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Rant about men!



  • I feel sorry for men sometimes honestly. We're all capable of being *kitten*. Every single one of my friends are male. I have not hung out with a chick in over 20 years and probably still wouldn't even if she were super cool. I think in general men want to be nice and try the best they can with what they know, but women are too busy sending mixed messages that its a wonder a guy can even function properly around us anymore. There are good guys and there are bad guys. There are good women and there are evil women lol. I say evil because of the cattiness and the drama. Men don't tend to start or cause drama but if you throw shi* in their faces they will get back at you and why wouldn't they? I do not expect a guy to stand there waiting holding the door open for me and really wouldn't be offended or pissed off if the door slammed shut in my face. Half the time men aren't even paying attention to the small things and just doing their thing and have no idea you're even walking there behind them.
    Too many mixed messages from chicks these days. We're either tough and strong and don't need a man for anything, that would be me I suppose but only cause I am anal and like stuff done my way and really don't need any help. If and when I do I ask... Or we're still stuck in that era were we expect him to stand there in the rain holding the door making him go back to the car in the rain at midnight and get our purse that we forgot or something because we're really just to prima donna to do it ourselves lol. I know a few girls like that and it drives me insane, but what makes it worse is the man who lets her treat him like a step and fetch it kind of guy.

    I prefer hanging around men, they're more my style. I also think more woman than men take out s*** that the last a-hole did to them on the new guys in their life and just never get over things from their past and start to find every last little thing wrong with the new guy when most of the time there is nothing wrong. My ex boyfriend had a shirt that read, "I'm not him!" and I totally got what he was saying.
    Now if a male or female holds the door open for me I say thank you and hold it open for the next person behind me. And if a guy ran out of his way to hold the door open for me I would thank him and probably want to buy him lunch because guys do still do nice things for us even though we're *****es lol. Example I had a really nice looking guy the other night go out of his way to keep the door open at this restaurant I was at, and I was still getting out of my car and had just barely shut the car door and he is standing there holding the door open waiting for me cause he knew I was coming in and I looked like total ****, so it wasn't because I was some hot chick in a hot outfit either lol. That is a cool guy *kitten* guy right there, and I wanted to buy him a drink just to say thanks but he was with a girl so I didn't cause that might of been rude. But had he let the door shut on me I really wouldn't of gotten mad about it and to be honest with you if he did it on purpose I still wouldn't care. Life's too short for that kind of crap.

    I don't even remember wtf this thread was about now or the point I was trying to make at all anymore sheez. All I see is the he said she said stuff going on in here and I don't remember this thread starting out that way. My point is, I love men and think they're kind of kickass :D And I think there are some cool women out there too. We just need to communicate better and not take things so seriously all the time. At least not little things like holding a door open for someone. Sure its common courtesy to some but it doesn't make you an *kitten* if you don't.

    And obviously not all chicks are *kitten*, I'm not and there seem to be a lot of cool women in this forum.

    OMG, you are so awesome. Thank you. Please tell Zebra shoes chick that. She thinks women are saints and can not do any wrong. This post was about how men are whatever and it is ok to bash men but men saying anything about women, well now thats just wrong and unacceptable. Not really fair.

    It's never ok to bash effing men or women in a public forum just because they did you wrong, cause you get people like me who call you out on your ****. There are plenty of amazing women out there and just as many amazing men. Do yourselves a favor and go find them. It's ok to ***** and to rant and get things out we all do it, I mean that is what these "chit chat" forums are for. But lets be real. Lets accept our own wrong doings also and not always blame the guy. I'm sorry if women in here don't agree with me or maybe some will. Lets just effing realize that we're different and that it's ok. Sheez. And by no means am I dissing any male or female who has posted in this thread before me. I am just saying what came to mind. I read too many posts in here and got myself annoyed lol.
    Carry on :D
  • I hold doors. Is that weird?

  • Women have a long way to go before they are treated well, but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting because I don't see it happening. Women will always be seen as sexual toys first and foremost, and then maybe, just maybe, as the relationship grows, the man will see her as a human being.

    Blah blah blah

    Go make me a sandwich
    Please send me the men you know who treat you like a sexual toy. I could use a little action these days.

