wedding's in 2013 :)



  • My date is 14thh June and can not wait! Mostly sorted venue booked, dress sorted, flowers done, photographer sorted, disco booked, invitations mostly made and bridesmaids dresses ordered, cupcakes ordered and hopefully booking honeymoon this weekend, now running out of things to do except sort myself out!
    12lbs to go and a whole lot of toning to go with it!

    hello and congrats :)

    sounds like your very organised like me :) I dont have alot to sort now, only working and paying it off lol. its so exciting. i just love wedding talk. where are you thinking of going on honeymoon. have you got your dress :) xx
  • a question to all you brides to be..

    I'm thinking of packing in the 'day job' and making my hobby my full time career - taking photos of people, with a big part of it being weddings. I've done a couple and loved it, it's amazing to be a part of someones big day.

    but its tough to get started, so how did you choose *your* photographer?

    beacuse we were on a budget i hunted around for the best offer i could get for the best price. I managed to find someone through word of mouth on facebook who is charging me 350pounds for 5 hours and with that hes doing a 20 page story book and is giving me the disc with all the photos on which i can then use to uplaod to facebook or print out. This what just what i wanted as most people were charging alot then giving you loads of different story books and prints and engagment shoots etc and we didnt want that. xx
  • Aw that's so exciting :) I'm just getting what comes with the cake.

    Let me know what you pick :D

    its getting closer to friday and getting more and more excited. we decided on cupcakes and we think we want purple cases with white fancy icing but unsure of what flavours yet. cant wait. hows your wedding planning going :) xx
  • I get married on friday 3rd may !! Very excited !! X

    yay and welcome. weddings are the best. just love talking about it, any tips etc feel free to write them hera, or worries or woes or something good or exciting thats happend :) xxx
  • Hi there, I've just spotted this thread, I dont have a wedding in 2013 but I do have one in 2012 so I wondered if that qualified me to join in?! I'm getting married December 28th, less than 4 months to go and getting very anxious!! x

    of course your qualified to join and congrats. when is the big day :)

    weddings are the best. just love talking about it, any tips etc feel free to write them hera, or worries or woes or something good or exciting thats happend :) xxx
  • I am not getting married in 2013, i am getting married October 2012. Yep in approx 6 weeks i will be walking down the aisle and i still want to lose around a stone in weight :(

    Good luck to all those still in the planning process - i will say buy all the little things as soon as you can as it was these that ended up costing us more money than we thought! xx

    congrats and bet your getting nervous, its getting close now isnt it :)
    weddings are the best. just love talking about it, any tips etc feel free to write them hera, or worries or woes or something good or exciting thats happend :) xxx
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    Mine is next week!! I feel like it's all I can talk about. In fact I FIND ways to bring it up so I can talk about it some more! LOL.. Best of luck planning to all you brides!! :flowerforyou:
  • June 29 :D my fiance's sister is getting married shortly after we are so we ramble about weddings together haha buuuut i never get tired of wedding talk <3
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    Yes! September 21, 2013 :)
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    I'm so late but I'd like to join in! I'm getting married Fri Apr. 19, 2013 :)
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    I'm getting married August 24th 2013. So excited!! I try not to talk to much about it to my friends because I don't want them to get annoyed but I can't wait! I've been wanting to plan my wedding since I was young!! I'm like you, I have booked everything, paid my deposits on everything too: Venue, Photographer, Videographer, DJ, Makeup, Hair and Decorator!! I just started looking for my dress a couple of weekends ago although I want to take my time with it and enjoy the experience and make sure I don't have any dress regrets!! I was at 212 lbs when I started the journey in June of 2011 and now i'm at 180 (was at 175 before the vacation). So i'm looking to get to atleast 160 before the wedding by eating healthy and doing mostly workout dvd's (30 day shred right now). This is a lifestyle change for me and I have a very supportive fiance (who also wants to lose weight with me). We're taking our engagement pictures on October 9th so i'm hoping to loose some weight before that so I feel better (right now I feel gross because of our vacation). So if anyone wants to create a group I would be willing to join so we can keep chatting about our weddings :)
  • hello all, just to let you no i have now created a group called dum dum dum........ weddings :)

    Please fel free to add yourselves and we can keep the wedding talks alive :) xxxx
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    May 3rd here! And we just officially got engaged 2 weeks ago! Ahh! So fast! Dress shopping this weekend. Venue, photographer, DJ, cake, and food are all picked out. We took our engagement pictures last weekend. Center pieces are 60% done. So much crazy! Everyone is sick of listening to me too. LOL!
  • Hey 2013 Brides!!!!
    My date is July 27, 2013. And as my email tells me today, thats 319 days away!!
    Our planning is coming along really well. I'm doing alot of DIY projects. I finished my bouquets and boutiners on the weekend. We have the venue, caterer, dj, baker, dress, and BM dresses too :) just alot of little things to do like center pieces and general decor!
    My best friend is getting married the weekend before me too! woo 2013
  • Mines 7th June :)

    Everyone gets bored of my wedding too, ahh well! Have you got much sorted?? x

    hello ive made a group called weddings :)
    please feel free to add yourself xx
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    Mine is May 25th as well!! Congrats!