Food Addicts Anonymous??



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    I also binge eat, and i have every since i was a child. The past 1 1/2 years i binged almost every single night gaining 33 pounds in about 3 months last fall 08. ANyways i found this website and it helped me quit binging. Ive only done it 4 times now in the past 3 months.
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    Hello. My name is Sherry and I am a food addict. lol

    It all started not too long after I learned how to walk. My Mom potty-trained me using M&Ms. I'm not kidding! She used 'em as a reward (find what works, right?) and ever since, I have used food as my reward, my comfort, my confidant, my stress reliever, my life.
    (I'm sure it's not REALLY my Mom's's mine! I figured out a way, even at <2yrs old, to manipulate my Mom to get mooore chocolate. I'd get 1 M&M for pee, 2 for poo. So apparently I'd go a little...get my M&Ms...and then go get back on the pot to get more. LOL)

    My personal trainer (and friend) recommended this site to me- and it looks like a great tool to help get me on the right nutritional track. See, I'm also a vegetarian...which makes getting convenient protein kind of hard and I've turned to carbs & sugar to fill the space.

    Regardless of the reasons or excuses I've made in the is the time. Food is no longer my reward's a necessity of life & growth.

    I'm still a 'foodie'...I'm just trying to adjust my tastebuds and portion size to fit the new me :D
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    My first full time job, they realized that I liked chocolate, and whenever there was overtime involved,a big bag of M&Ms would show up on my desk.
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    Ha! I think we were seperated at birth. LOL
    M&Ms are one of my biggest pitfalls. I love 'em!!!
  • I am definitely addicted to food! Unfortunately, I am addicted to the fatty, sugary foods instead of vegetables and fruits. :smile:

    I would like to share this information I saw on Dr. Oz with everybody as it has really helped me. He said that when you eat the fatty foods, you just want more, more, and more because your body is not satisfied---- you are not getting adequate nutrition from these foods. So not only are you eating fatty foods but you eat A LOT of it!

    This makes sense to me because when I eat fatty foods, I eat until I feel like I am going to explode. I can personally demolish half of a large pizza! Yet a chicken breast and veggies will fill me up.

    Learning this information has helped me make better decisions. When I get a craving, I ask myself if there is any nutritional benefit or if I am likely to overeat. Hope this can help someone else!
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    Can I join? My name is Karen and I am a food addict.......have struggled with my weight all my life....stressed is desserts spelled backwards:grumble: .....I need all the encouragement I can get.....Have a great weekend:smile:
  • Have a great weekend!!! Let's make good choices and move a little or a lot!!! Me personally, I'm going to try to resist the evil food demons that come around with busy weekends. I have games galore on Sat and I want to be able to tell you guys on Monday that I did not succumb to the tempation of donuts for breakfast and a really bad lunch. Wish me luck!!
  • Me again... obviously I am a food addict....
    AButler, I totally get the whole eating junk and still not feeling "full."
    The past week or so I've been eating out A LOT and not the healthy stuff either... but I am always hungry again in a short amount of time! It's crazy!

    I am going to really focus on cutting out eating out as much as possible and adding in workouts!
    I mean, I look pregnant and am not!!!! :sad:
  • I can relate to every one of you who have posted on being a food addict. I would say I am a junk food junkie. LOVE junk food. I actually get moody when I can't have it, so I know for me I must have some sort of dessert in the cabinet that I can eat. Example: one ounce of dark chocolate a day, light cool whip frozen (tastes like vanella ice cream, I'm lactose intolerant) 2 tablespoons, yogurt (I can't have much of this), South Beach peanut butter cereal bars...etc. If I don't have treats for myself I will go get 4 king size candy bars and eat them all myself at one time. Does anyone hide food? If I get snacks I will hide it so my husband and son can't eat it because I want it all! It's awful to admit that.

