I need advice - should I get surgery or not?



  • Captain_Tightpants
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    Have it removed. Especially if you're going outside the US. People are crazy out there - you might need to run away.
  • msiamjan
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    I'm glad to hear so many people have had positive outcomes. My Mom had the surgery and it was a nightmare and she was uncomfortable ever after. Hopefully that is an unlikely scenario. She regretted it.
  • myfitnessnmhoy
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    BUT I also have a desire to start weight training and I could start working on upper body strength even if my foot is in a big ole boot. So there IS that idea.

    I should also mention that we will be moving outside the continental US for a couple years and during that time healthcare might not be quite as good as we have right now.

    So, what would you do?

    Sounds like you've already got a plan and you're really just looking for people to affirm it. So, consider this an affirmation.

    Get it worked on while you have easy access to health care with a doctor you know and trust. Focus on the upper body workouts while your foot heals up. In six weeks, the problem will be completely behind you and you will be ready to move forward.
  • mearlie
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    MyFitness, yes you are probably right. Thanks ;)