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The ABSURD things people say.....



  • sillygoose1977sillygoose1977 Member Posts: 2,156 Member Member Posts: 2,156 Member
    "You're starting to look gross." From my very best friend :frown:
  • nessaryannessaryan Member Posts: 44 Member Member Posts: 44 Member
    The dad of the little girl I nanny for: "Wow you keep losing a lot of look good. Have you always been big boned?"

  • nurseveenursevee Member Posts: 341 Member Member Posts: 341 Member
    Human nature is to bring others down. It's jealousy. Someone told me I was too skinny once. I just told them that no, I wasn't I just used to be too overweight. That's 230 - 185. Then I pointed out that between toning and some more loss I still had a long way to go to get to a healthy range for my height. I'm OK with them NOT being OK with that. Just soldier on.
  • sarahharmintxsarahharmintx Member Posts: 868 Member Member Posts: 868 Member
    Its not absurd but it confuses me. My husband has started calling me "skinny". Ummm... I still have a 2 as the first number on my weight so I dont think that qualifies me as skinny. Its nice that he has noticed though.
  • GibsonDarlinGibsonDarlin Member Posts: 202 Member Member Posts: 202 Member
    At a home HS football game, my husband's friend (female) comes up and says, "Wow you lost a lot of weight" looks at my husband and says "i bet you're a happy man " eluding to our sex life. While standing in the stands on the 50 yard line.

    WTH really !!!!

    We are both over 40 (he is over 50) - 2nd marriage. Only 3 years in. I gained 40 while dating him and he still married me. HAPPIER NOW. Whatever.
  • shanster23shanster23 Member Posts: 152 Member Member Posts: 152 Member
    I must be the opposite of all of you lol... after being called fat so many times in the past (hey we've all been there, teenagers can be mean!) I'd love to be getting comments from the other side of the scale. It's only happened a few times, and even if the person saying something intends it to be negative, I still take it as a compliment! Just wish it would happen more often lol!
    I'm sure once I'm at my goal weight and it happens more regularly it will start to annoy me, too.
  • ShannotaShannota Member, Premium Posts: 312 Member Member, Premium Posts: 312 Member
    The dad of the little girl I nanny for: "Wow you keep losing a lot of look good. Have you always been big boned?"


    Nope, my bones just started chunking up overnight?!?! Wow...that must have made your head did mine!
  • Honeybee511Honeybee511 Member, Premium Posts: 97 Member Member, Premium Posts: 97 Member
    "You are crazy the way you worry about what you eat." "You are nuts because you exercise too much." "You don't need to lose anymore weight, you will not look good." - All have come out of one person's mouth. Over and over again..
  • lmcasey83lmcasey83 Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    My favorite was when my mother told me I didn't look good as a size 5 and that I looked sick. She also said I was "more jolly" when I was bigger. Are you kidding me? I have more muscle than I've ever had and am in the best shape of my life! My husband also likes it when I'm "bigger" and says I'm too skinny now. UGH!

    It's pretty disheartening when your own family can't even support you. But I'm not doing this for them, they weren't the ones being teased and made fun of their whole lives for being overweight. So if this is what "sick" looks like, then I'm one sick ***** and I'm fine with that...
  • justal313justal313 Member Posts: 1,375 Member Member Posts: 1,375 Member
    My brother told me that whomever finds my check-in at the gym or the rail-trails or my log on facebook first gets to tell the other (either he or my sister-in-law) to go put out the dogs.
  • Slove009Slove009 Member Posts: 364 Member Member Posts: 364 Member
    "And what are you even trying to lose weight for?" Uhg... Do I really have to explain why I want to be healthy?
  • BAMFMeredithBAMFMeredith Member Posts: 2,850 Member Member Posts: 2,850 Member
    "So what diet are you on?"
    "Why are you trying to lose weight? You look fine."
    "You're gonna get all muscly and look manly."
    "Don't you ever eat anything fun?"

    I go to Buffalo Wild Wings on a regular basis, work for a beer distributor so obviously I drink beer, and Tex-mex is like one of my food groups. I just wanna be FIT! I'll be in my 60s, still working out, looking awesome, and enjoying life, while they're talking about retirement and Medicare complaining about how expensive their blood pressure medication is.

    STFU. I do what I want.
  • katrwalkatrwal Member Posts: 336 Member Member Posts: 336 Member
    my favorite - my aunt saw me for the first time after i had dropped a bunch of weight, and said "oh, you must be getting ready to leave your husband"...
  • insomniaddictinsomniaddict Member Posts: 1,010 Member Member Posts: 1,010 Member
    I love when I'm eating something and somebody asks 'are you allowed to eat that?'

    ...really? :huh:
  • mgmlapmgmlap Member, Premium Posts: 1,384 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,384 Member
    ..from a co-worker:"you only eat salads right....cause I cant do that..I need real food"...really...? like that real donut or that real bagel you are choking down.

    my mom:" this top will fit you.. " it was an XL I wear between a medium and a small
    me:...."mom...i cant fit into that..I have lost weight and it will be too big..."
    my mom:" you haven't lost waist is just more defined."

    someone brought in danishes. i checked out the nutritional info before partaking...turns out for a mini was 300 calories and 40g of carbs

    my boss:.."are you going to have one?"
    me:..."no...too much for me"
    my boss: ..."whats the info..."
    I told him
    my boss.." geez thanks are making all of us sound like fat pigs.."
    me:'' are making your own decision to eat them..where I have decided not to..." as i walk away with my yogurt...
  • mscoco10mscoco10 Member Posts: 527 Member Member Posts: 527 Member
    People do say the darn-est things. I've heard wow you look so different now. Oh my God what are you doing to drop weight? Oh you trying to be a skinny girl. How much more weight are you gonna loose. Most of the time I try to make up so out landish story to make them look stupid. One of my favorites which I know I'll be using this weekend is the Dog food diet. LOL . I say that I put 1 cup of kibble in each of my pockets and everytime I feel hungry I eat a couple. That usually gets them out of my face.
  • SteffieMarkSteffieMark Member Posts: 1,739 Member Member Posts: 1,739 Member
    my life became more enjoyable the minute I stopped caring about what others say or think....obviously there are exceptions to this...I value the opinions of those that I love and that love me...but in the main I don't let it bother me...


    My mom hasn't seen me in person for 8 years, I moved to a far away state. We talk on the phone a lot and she sees pictures. She always asks me "How much do you weigh?" I always answer 'Nunya" She means no disrespect, she is just curious.

    I don't let anything that anyone says, bother me.
  • secretlobstersecretlobster Member Posts: 3,590 Member Member Posts: 3,590 Member
    "You're starting to look gross." From my very best friend :frown:

    Were you covered in mud?
  • jen10stjen10st Member Posts: 328 Member Member Posts: 328 Member
    "You don't need to lose weight, I do"
    Says the person who wears size 6 pants to me who wears a size 14.
    This is the most annoying thing anyone ever says to me. Usually said while grabbing an inch of skin and claiming its a huge roll of fat grrr
  • tetracattetracat Member Posts: 77 Member Member Posts: 77 Member
    From my dad "I was going to invite you out to dinner, but I forgot, you don't eat anymore."

    WTF? The last time I was at his house for dinner I think I ate 2 chicken breasts and a cheeseburger! That's not including the sides and dessert probably!
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