    I am doing good right now.. so I am proud of me, but tomorrow I am taking my neice trick or treating and I have to be on my best behavior. I already told myself I can have 2 snack size candy bars.. I will eat them slow..and I will eat them right before I leave to go home so I can't keep snacking. We are all in the same boat with the holidays here. We have to plan ahead. I am, right now, commiting with you all to plan ahead for the holidays, have the healthy snacks I need to get me through, and to allow myself some treats on the holidays it'self. That is my commitment to you and to me.

    Best of luck to everyone here....We CAN do this!!! Bring snacks with you when you take your kids out trick or treating...reach for the snack in your pocket, not the one in their bag....
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    hi im liz and im a terrible emotional eater. i get really confused because i can be really spot on with my diet and really enjoy it but but thie will only last around a week then its all downhill and i cant get enough junk food. this happened last week, after my really perfect days, in the next 2 days i secretly ate my way through 10 doughnuts, 5 bags of crisps, various chocolate bars, 6 boxes of party food (this was for lunch and it was sooo much food!), a chinese takeaway, an indian take away (after a healthy dinner of fish rice and sweetcorn!) with wine and 2 spirits. i feel totally ruled by food when this happens and DESPERATLEY want to break the cycle. ive tried every diet going and just feel like im going to get bigger and bigger until i die which wont be long. im 312lbs this morning, 36 years old and mum to 3 little ones.......I NEED TO CHANGE, HELP ME!
  • Yes, I never thought I would say it but I am a food adict as well.

    I have similar feelings to you all who have posted. I've struggled with weight my entire life.

    I did not realize the emotions involved. I thought if my emotions controlled me than I would be weak. Of course I was stronger than that! My WILL POWER would get me through it right!? I'm strong.


    Overeaters Anonymous is a great group for those who are trying to loose weight but can't, or tend to be thinking about food often, but don't seem satisfied.

    I'd say google.
  • Thanks for creating this group. What a great idea. It's weird, I clicked Success Stories and did not expect this group here but it makes perfect sense to have it here. To find success, we have to address what we're doing. I think it's great we're all openly sharing with each other our challenges with food. Actually, not food, but ouselves. Not sure why but this thread is making me feel really safe to talk about my relationship with food and my weight. Thank you. Sure, I use food as comfort. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs at all. Over the last many years I've used food as my coping mechanism. Whenever I'm lonely, bored, upset, stressed, anxious, want to hide, want to shrink away and not be noticed. Food is the only comfort I've found. Even when I'm happy, I celebrate with food. So, it's hard to deal with all the extra weight that comes with it. I'm 40-50 lbs overweight. May not seem like much to others but it's a weight I've been stuck at for so long and can't seem to get it off. Well I don't think I'm trying hard enough. I guess it's too easy to just not try sometimes. The funny thing is that it just stays around this 170 mark forever!!! Goes up and down a couple of lbs.Sure, I don't need to eat another chocolate chip cookie but it just is the thing to do.What is it that I hope to gain from joining this group? To talk about our relationships with food/weight/selves and hope we all find a healthier, more productive way to cope with life. So far, I've been using food as one unhealthy way to cope with life. It's not working. The other night, I could not stop eating. Seriously, eating one thing after another and my appetite would not stop. I tried my best. Just would not stop.Finally, had to just sit down and told myself to just stop. I told myself that no matter what I put into my mouth next that it would not take the appetite away, the craving. When I heard myself say that, I stopped. Stopping eating is sometimes tough because it is to deal with all the troubles we have in life. For those who drink, do drugs to escape. Yeah, they can quit cold turkey and not have to deal with the substance again. Not that way with food though.

    Oh well we're all here to learn and if this is one of the lessons I have to learn in life then it would be a good one.

