blakejohn Posts: 1,129 Member
so I tan 2 to 3 times a week I have to say I love it the lotion the warm skin and being tan all year.

What's your feeling on the subject


  • VelociMama
    VelociMama Posts: 3,119 Member
    I'm not a fan. I'm naturally pale, and I wear sunscreen whenever I go outside. I also have a family history of skin cancer.
  • paynesmom
    Love tanning! Especially in the winter months. Even though I am HIspanic and really don't need it! I haven't went in a long time. But I think its great! :)
  • taylor5877
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    I would probably look cooler naked if I tanned and shaved my body hair, but I'm not going there on either.
  • hooperkay
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    total fan!! I love to use coconut lotion and my skin feels and smells wonderful!!! I go about 2-3 times a week only for 10 min. I have nice pretty tan. :)
  • pawnstarNate
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    I don't tan on purpose.....summer time by the pool having fun or working at my dads lil ranch....but, then that becomes the "redneck" tan
  • corn63
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    I'm glow in the dark. No. I don't tan. I prefer not to have holes in my face from skin cancer removal. I already had a hole in my back from that, thanks.
  • katamus
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    I used to tan every day.. Horrible idea.
  • GamerGurl729
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    Half-ginger ... enough said.
  • Laces_0ut
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    i dont do tanning beds. i dont want several hours of uv in a few minutes but i do love to tan the old fashioned way.

    i love the way it feels and i love the way my skin looks.
  • twinketta
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    I just do the spray tan at a salon if I am going on holiday. Used to go to tanning tbeds/cubicles years ago, but not to keen on getting skin cancer, so avoid them like the plague now!

    Also, there are so many self tan sprays n lotions these days to use at home.
  • drmerc
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    so I tan 2 to 3 times a week I have to say I love it the lotion the warm skin and being tan all year.

    What's your feeling on the subject

    Tanning booths are for chicks bro
    Like mini coopers
  • Wen37
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    I own a tanning bed and normally tan all year round too. But I know a lot more people getting skin cancer scares so I quit tanning about 2 months ago and am thinking about selling my tanning bed. I'm like you though, I love the warm on my back especially after a workout. I think it helps me with my mood in the Winter time too. It's a tough decision.
  • scribb
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    The only sun my body sees is in the summer. All other times of the year, I am as white as a ghost.
  • ndfaninaz
    I'm pretty sure I am the whitest person in the metro Phoenix area.
  • Litlbeast
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    Yeah, not down with tanning. I'm 42 so I have to keep my skin as awesome-looking as possible, and the fact that tanning beds are really bad for you is enough of a reason to avoid them.

    *can of worms opened/GRENADE!*
  • jothekid
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    Love it, but I don't do it
  • junejadesky
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    I get the whole skin cancer thing... but I love to tan... love and love it!! I live in Minnesota so yeah.....
  • WendyTerry420
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    I think going to a salon is boring, expensive and stupid. I did it once with a friend when I was a teenager, but I could have died from boredom! I would rather sit in the sun with a good book.
  • sharibob3
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    Love a tan body!!! I usually use spray tans though... Its better for your skin... But this is strictly my opinion...
  • DrMAvDPhD
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    I feel like... we just had this topic yesterday.