What's the story behind your picture?

khara2012 Posts: 1,051 Member
I am a Twilight fan. I just adore Edward, hate Kristin Stewart, so I vamped my picture so I can imagine myself spending all eternity with Edward, and heck, while I'm at it I might as well "spend some time" with Jasper, too! :devil: Gotta' love the southern boys...


  • Bakkasan
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    Mine is family picnic last week. One of the first pictures I haven't hated in years.
  • running_shoe
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    Fun yet anonymous.
  • Determination, hard work, will power, and most of all SUCCESS is behind my picture :)

    Now I just need to get back to that point again.
  • LauraMacNCheese
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    Showin' off mah Iggle green...
  • PBmaria
    PBmaria Posts: 854
    My kittens bothering the snake! :)
  • SeaChele77
    SeaChele77 Posts: 1,103 Member
    My "i'm feeling fit" picture, plus I look awesomely tan. LOL
  • chocobo93
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    Mine is one of my graduation pictures taken last fall and this one was one of my favorites. Plus it shows my shape and size which is kind of important to me when it comes to a fitness site. :tongue:
  • sadiegirl32
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    My icon is running joke between a good friend and myself. He sent it to me. It always makes me smile :-D
  • bevskiwolf
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    Atlanta Aquarium while we were down in Georgia for DragonCon last week. Size xl pants and size xl top-- from 30/32's!! ☺
  • SF2514
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    Mine was me getting ready for work lol. I decided to take my pic since I so rarely have my hair in braids. Not that you can really tell in the picture haha.
  • JDMRoma
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    Mine is from a Hike I did last year, Its called Table Rock in Dixsville Notch New Hampshire !

    It overlooks the Balsams Grand Resort...theres a little bit of History there.

    First place in the US to Vote in the Presidential election too.

    But overall its Gods Country for sure....Love it up there !

    Also Testing my Fear of Heights !!
  • Colexlovely
    Colexlovely Posts: 134 Member
    A success picture, minus 34 pounds:)
  • coliema
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    Well, it's a picture of me and I took it and I was standing on my front porch.
  • TheVimFuego
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    I'm a cad and a bounder.

    And also the inspiration for **** Dastardly.

    Doesn't get better than that.

    (This auto censor is ridiculous).
  • taylor5877
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    Aggie student bonfire. Swinging on the back wedge of a large pine tree that was to be our "dorm log". There's not many areas that aggies normally cut that is softwood, so the trees were like cutting through butter that year.
  • blonde71
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    It's my "I finally have a bicep worthy of a photo" pic, lol. I've been getting compliments on it all day so obviously others think so too. haha
  • tpittsley77
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    Me. With my girls in a sunflower maze. I love my girls.
  • poodlepaws
    poodlepaws Posts: 269 Member
    It's an "I'm extremely proud of how far I've come and am happy with where I am".
    I took it just a bit ago after running around all day. Besides, I needed a new profile picture ;)
  • heytherestephy
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    Mine is from the most recent 5k I ran! I'm holding a carton of chocolate milk, we were 2.5 hours from the Kawartha's and our home, and the chocolate milk given after the race was Kawartha Dairy Chocolate Milk LOL
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