Running my first 5K on Sat. Need Advice!



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    Yes! I didn't even think about how to pin my number or to make sure that it wasn't uncomfortable when running/moving. Great tip!

    I pinned mine to my face. WISH I'D KNOWN
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    I'm a light eater ahead of any race. Remember the strategies you choose to employ this time and make adjustments.

    I can't stress enough the concept of NOT STARTING OFF TOO FAST!!! If you do, you'll feel amazing as you zip along for about 1- 1.5 miles and then. . .oh crap! You could say this is the voice of experience! LOL

    I don't need to drink during a 5k, but there should be at least 1 or 2 drink stations for you. Drink if you feel thirsty. I can not drink and run/jog so I have to walk through drink stations and I would rather drink after the race.

    Have FUN! Remember races are fun and you learn a little more about what strategy works best for you each time you go out! Hope all goes well!!!
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    Ok, so try to hit my 8 glass goals in the days before?
    Today and tomorrow drink your water and keep your self hydrated and you will be fine race day!

    I will be running a 5K right across the bridge from you in Pensauken, NJ Saturday morning, although its not my first, more like my 15th! Today I did about an hour of yoga and tomorrow I will rest. Both days, I am making sure to drink my water.

    ALSO, get a good night sleep!!!

    OH, and I have my ipod fully loaded with great motivating music to get me going and keep me going! Just updated it this AM for Saturday's race.

    You have gotten a good grip on the advice so I know you will do GREAT! Good Luck!
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    OH, and I have my ipod fully loaded with great motivating music to get me going and keep me going! Just updated it this AM for Saturday's race.

    I've only been in one race that allowed headphones, I know it's personal preference but the adrenaline during my first race was enough that I didn't need the music anyway :)
  • Bump, I hope to be ready for my first one by the end of November!
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    1. Have fun. Enjoy the sights and sounds and people around you.

    2. Don't do anything you haven't done during training. This is not the time to try new foods, new clothes or new routines

    3. Get there early. Traffic around races can be unpredictable, and it's much better to be sitting around waiting and just enjoying the environment than to be rushing to find the starting area, or yelling at a lost shuttle bus driver (that would be the 2011 Twin Cities Marathon).

    4. Have fun.
  • Don't buy a fancy, new, untested outfit for the race. Wear something you are already comfortable in and know it won't rub in the wrong places.

    I will also echo what everyone else said, stick to the back, start out slow and steady, take a break to walk if you need it.

    I ran my first 5k last year, along with my 2nd, 3rd and 4th :) Never finished in less than 45 minutes, but having my friends there cheering me on at the end was the best part.
  • I am going on my 16th 5k on the 22nd in reno NV....I suggest a protein rich breakfast-- I like southwestern style egg beaters, with sodium free canned chicken scrambled up... hydrate with only water alot the night before but the morning before the race not to much just sips because multiple factors come in to play (potty break, side cramps, or just heaviness while running) most races have a section where you can grab a small cup or water at half way through.--- 3 miles inst bad at all if you are an average paced new running you could be running anywhere from 30-38 minutes. --- keep you activity level simple maybe a nice long brisk walk tonight and tomorrow lots of stretching. do 4 times 15 minutes each through out the day then all you have to do on Saturday is have fun!!!!! you will see that even though running isn't a team sport, there is always a team of people supporting you. --- I sure you will love it and there is no way you can fail because the toughest part is signing up. the easy part is patting yourself on the back for trying.
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    Great thread! My first 5k is next weekend.

    I'm trying to just treat it as close to my regular run as possible. Same clothes, I'll take my phone to have the rundouble app and music going, and probably take my own water bottle. My hope is to finish with no walking at about the same time that I have been going this week. (Ok, and not trip and fall down, or do anything else really humiliating)

    It's on the street, and I usually run on a bike trail, so this week I am going to add some road running and more hills.

    Love the tips here, keep them coming!
  • Drink plenty of water the day before!

    Good luck... you can do it!!! :happy:
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    So... How'd did it go?
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    How did you do??I am sure you killed it.