Sweets under 100 calories?



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    the fiber one brownies are delicious!! they're only 90 cals.
  • I personally don't care for the Skinny Cow products... they leave a "fake sweetener" aftertaste in my mouth...

    I agree about the Smuckers Sugar Free jams... I use them often to sweeten up main dishes, as well as making a little sandwich with Sara Lee Delightful Multigrain bread... Those jams are wonderful.

    I stay away from the actual candies, myself. Although they are low calorie, I find it difficult to stop at one piece ... or 7 pieces of gummies or whatever... I do better with frozen fruit bars and jam, myself.

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    Just don't put the chocolate and they are only 64cals each, says so on the recipe calculator on here :)
  • MarthaLoraine
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    A whole pint of ice cream for 150 calories. So if you wanted 100 cal or less, just eat 2/3 the pint or less.

    I wish they sold it locally! but Maine is sooo far away.
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    Good question, I was wondering the same thing!
  • OH OH... another thing I just love is the (New?) Quaker crunchy cookies! They come 4 to a pkg and one pkg is 170 calories, so you can have 2 cookies for 85 calories and they are good! I like the mixed berry and the nut ones. They taste as good or better than regular packaged cookies, and they are as big or a little bigger than something like a pecan sandy or other Keebler cookies... I find them very satisfying with a nice cup of coffee!
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    Everyone's childhood favorite - Flavor Ice Freeze Pops!!! Only 25 cal each. And cold and frozen goodness. Also incredibly cheap!

    Yes Otter Pops! I keep those in my freezer year around.
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    Willy Wonka Runts - my favorite! 15 peices for 60 calories!!!
  • WifeNMama
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    mix a teaspoon of baking cocoa into a vanilla yogurt cup.
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    Orville Redenbacher (slaughtered that) has a "natural" microwave popcorn for 30 calories a cup. So yummy and actually tastes buttery and salty.

    For watching movies, my daughter and I mix a baggie for each of us with pretzels, PB captain crunch, and mini marshmallows portioned out.

    Love the skinny cow and blue bunny low cal ice cream and fudgcicles (about 75-100 calories each). Oh, and Yoplait makes a smoothie that is chocolate and banana that if you mix with almond milk it is about 120 calories a serving, has quite a bit of protein, and is so filling and satisfying!! You can find it in the freezer section by the frozen fruits and cool whip.
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    I take 2 tbsp brownie mix, 1 tbsp no sugar added apple sauce, and 1 tbsp PB2. Microwave for 20-30 seconds and you've got a peanut butter brownie that is about 115 calories.

    Dove Dark Chocolate
    Skinny Cow Chocolates
    Krave Cereal
    Special K Pastry Crisps
    Mini Luna Bars
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    Jello is only 80 calories. Banana creme pudding made with 2% milk is 140 calories. Top it with a little whipped creme, yum. Scrap the graham cracker crust, but add some banana to the mix. It's probably 150 calories, but worth the extra calories.
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    Sugar free jello. Massive bowl (whole box) for 40 calories.
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    If you like a bit of spice with your chocolate, I highly recommend the theo's brand Spicy Chile Dark Chocolate bar

    Each bar is designed to be broken into 6 pieces; 1 piece = 70 calories. (nutrition label says 1 serving = 210, but serving size is 1/2 bar).

    I love to eat this slowly and savor the taste. There's something about the chile that makes it more satisfying and dampens the "must have more chocolate" message I often get when indulging in my fave sweet.
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    Since you love chocolate you should try Edy's half the fat ice cream. It is only 100 calories for half a cup and it is so delicious. Also Special K makes 100 calorie packs of the blondie brownies and they taste just like raw cookie dough (yummy). I know that a while back Hershey's, I think maked a 100 calorie pack of candy. It had the dark chocolate morsels, the peanut butter morsels, little bits of Reese's as well as M&M candy pieces in some of them. If you are you a fan of the sweet and salty snack try dipping some healthy pretzels in some dark chocolate or you can even use fruit.
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    Mini cupcakes with buttercreme frosting are 93 calories each and sooooooooooo gooooooood
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    Everyone recommends a frozen banana for a nice sweet low calorie treat (almost ice cream like) but have you ever tried frozen cherries? Its the best thing ever. Like the best sorbet you've ever had. I buy earthbound organic cherries, its like $5 for a whole bag. Cheaper than fresh most the year. 90cals = 1 cup
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    Any sweet really. Just less...
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