    Wish us all the best.

    p.s., also getting dark cold and wet out this time of year, it's too easy to eat food to warm us up. Let's find other ways to do so. Going out for a walk out!
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    My name is Mickie, and I'm also a food addict. Currently undergoing hypnotherapy with a Life Coach to work on this. I'm learning a lot about myself...not losing weight quite yet, but am on the brink of dicovering the underlying reason why I turn to food for comfort, solice and fulfillment. Stay tuned...LOL!
  • Mickie - how does the hypnotherapy work?? I mean do you remember what the hypnotist tells you while you are under??
  • Hi my name is Katrina and I am a food addict. I am 31 and currently over here in Guam. When we first got here I HAD to try everything the Island had to offer. I eat when I am bored, hungry, depressed and just because I feel the need to. I have been doing well for the last couple of months. My husband is currently deployed and I am thousands of miles away from any family. So you can imagine that I am quite down..... :ohwell: I do have some friends here that are helping me get back into shape... The good way. I am addicted also to those 6 hour power shots... about 3 a day.... on top of my diet pepsi and such.

    I have been struggling with my weight for over 10 years now and it is darn time to get into shape... not just for myself but also to look sexy when my hubby comes back. It will be our 10 year anniversary and I want this one to be a (bikini year)

    Thanks for hearing my story.... Keep your head up and when cravings start........ try to drink a glass of water and then wait 15 min........... if the cravings are still there eat it................

    Starting weight 211
    current 194.5
    goal 150
  • My name is Sandy and I'm a Foodaholic. I love food, look forward to food and really have trouble with my portions. I feel as if I have to eat it ALL and not leave any behind. I had lost 20 pounds on here but have succeeded in gaining 10 pounds back. :sad: I hate to lose those same pounds over and over. But, today is new again, and i will try and behave. Tonight is my son's 22nd birthday, so I'm not sure which restaurant he will decide on, but I just have to be prepared for it.

    Good luck fellow Foodaholics!!!:drinker:
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    Mickie - how does the hypnotherapy work?? I mean do you remember what the hypnotist tells you while you are under??

    Hi there! Yep, I sure so...I know everything that is going's actually really cool! Your mind won't let you do anything you don't want's actually very relaxing. I never thought I'd do something like this, because I'm such a control freak...but it's helping to me to uncover what the underlying reason is that I'm turning to food...just as someone may to to drugs, (nicotine & alcohol), or other destructive sources.

    I also get audio copies of my session, which I listen to each night when I go to bed. I've found that, for me, it's easier to download to my mp3 player, instead of wearing big clunky case I totally fall asleep for a couple of ours afterward.

    I decided to do this, becaue my dad is doing it, and he's losing weight easily now...but 2 pounds a week, which is very healthy. So far he's lost about 20 pounds in the last 2 months...and he no longer has the cravings he used to have.

    I am hopeful it will far I'm really seeing a change in how drawn I am to healthy, vibrant foods.
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    This is interesting.
  • Mickie - thanks for the info I think I'm going to look into that in my area.:flowerforyou:

    mrsb0310 - hang in there!!! Don't give up!!! This is a hard journey for all of us, if it wasn't hard everyone would be their ideal size and in shape. Google any ideas you might have that will help you. For example, Mickie (she's on here) is going to hypnotherapy and she says it has been very helpful. Just keep trying and keep talking to us!! :flowerforyou:

    Well this week was a bust!!! I worked out but I didn't do my pushup challenge workouts and my eating was pretty off. I tried to not do too bad, but I don't think I succeed. Although I didn't gain any weight this week. I didn't lose either but I'll take the little victory of not gaining. This weekend i plan on going to buy a food scale. It's on the top of my list of things to do. Actually I get off work early today so I'll probably do it today.
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    My name is Anne and I'm a food addict. I have a whole bunch of issues with weight and food that are tied up in emotional abuse from my parents as a child and adolescent, and I didn't even realize most of it until I got to college. I'm in therapy to deal with my parent issues and I'm on MFP to teach myself how to actually take care of my body. I'm learning, very slowly, how NOT to go for the mac'n'cheese every time I have a tough paper to write. :smile: