REALLY? Are you kidding me?



  • pouka89
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    Good luck! You can do it, eating healthier will help your depression too. Putting better things inside your body will make you feel better inside and out.
  • kbmomma42
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    I understand the frustration! Heck, I've lost 100 lbs (25lbs on 4 separate occasions) - LOL - but this time is the last...getting too old for this yo-yo!
  • venturaroo
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    Same thing happened to me when I was out of work except my wardrobe enemy was pajama pants :noway:
  • ninerbuff
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    Nothing wrong with sweats!!! I wear them ALL the time.

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  • jmessina205
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    You've taken the first step!! For me having friends on here has been essential every time I've been on here.... If you want to lose and really put your mind to it you can do anything!! Good Luck and anyone can feel free to add me, we all need support!!
  • wizbeth1218
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    Absolutey get rid. Elastic is not your friend. Getting dressed in real clothes every day is a huge motivator to get moving, too.

    And lace-up shoes! Real clothes and lace-up shoes!

    Congrats on getting off the couch and getting your reality check. It's tough to swallow, but everyone has a starting point. It only gets better from here. :)
  • lovechicagobears
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    Jeans really do look so much better than sweats, and dark jeans are slimming. I have a pair of jeans that gets compliments (as in, "You're getting so much slimmer!") whenever I wear them. I kind of want to go buy five more pairs. ;)

    Congratulations on passing the snacks and sweets. Don't forget, though - it's okay to have an occasional treat. One donut isn't great for you, but it's also not going to put any weight back on you. I try to have one treat every few days, even if it's just a mini chocolate bar or a sliver of cheesecake. I find that if I don't do that, I give into a binge.
  • iSarahMay
    Good Luck, MFP is great I have been using it for 18 months to track my food, but I have decided now to start using the community section too now as sometimes everyone needs a bit of advice, support & encouragement.

    Feel free to add me.