What's the story behind your picture?



  • Danny_Boy13
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    Just took a progress pic
  • Peezy4President
    Peezy4President Posts: 292 Member
    going to work, selling cars
  • It's all about team gb because I loved the Olympics!!
  • Erica_Rae
    Erica_Rae Posts: 96 Member
    Mine is from a few hours ago... bored at work... sigh.
  • mhide
    mhide Posts: 20
    Progress pic
  • pic on left is me in a dress at my heaviest, and pics on right are me in the same dress to show progress! love nsvs as they relate to clothes.
  • ktmmom189
    ktmmom189 Posts: 132 Member
    Mine is at my son's motocross race. He was giving me a ride to 'my corner' of the track where I always stand at that track when he's out racing. I have a spot at every track as my does my husband.
  • tomwatso
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    At present, this is my photo at Christmas last year. I was not that healthy. It is a reminder that I must check my thyroid problem and watch my weight.
  • CarmenLynn75
    CarmenLynn75 Posts: 118 Member
    My bff and I were on our way through BC from Edson AB to Salmon Arm, BC to see my youngest son who had 2 years prior gone to live with his dad.. best trip of my life :)
  • Flixie00
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    Taken last Sunday just before I went to a Mission / Cult gig :bigsmile:
  • jppd47
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  • kinrsa
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    A 3 month old lionness bit my arm and I took a picture of it. How many people have lion bite pictures or scars?

    She was rescued after her pride abandoned her & the group that rescued her was acclimating her to being around people since she'd be reintroduced to a pack in a game park (safari) later on. She just got a little playful with me.
  • Hoover8it
    Hoover8it Posts: 107 Member
    I just finished getting ready to go out on a date. We went to Big Joe's Bar
  • jennielou75
    jennielou75 Posts: 197 Member
    Mine is how I looked the morning after my surgery. Lighter but still a bit drugged up!!!
  • jennielou75
    jennielou75 Posts: 197 Member
    My oh was at the same gig!!!!
  • imchicbad
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    VIP at Pechanga Casino Club Silk- on my birthday :drinker:
  • stardancer7
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    Watching my DH's speech prior to his ordination via skype....
  • I just wanted to rep this site and what it stands for lol. I've been trying to get more toned and thought my mfp friends would find it funny.
  • slkehl
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    Snapped by a friend while we were bowling after a wedding.
  • Frozen300
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    It's the pic that sealed the deal about my weight. I'm at my heaviest there and my clothes make me look even larger than I am. It's a grim reminder about the direction that I was heading. When I hit my goal I'll take a new one that is a bit more flattering.