Why Do You WorkOut ??



  • Skinny_minny_mo
    Skinny_minny_mo Posts: 1,272 Member
    i want a body as bangin as my personality! :wink:
  • MinnieInMaine
    MinnieInMaine Posts: 6,400 Member
    I want to be fit and strong, not skinny fat

    Zombie Apocolypse training

    Not only is it a break from my work day (10:30-11:30am) but I get to socialize with my awesome gym buddy so we get *kitten* done, vent & sweat to relieve stress and have fun at the same time!

    AND so I can eat more. :)
  • MiloBloom83
    MiloBloom83 Posts: 2,724 Member
    Beer gut and man boobs. I want them so bad!!! Wait, What?
  • Begood03
    Begood03 Posts: 1,259 Member
    To have an attractive body.
  • love4fitnesslove4food_wechange
    Why do you workout? REALLY? What is it you think about and want from it?

    Alot of people dont say it and wont admit it. Me I do it for the looks`. I want women to check me out as i check them out. The great health and feeling good about yourself are just things that come with it HAHA.


    happily married? hmph.
  • MelisMusing
    MelisMusing Posts: 421 Member
    To look as hot, beautiful, and irresistible as I feel and quite truthfully, daydream about.
  • HeidiMightyRawr
    HeidiMightyRawr Posts: 3,343 Member
    To be a strong mother-****er!

    Seriously. To be really really strong.
  • Weebs628
    Weebs628 Posts: 574 Member
    1 - To eat
    2 - To feel good
    3 - To look good
    4 - To relieve stress
  • natesangel
    natesangel Posts: 210 Member
    1. i bake, it's what i'm good at, i enjoy it, i want to be able to EAT IT too!!
    2. to look HOT in whatever i want to wear (even if that's nothing!)
    3. to keep up with my daughter, the kid has her father's metabolism and muscle set!
    4. kama sutra, let's face it, i'm not pulling off any of that **** with extra baggage around the muscles needed!
  • SaharaZaraMorocco
    SaharaZaraMorocco Posts: 136 Member
    Because I will never forget what it felt like to not be able to walk for a year.

    Because I enjoy walking around naked and checking out my own body.

    Because the jaws of life cut me out of that car and the jaws of life will have to shove me into the ground.

    Because I have a healthy addiction to being present for my own amazing evolution.

    Because I have never been the person that wakes up and follows a routine in a rut of the normalcy I settled for instead of proving I am wonderous creature on top of the food chain.

    Because a life without leveling up is like an action figure that's never been taken out of the box.

    Because I dont have anyone to truly make proud other than myself, and Ive accepted that, so Im going to make myself proud.

    Cause Im a runaway who's hell bent on proving she can thrive and not just survive.

    Because I lost my baby in 2008 because I was sick, anemic and too stressed to handle pregnancy and I vowed to live the badassedest life ever because she wont.

    Because I had to fight - actually fight in a trial - fight for the right to live my own life, and Ill be damned if I dont live it out loud.

    Forget the box. No one is going to return this chick in mint condition!

    Yoovie, You Rock!
  • wolfpack77
    For stress relief, looks and to be strong enough to kick some *kitten* if I have to. :devil: