How Wrong I Was! 600 Days of MFP. Lotsa pics.



  • claymic
    claymic Posts: 34 Member
    great story!! thanks for posting!!! truly inspiring!!!!
  • kazhowe
    kazhowe Posts: 340 Member
  • leslie0422
    leslie0422 Posts: 108 Member
    I totally agree with everything you've said in this post. I have have a very similar story and was always scared to really diet because I couldn't stand the thought of being hungry all the time. But just like you, by using MFP and tracking my calories and exercise, I discovered that I can actually eat a lot of food as long as I stay under my calorie goal. I still eat everything that I ate before but I eat less and I make sure I get plenty of exercise. It's great to hear about someone having the same results as me by using MFP.

    Congrats on your progress! You look great!
  • Happy_Taco
    Happy_Taco Posts: 48 Member
    Thank you for posting this! I'm working on it and this is very motivational!
  • porffor
    porffor Posts: 1,212 Member
    Truly amazing journey and post! Thanks for taking real time to tell us how you got there, and how great do you look! Wow!

    Well done, seriously!
  • KimL122
    KimL122 Posts: 148 Member
    You look fab!!!!! Congrats and great work
  • LeggiGetsFit
    LeggiGetsFit Posts: 64 Member
    You are absolutely amazing and inspirational! Bumping so I can re read whenever I need some motivation. You are smoking!
  • Wow girl! You look smoking! Super inspirational!
  • hollyNhollywood
    hollyNhollywood Posts: 426 Member
    Simply put- you are awesome!

    Thanks for sharing your motivating story.
  • yummymummy2013
    yummymummy2013 Posts: 28 Member
    Congragulations on your Journey :) You are an inspiration and give hop to many others to not stress over the scale and to just do stuff in a way u can see yourself . It is nice to treat yourself once and a while :). For when u say when using MFP you should eat your excersice calories what do u exactly mean by that??
  • erialsea
    erialsea Posts: 23 Member
    Amazing!! Bump. I need to read this everyday! Thanks for sharing :) you look amazing.
  • Your story just gave me hope!
  • jazee11
    jazee11 Posts: 321
    Thank you for sharing your amazing success with us.

    You look wonderful and what an improvement you've made to your body, mind and your spirit.

    I love how your thought process changed as you progressed. Well, I loved all the pics too.

    Way to rock it!

    <----wants to be you
  • Vyshness8699
    Vyshness8699 Posts: 428 Member
    AMAZING STORY!!! Inspiring ; )
  • domsmoms
    domsmoms Posts: 174 Member
    Bumping for inspiration. You rock! Congratulations on all your hard work paying off.
  • hydelaa
    hydelaa Posts: 184
    Right on!! You look great!
  • desiv2
    desiv2 Posts: 651 Member
    Loved this post, great pictures, even better message.
  • soniabogonia
    soniabogonia Posts: 778 Member
    Terrific job!
  • MamaWannaRun
    MamaWannaRun Posts: 273 Member
    Wow, just wow.. thanks for posting!
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