Food Addicts Anonymous??



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    I have been eating all day..anything and everything....I just quit logging it. My best friend found out she was pregnant a couple of weeks ago and this morning I found out she miscarried. This doesn't even directly involve me and I'm upset!! I'm such an emotional person and eating just makes me feel better when I'm stressed! It's like I'm not longer kim, so demon possesses me and makes me eat everything! I need an excorcism!!!
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    Man I am right there with you. Between my job, kids, family, and missing family on the holidays I spend time not sleeping and being tired and eating when not really hungry. I am in the same boat and plan to drink tea I quess or sugar free jello or something to just stop the crazy eating. The other day I was so good then opened my husbands veggie chips and ate 1.2 the bag. I just need to get a handle today, tonight no more excuses...:sad:

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  • I finally realize that i have a bad addiction to food. in need of help...any suggestions on how to break the habit? good example... went to gym after work today, trying to get back on track(after being off for about 5mths) workout 40 min came home and those damn girl scout cookies were calling my name...omg that's not a good thing at all:blushing:
  • I'm new to this site and completely understand the eating thing.I eat as though it is my job, and when I'm not eating I'm thinking about food. I have my good days and I have my bad days...and well lately I've been having my bad days-stressed with school, not working out as much, working, and staying up late studying which is not a good combination... I want to lose 20lbs by beginning of March for spring break...I just need motivation and guidance...Good luck to everyone
  • Guess all about balance, moderation is what I'm learning. nt all.
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    Strongandfit has a very good approach, we have similar ones. Basically, before eating anything, take a deep breath and ask yourself:

    Do I really want to eat this?
    Do I really need to eat this?
    How will I feel while I'm eating this? Five minutes after I'm done? An hour later?
    Will this make me healthy?
    Why do I want to eat this?
    Will just a taste really be enough? Can I stop at one bite or should I put it all down?

    I've started trying to log my emotions when I'm eating on my food notes: angry, sad, stressed, bored, etc.
  • Logging your emotions is a really good idea. Today my mom told me that if I keep doing the same thing I've always done then I'll never lose weight. Which is true but it really hurt my feeling because she needs to lose weight and her answer is to surf the web for the next fad diet. Which she might do for about 2 weeks then stop. Which drives me crazy because then she'll make a comment about my eating habits. I love my mom and she's always been very supportive of me and my sister and always in our corner but I would really like it if she didn't critize my eating in the same breath that she praises me for working out so hard. But even with feeling like this, today I wrote this post instead of eating!!! So that feels really good. Also, I can sit back and think about some of the things my mom said and take some of it with a grain of salt and some as the loving suggestion that she meant for it to be. She's right about me needing to get in more fruit and veggies and she agreed that we both need to get our portions under control. So since i now have my food scale, which I don't really use much because most of the stuff I eat is prepackaged. I want a portion plate example so that I can put it on my fridge when I serve my plate. I'm going to google that. I'll let you know what I find.
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    Grr. I need to get this "stress" thing under control. I had another torturous drive home today (Only 4 hours, but Long Island drivers make even a 5 minute drive seem like a postcard from hell) and I thought I was being good, just having a sandwich for dinner... but sneaking bits and bites here and there added up in a big way. How do you move away from "I deserve comfort food" to "I deserve something that makes me feel good when I'm done, not while I"m eating?"
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    Leshawn--it seems like it must be something that is programmed into moms at the hospital when they give birth to little girls, that someday they will hurtfully comment about eating habits/dieting/the size of your butt, stomach, whatever. I and many of my friends' moms do the exact same stuff! I really hope that I don't end up doing it one day to my daughter! That is good that you were able to take a step back from the situation and analyze it objectively, without succumbing to the emotions, and that you were able to see your mom's good intentions behind her words. It can be so hard to do that, especially with family members who know how to push our buttons! That portion plate picture on the fridge is a GREAT idea! Let us know what you find out :-)

    Sunsh1ne-when you find out the answer-let me know! I do the same thing. The only answer for me is to not start munching at all, even if it is just a bite, because it seems like that first bite can be the key that unlocks the overeating. Easier said than done, though!

    Good luck everyone!
  • UCAMINMAX - thanks for the encouraging words!! I'll let you know how the plate thing works for me. I have a plan for turkey day dinner!! I will eat my veggies first since they have the most fiber, then move on to my protein and end it off with my starches. Hopefully by the time I get to my starches I'll be most of the way full and won't eat nearly as much as I usually do.

