I finally broke 200lbs!!!!



  • bekdavis
    bekdavis Posts: 290 Member
    you are beautiful!! congrats on such an accomplishment. ;-)
  • marishka04
    marishka04 Posts: 28 Member
    great job, you love amazing....
  • jhdoman
    Woo hoo. Hope to be there someday.
  • aniortiz
    aniortiz Posts: 1 Member
    Welcome to Onederland!
  • viccigb
    viccigb Posts: 93 Member
    Congrats! Such an awesome feeling! I love hitting a new decade!
  • disdatdude
  • JustAGirL29
    well done! :)
  • Niccivicious
    great Job! you look awesome!
  • myjourney_2013
    That is really good new!!! Congrats, and thank you for the motivation. I hope I can return the favor to others like you've done.
  • yobby1969
    yobby1969 Posts: 80 Member
    Very motivational! Thank you. I can't seem to break it. I keep gaining and losing the same 10 pounds.

    You don't look anywhere near that btw. Great to be tall! X =D
  • xoTalim
    xoTalim Posts: 212 Member
    I know that feeling!! I'd been around 230 to 240 for about 5 years or so until I discovered MFP. Just broke 200 a couple weeks ago and it feels great!! Down to 197.5 now, but aiming for 140!

    Good job, you can totally do it!! :)
  • pienthesky32
    pienthesky32 Posts: 142 Member
    Great job! Now can you please cut off those beautiful curls and give them to me!? K thanks!
  • red_road
    red_road Posts: 761 Member
    woot woot!
  • ldjames69
    ldjames69 Posts: 31 Member
    Congratulations! I can relate. I was doing well myself. I started in March 2011 around 268 and by early 2012 I was down to 232 and was hovering there. I had to have surgery in May 2102 and have been recovering ever since. Put back 20 of those pounds. Now I am trying to get back to eating right by watching my portions. The exercise has been slow because everytime I start my stomach bothers me for days. So I am happy that you were able to get back in the groove. It is inspiring to hear success stories. Keep up the good work and the motivation.
  • pkoll
    pkoll Posts: 135 Member
    Congrats on your healthy advancement----but I do think you are very beautiful in the first pic(second also)!
  • kar328
    kar328 Posts: 4,151 Member
    Congratulations! I hope to do that this year. And look as good as you do in the pictures.
  • dorian1010
    Girl I know the feeling.. I went from 230 to 218, and not now its like I just can't get rid of those 18 pounds.. I work out 5 days a week and watch what I eat. The inches are fading but its nothing like that scale numbers fading..
    You keep on going ... and hang in there.. We will make it..:flowerforyou:
    MEKAMEK08 Posts: 35 Member
  • crazylesty07
    Awesome job!! Very inspirational...I'm 3lbs away from being out of the 200 club and it's killing me!! Can't wait to join you!
  • brohio2013
    brohio2013 Posts: 24 Member
    I know how you feel...I also got to celebrate the return to the 100's again just this week! Congrats and wishes for continued success!
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