I had 3 pieces of pizza yesterday after doing so well all day, I wasn't hungry at dinner so I left the house and went to my parents house and sugested they order pizza as they had not eaten yet either, so there just goes to show ya, always have a meal plan......but right back on track today, my problem is I starve myself, I feel better with a hungry stomach then a full stomach, I relate being hungry to being is my enemy, but I would rather fill up on junk or eat late in the evening all the way up to bed wish me luck I've been pretty good today, all I need to do is get off my fat *kitten* and do some excercising....................................................I have a treadmill collecting dust in my basement, I am going to hop on that puppy for 20 minutes today if it kills me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your not alone, lets do this!!!!

    Wendy =)
  • Good for you quiting smoking!!! How did you do it, I am waiting to have weight loss surgery and they won't do it until I have been smoke free for 3 months...I havn't even begun to embark on the no smoking thing, losing weight is my primary focus, as you might know weight gain is prominet when you quit smoking......I feel so discouraged, I have NEVER quit and I have smoked for a good part of 30 years.................yikes, not to mention my hubby is a 3 pack a day smoker.......oh boy!!:huh:
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    I would love to join the group. I too am a food addict. I am currently unemployed and staying at home taking care of my son. Latetly, I notice how much I am overeating. I had lost weight and was on a roll but my job ended in June. Whatever I crave or want to eat and I feel so guilty and bad aferwards. I am an emotional eater. But recently it doesn't matter if I am sad, mad, stressed or depressed. I binge eat to get control of this otherwise I will just gain what I lost and get even bigger

    I am planning on join weight watchers next week to get back into the swing of things. This website is so motivational.
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    Thanks to all who post. It is helpful to know I am not alone
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    Hi Im JoAnn, yes I to and a food addict. Im sure we are all food addicts or we would not have to be on this site. The hardest thing about this addiction is that we have to eat. If we were addicted to drugs, cigaretts or alchol we would not have to have it to survive but we do need to eat, and damm everything taste so good, Well not everything.................everything that is high in calories is so good. I have lost a total of 50 lbs in 2 years over the summer I worked at a campground and found it so much harder keeping it all under control, I did gain back 10 lbs and now that Im away from that atmosphere Im trying to get back on track. I know that logging calories and exercise everyday is the key for me. Good luck to everyone here and keep up the good work. :drinker: :drinker:
  • Hey guys!!!
    I wanted to share that I had a great food day yesterday!!! Plus I did some cardio!!!! Now I have to go into the dreaded weekend and its getting close to TOM, this weekend will be pretty tough because I have such a craving for cheesecake its not even funny. But I will be strong and not succumb!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!
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    I saw your cheesecake issue. I just wanted to say that I am fixing myself a 'cheesecake' dessert I have every night.

    It is ricotta cheese in the mini blender with sweetner and lemon juice. I chill it and it is really good. Sometimes I put in some low fat cream cheese with the ricotta. hope that helps. kc
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    I have been off site this week cause I've been so busy withkids. But I read all your posts.

    I just thought I'd update my week on South Beach. It has been fantastic. My blood sugars are level and I have absolutely no cravings.

    Hey! I went to a BBQ at the school, sat down, and talked and didn't even realized there was food around me. Thank you God for bringing me this program.

    About Food Addicts Anny. I have been in and out of that program for years. I did Overeaters Anny, AA because I wanted tolearn about my ex's alcoholic problem and Alanon.
    i am very familiar with 12 steps and several friends who I go to church with have lost close to 100 pds on it. It is great and many need what they offer. My problem is this. When 12 steps was created, (read the Big Book Of AA) it was created by 12 christian men. They deeply depended on their faith that God would help them solve the issue of being alcoholics. But then down the road they opened it to a 'higher power of your understanding"

    It is my opinion, and I'll probably be hung up, but that is why AA doesn't work for people much anymore. Because Jeus heals. Any when you turn your life over to Him, you will be healed. Making your higher power a rock just isn't going to get it. Well, some of you will get this and some won't. I just gotta say what's in my heart. be blessed. kc
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    Hi all. I was able to lose another 1.4# & am finding that the more I cook, the less I crave food. Maybe actually PREPARING the food allows me to realize that it is not just the food that is "filling" me. I am able to actually get joy from the prep & it also helps my self confidence & self esteem to know that I really am a good cook. Sounds weird, but I find the more I prepare, the less I eat, partly because I want to make sure everyone else is enjoying what is put out. sue
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    Hi all:

    I'm back from Maine. Maine is gone, because I ate it. Actually I did not eat anymore than I would have before I started my weight loss journey, but in comparison to now it feels like a lot. It rained a lot, too, so I didn't get much exercise in either!
  • Hey folks!! This weekend started out pretty bad (cookies and cheesecake) but it ended on a good note (got in a great workout and resisted dessert when we went to eat on Sunday). So I'm okay today and will be even better tomorrow!!! I'm having a great start with my water so I'm good today!!!

    Be well everyone!!!
  • I'd be interested in checking out the book...have you had anyone else reply to your post about starting the 12 weeks?

    I'm new to this site and to this at this point email might be easier for me until I have some time to get more familiar with things. Email me and let me know if you found people who would like to start the 12 weeks together.

    karenzalusky at aol dot com
  • I have been battling my weight and food addiction since I was a kid. My mother put me on my first diet when I was 12. I learned from a young age the cycle of deprivation/starvation, only to be followed by binge eating. I have clothes in my closet from size 8 to 24...and I have worn them all in the same year, for many years of my life. In the back of my mind I would tell myself 10 more pounds and then I can eat whatever I want. I am trying to accept the fact that I am addicted to food, and controlling that addiction for the rest of my life is what I have to do. Its scary, I dont think I can do this to myself again.