My car because i get asked about it a lot.



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    Oh yeah also thanks for voicing your opinion.:happy:
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    Since the topic was raised .... here's mine:

    1970 Pontiac GTO, stock 400, 3.90 rear end ... it doesn't go really fast, but it gets there quickly and wastes lots of rubber in the process!

    for now, go to the link, till I can resize it

    Here's another pic


    Oh hell yeah this. Screw the Mustang. Sorry OP, but this is a REAL car.
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    Trust me I love muscle cars as much as anyone. Love the GTO.
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    So just for the kids playing the home game here.... You come on to a weight loss site, for people offering support in losing weight, and on this website there is a place for non-weight/health discussions, and in this case, cars.

    You, being the bastion of physical fitness (because we can READ about it or see it in a magazine) and have clearly surpassed us all with your self shot cellphone/mirror abs pic. You proceed to go into the part that has absolutely no relation to the awesomeness that is you, and proceed to make a douchy comment that more or less implies (notice the theme here) that you "grew up" while others have not and so much so you felt the need to tell us all but in the same breath brag about helping other people.

    Here I will make it easier, since clearly this is what you want - How have you helped other people? Now we can all gather around the campfire and warm our fat selves in the glow that is you while you tell us all the stories of how you helped other people.
    Go ahead and tell us all - that way you can save us all the effort of having to deal with you acting like the kid on the bus who wants attention by making pithy comments to get attention.

    Also, if you don't "do this for the gratification of others" then why would you even bring it up? Sort of like telling everyone you were an anonymous donor to charity - point missed. One would assume if you were nearly as fantastic as you clearly think you are, one would not need to remind others to "look me up" just so they know how awesome you are.

    Oh yea, I am sure keeping my rims clean saved just as many lives as your cell phone picture in the mirror.....

    I've rarely met a person (in person) a fraction as awesome as they tell people they are..... on the internet. (wink, we all know you are reading this, wink)

    To this jerkoff: see above noted board, listed as "Chit-Chat, Fun, and Games." Climb down off the high horse, and get over yourself. :noway:
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    Trust me I love muscle cars as much as anyone. Love the GTO.

    I was 17 the first time I propositioned a guy for a drive in his car. 1969 Mach 1, midnight blue, black leather interior, manual tranny (duh), she was pristine and I was in LOVE. He even laid a rose across the seat. It was at a car show at Stan Hewett in Ohio. He preferred brunettes, I even offered him my best friend, too. He turned us down...the moral of the story: as gorgeous as these cars are, keep in mind priorities. :laugh:
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    My baby....



    HOT! That color is sick dude
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    All nice cars, I really want a challenger!! :)

  • HOT! That color is sick dude

    Toxic Orange... didn't think I would like it - with silver stripes no less... but here we are.

    I have to say that Challengers are my favorite "modern" muscle cars. Yes, there are much much faster cars and all that - but none of them look as close to the original as the challenger.

    Some of these classics people have are suh-weet.

    I know its just a car but..... still.
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    Hey Josh,

    Thanks for the ride:heart:
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    Wow! Love those cars! *drool*

    What girl wouldn't love to go out with a guy and a hot car? I know I love the classics. I suspect growing up and watching movies like Grease and seeing the artistry around them just sorta hooked me.

    Anyone remember the old cross country movies where there were all sorts of interesting cars: Mad Max, Gone in 60 seconds, and even Cannonball Run?

    I drive something a bit pedestrian so it's always neat to see these beauties. Thanks guys!

  • Easy Rider, Two Lane Blacktop, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, Original Gone in 60 Seconds and the holy grail of them all (for me)

    Vanishing Point.
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    Ok. Now I'm going to go original of Gone in 60 Seconds? I suspect I missed something. What year did it come out? I may want to hunt down a copy to see that one.

  • 1974

    Lots of good stories about the movie and how it was made and the original Elenor and the writer/director/producer/actor/stunt man
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    The thing I like most about this thread is I seem to be the only Aussie lol, I know all the other cars as we have them here but I doubt any of the Americans know what my Holden vl Calais turbo is, for anyone interested its a 3 lire 6 cylinder (rb30et Nissan engine) and yes mate you were right it now has a big turbo, made 270rwhp@10psi but the turbo should push out 30psi quite easy, just haven't wound it up yet as I drive it as my daily, plenty of fun on the street, challenger is sooo hot!!

    And for the idiots being negative, I'm sure most people here would agree I like many others make my money and can choose to spend it how I wish, just like I modify my car how I wish, if it doesn't please you how my car is or how I spend my money.... Sheesh what a shame I forgot to build something for other people's enjoyment, we build cars for our own personal satisfaction, your negative opinions fall on deaf ears, don't like it? Go build something to please yourself but don't try and bring down other people when they enjoy what they've built, yes... Built not bought
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    Nice Pony man! I really dig the red. I've owned red cars my whole life until I switched it up and went blew with my current ride.


    I love my car, but hate the pretension that comes a long with it. People treat me differently, and for better or worse...I can't stand it. I bought the coupe for the 6spd TT V6, not to be a smug doucher.
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