    "Blah blah blah.... go make me a sandwich" hahaha that would of been my reply too after reading all of that which I made the fatal mistake of doing lol.
  • WifeNMama
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    Still trying to figure out why I read all this...

    Can I get anyone a sammich before I toodle off to bed?
  • women say even more vapid ****. Try going to a bar on any given night and actually trying to converse with some of these girls...it's impossible...there is no brain activity.

    Most people are idiots, it's gender neutral

    Exactly, I wish women could be us one night and go out and try to talk to women in bars, they would be so shocked. Agreed, it def is gender neutral. There are types of people who just suck, both female and male.
  • wbgolden
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    Still trying to figure out why I read all this...

    Can I get anyone a sammich before I toodle off to bed?
  • Frozen300
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    Girls in their early 20's gravitate to "bad boys", they get a rush from the excitement of it. Boys realize this, and see no avantage of being a "nice guy". It doesn't get you anything more and a very real chance of getting dumped for being "too nice". The only time a nice guy wins is when she is in her 30's and has gone through all her "bad boy" phase and is ready for a decent man. But by then, the nice guys know that they are a hot commodity and isn't going to settle for damaged goods. Why would they?

    I tell my boy, who is only 12, that to always be polite and respectful, but not to get too attached to a girl. There is no need to put himself through all of that. Get your education, get your wheels straight, don't get anyone pregnant, and when you are actually ready to settle down to a family, aim high.
  • Jebbster007
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    Zoey...I feel your pain. I really do in certain regards. But if you have to point fingers, to a large degree, you can point them straight at the women's liberation movement. With sayings like, "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle". Or, "Men have kept women down so long, it's time we turned the tables". Do I think a woman should get the same pay as a man does for doing the exact same job? Abso-freakin'-lutely. But the same movement that championed women's rights in the workplace, is the exact same movement that constantly berates men for chivalry. For every SINGLE man you have pointed to that says something stupid like you mentioned, I can point to a woman who BLASTS a man for trying to be a gentleman. These are not isolated, one woman incidence. I saw a woman rip a man apart for 5 minutes for opening a door for her. Saying things like, "really? really? do you think i'm so stupid i can't figure out how a doorknob works.....REALLY???? The reason men are not more chivalrous to a large degree is because it's been beaten out of them by WOMEN!!!! I'm not saying all women in the exact same way you said "not all men" but (forgive the reference guys) men generally speaking are like dogs....love them correctly and they will jump in front of a train to protect you. Kick them a few times for trying to be a gentleman, and like any "smart" dog, they learn pretty damn fast what not to do. And in the case of some femi-nazi who has bashed them for being chivalrous, it ruins them for the next girl as well. You want to rant?....by all means.....rant at your fellow females who rip men for opening doors for them.
  • Women pushed to equality and men didn't understand what that meant. Equality meant that women would like the ability to hold down the same jobs as men, getting the same pay for the same or equal job, the same benefits, etc. Men took women's desire for equality to the extreme, figuring that women also wanted to be treated like men - opening their own doors, carrying their own packages, etc.

    There is a difference between equality and respect.

    Equality means that women are given the same opportunities as men, such as being able to hold the same jobs, being paid the same as men for the same or equal jobs, being able to attend the same schools, being able to advance into the same positions as men, etc.

    Respect, on the other hand, is realizing that women are human beings, not some bird that is pregnant, some chick that is someone you would 'do', etc. Opening doors, helping with carrying packages, buying a woman flowers, paying for the first date (especially if the man asked first), walking on the road side of the sidewalk, etc. comes out of respect.

    Unfortunately, since men misunderstood what women meant as 'equality', they threw out those things that show respect.

    Look at older men (those in their 80s) and how they treat women and compare that to younger men. The older men have it right, as far as I am concerned. They show respect to women, whereas the younger men (not all of them, but a lot of them) show very little respect toward women, seeing them only as something to fulfill their sexual needs.

    Women have a long way to go before they are treated well, but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting because I don't see it happening. Women will always be seen as sexual toys first and foremost, and then maybe, just maybe, as the relationship grows, the man will see her as a human being.

    Blah blah blah

    Go make me a sandwich

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    Put up a ceiling fan in my living room and you'll be eating whatever you want for dinner (no lame sandwich) and a cheesecake to boot!