• npforesman
    npforesman Posts: 3 Member
    You look GREAT! Thanks for posting! M-O-T-I-V-A-T-I-N-G!!!:smile:
  • savingsunday
    savingsunday Posts: 148 Member
    Beautiful in your before pictures but what an amazing loss! You look incredible! Keep it up. :)
  • HeyHeyLynn
    HeyHeyLynn Posts: 31 Member
    You've always been a beautiful woman, always. Now you just glow. : )
  • SuMcP
    SuMcP Posts: 244 Member
    You look amazing! Well done :flowerforyou:
  • brwnsuga6
    brwnsuga6 Posts: 17 Member
    Look at you!! I'm truly inspired...I just started my weight loss journey and am not optimistic about my fitness options. But looking at your pics makes me want to do something in the evenings, even if it's 10 minutes a night. Thanks for sharing and I wish you continued success!
  • neldamlgr
    neldamlgr Posts: 3 Member
    wow your pictures are inspiring! :smile:
  • Congrats on your success!
  • You go girl you look excellent keep up the good work!!!!!
  • msdani12
    msdani12 Posts: 132 Member
    WOW you look AMAZING! Keep up the GREAT work!
  • Dilite2
    Dilite2 Posts: 25
    Beautiful - you look amazing, congratulations :smile:
  • brilliant job well done :)
  • Amazing! You have done a great Job. I hope I can say the same thing soon. Congrats!!!
  • You look beautiful! Great job girl!
  • Gurlyknockout
    Gurlyknockout Posts: 115 Member
    WOW great job!!!
  • taylor0204
    taylor0204 Posts: 357 Member
    Awesome!!! Congratulations on your success
  • Jwanguy
    Jwanguy Posts: 115 Member
    you look great. keep up the good work
  • Viveyp21
    Viveyp21 Posts: 65 Member
  • rmarie98
    rmarie98 Posts: 36 Member
    you look AMAZING. Keep up the great work, you look fantastic!!!! what an inspiration
  • happywithme12
    happywithme12 Posts: 477 Member
    WOW you look amazing you should be sooooooooo proud of what you have accomplished it is an inspiration that you lost so much weight you look beautiful hopefully you keep it up because i agree you are on fire lol so happy for you
  • Lalouse
    Lalouse Posts: 221 Member
    You are so pretty!! Congratulations! You look great :)
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