  • Been busy lately. Not much time for eating. Kinda weird. From one extreme to the other. Also, not good either if I'm not conscious of good eating habits. Moderation is key. best to all.
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    I am a food addict I just know it I worry about where and what I am going to eat all the time. The funny thing is I know what to do and have done it after 4 pregnancies I lost 90 lbs after each one and I do great around others in public and at work but when I come home or family visits I can't handle the stress. I gained 25 lbs in the past year. I am a hard working women alway caring for others, cleaning, taking care of the kids but I can't seem to manage my home life in the evenings or weekends. Not sure why. I am a nurse practitioner too and know about how stress kills everything but for me it is my kids and that all I do is work, No vacation time just constant running the kids everyone and long commutes to work for me.
    I just need to log everyone crumb, not worry about food, and stop eating the left overs my kids leave.
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    Wow, we are all a bit stressed going into Thanksgiving. Let's all remember to take a deep breath before we start eating and choose foods that will make us healthy. I know I am going to have to do some deep breathing to face the buffet. :grumble:

    Kate, you agreed with Sunsh1ne, and so do I. You said, "Sunsh1ne-when you find out the answer-let me know! I do the same thing. The only answer for me is to not start munching at all, even if it is just a bite, because it seems like that first bite can be the key that unlocks the overeating. Easier said than done, though! " I really think that right now I just cannot eat the bad foods or I will eat the entire plate. We all have trigger foods (or better said, trigger ingredients) that cause us to overeat. For me it is the usual, sugar, but I also find that when I eat wheat products I tend to want more and more and can't stop until I am sick. I am slowly finding my trigger foods and staying away from them for now until I am under better control.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone! Welcome, all ye newcomers! :flowerforyou:
  • Doing good with food morning. Too busy sometimes forgetting I've not eaten. That too is not good. Key to health is awareness, awareness and then action. Best to all.
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    I'm kind of frustrated - I had a great Thanksgiving because I got to see my boyfriend (long-distance relationship) but not-so-great because he's having a really hard time dealing with the new habits I'm trying to form. He eats crap and he knows it but he got fed up with me counting calories and doesn't believe I can live on 1400 a day. I can. But that's a challenge when we go out to eat and I go to check how much I've got left, and he whips the computer off my lap and says that he doesn't want me thinking abou that stuff, he just wants me to enjoy our time together. Yeah, babe, I want to, too, but I don't want it to set me back six weeks. =/
  • Sunshine, I'm sorry your boyfriend doesn't understand your change in eating. I know that can be hard when you feel like your love ones don't support your lifestyle changes. Maybe next time you can suggest places to go eat where you've already scoped out the menu. That way you are not entering your foods there with him because you can enter it before you go.

    Thanksgiving for me was very delicious!! I didn't do too bad on Thanksgiving day but the days following were pretty bad. But I'm back on track now, I worked out over the holiday, and I didn't gain any weight. So I guess I did okay.
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    So, I was really good last week planning for Thanksgiving-I exercised every day and made sure to end up with at least a hundred or 2 calories remaining. I let myself pig out on Thanksgiving, then my mother in law fed us a huge meal on Saturday (didn't plan for that one!) But I weighed in today and I am happy that I didn't gain anything and I even lost about a half pound! SO I am pretty much back on track now-I stocked up on groceries for the week and am all set to go!
  • Sunsh1ine: That is no good. He should be more understanding. Besides, you need to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with anyone else. Just keep logging all the foods and keep up the good work! :smile:
  • Emotional day today. Could have kept eating nonstop. Looked at something in the fridge just now and thought, no, not going to do that. I eat one more thing won't change how I'm feeling. It'll make it worse. Reminded me of this important thread. So came down to type this instead. This is big. A change of awareness. Going to do something more productive than endless eating. So, proper nurturing of myself. best to all. It's a daily challenge I know we are equipped to meet it. Trust and believe.
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    Ohhhh WOW! I've been waiting for a thread like this!

    My name is Vanessa, I am a food addict (an emotional eater, a bored eater and a sugar craver) and it sucks. I'm 30, a mother to two girls and an RN. Boy oh boy! There are quite a few nurses who suffer from this hey? My bad eating started when I fell pregnant for the first time. I went from being a fit, athletic and energetic basketballer who could eat virtually anything, to a girl who gained weight pretty quickly. It kept going especially through Uni and then I started night shifts and I think that was it. I lost my first 40 pounds a few years back and now I'm back to finish the job. I can already feel the cravings kicking in and it's only day one!!!

    Good luck all. It's a difficult addiction to crack!