• VickyO1977
    VickyO1977 Posts: 156 Member
    Wow you look amazing well done you and I have to say you are stunning. Good for you Hun.
  • msacurrie
    msacurrie Posts: 144 Member
    Great job!!
  • Great Job!!! You look wonderful!:)
  • LouPsych
    LouPsych Posts: 30 Member
    Thanks for reporting that there was no secret involved - the basics of watching what you eat and exercise. You are amazing, and an inspiration to me.
  • ruthiejewell
    ruthiejewell Posts: 134 Member
    A .. .. mazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you're so gorgeous at all sizes and I love all the gorgeous clothes!!! Inspiration thanks! I'm 5' 2" as well. WELL DONE!!!
  • lgreen37
    lgreen37 Posts: 196 Member
    You are on fire Girl!!! Get it get it!!! You look wonderful! Congradulations!
  • TakiyaMcClain
    TakiyaMcClain Posts: 4 Member
    CONGRATULATIONS! It inspires me to see another women of color choose to be healthy! Keep up the good work! :smile:
  • You look amazing. Keep up the great work!
  • You look so good!!!!!!! You have given me so much motivation you look amazing!!!!
  • cmckxjones
    cmckxjones Posts: 9 Member
    You look amazing! (You were beautiful to begin with) but oh my-- what a stunning achievement and an inspiration to everyone!
  • RambyPandy
    RambyPandy Posts: 118 Member
    You are beautiful both before and after! Great job!! Such an inspiration!
  • shannishan05
    shannishan05 Posts: 119 Member
    You're beautiful!!! You look amazing. You hard work and dedication has definitely paid off!!!
  • You look fabulous! Keep up the great work!
  • sneakyjean
    sneakyjean Posts: 15 Member
    You look great! Gorgeous. Congrats!
  • Momto32010
    Momto32010 Posts: 45 Member
    Wow! Congratulations, you look amazing!
  • geonbaeLeilee
    geonbaeLeilee Posts: 606 Member
    OMgosh!!!! You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! You're a very pretty lady in all your pics, but you just look outstanding in the "new you" images. I'm impressed! Keep it going, lovely!
  • Wow you look awesome!!!!
  • MsDaraElaina
    MsDaraElaina Posts: 25 Member
    That is awesome! I'm new to this but obviously I need to do whatever you did!
  • You look MARVELLOUS!!! I've got new inspiration now! Congratz!!
  • AnnS2011
    AnnS2011 Posts: 8 Member
    Thanks for sharing. You look amazing.
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