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153 lbs in 365 days (pics)



  • joelbyjoelby Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    Love your story- I also started at 337 have lost 37lbs in 8 months-hit a 3 month set back but on my way again need to lose another 125 lbs. You inspire me
  • maryannelkmaryannelk Posts: 707Member Member Posts: 707Member Member
    This isn't a journey. I hate that term. This is living. Calling it a journey implies that there is an end/destination.

    Great quote!! Thanks!
  • MichelleZannoneMichelleZannone Posts: 121Member Posts: 121Member
    Wow congrats to both you and the Mrs. You look amazing and I want you to know that your story is inspiring to all. Thank you so much for sharing it. I hope you enjoy your new life and all the great years ahead.:bigsmile:
  • janatarnhemjanatarnhem Posts: 673Member Posts: 673Member and wow.... thank you for posting your inspirational blog!:wink:
  • jst1986jst1986 Posts: 160Member, Premium Member Posts: 160Member, Premium Member
    I started a month ago at 370lb and I'm down to 354 now, if I could ever look anything like you I'd be amazed.
  • DaniH826DaniH826 Posts: 1,339Member Member Posts: 1,339Member Member
    Awesome transformation! Thanks for sharing!
  • kjohnson754kjohnson754 Posts: 86Member Posts: 86Member
    Let me tell you something, sir.
    I literally smiled the WHOLE TIME I READ YOUR POST!
    I don't know you personally but I'm EXTREMELY proud of you. Keep up the GREAT work!
  • bluemumblesbluemumbles Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Thank you for sharing your story. I really needed that today.
  • kjohnson754kjohnson754 Posts: 86Member Posts: 86Member

  • Deeann5Deeann5 Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    Awesome story! Great job!
  • jenniferrowjenniferrow Posts: 203Member Posts: 203Member
    Congrats on a job very well done. Thanks for sharing. Very well written.
  • THICKMADAME2004THICKMADAME2004 Posts: 5Member Posts: 5Member
    wow you have had an amazing journey and such an inspiration but may i ask you how many calories did you eat? did you eat what your daily goal was or less??
  • yuckidahyuckidah Posts: 290Member Member Posts: 290Member Member
    You are bloody awesome. Your girlfriend is a very lucky woman - wish I was her, lol!
    Congrats on the results you've achieved from a year of hard work, commonsense, and determination - you deserve to feel as great as you do :drinker:
  • SaraNiyahSaraNiyah Posts: 17Member Posts: 17Member
    Wonderful story! Congrats! Keep up the good work:)
  • trogalicioustrogalicious Posts: 4,594Member Member Posts: 4,594Member Member
    wow you have had an amazing journey and such an inspiration but may i ask you how many calories did you eat? did you eat what your daily goal was or less??
    My goal was/is/will be different than your goal. If I told you how much I ate right now, it might not help.

    If you're just starting out, there are a few resources here that can be helpful. If you don't have a lot of time to put into the research, you could use the calorie goal that MFP gives you, just make sure you eat your exercise calories back.

    I follow a plan that works a little differently than what MFP prescribes. There should be a link to the info somewhere in these 20 pages (freaking blowing my mind at the response)... but this is it:

    Figure out your numbers from that thread, give it time, and enjoy the ride.
  • tweety612013tweety612013 Posts: 24Member Posts: 24Member
    That is awesome and you look fantastic. Gives me the motivation and reminder of why I am doing this as well. I only need to lose 50 lbs, but to me that is the same as your 153.. Keep it up just for the fact that you made it this far and that you did it in one year.
  • pacosalpacosal Posts: 107Member Member Posts: 107Member Member
  • DiannaDCDiannaDC Posts: 48Member Member Posts: 48Member Member
    Amazing! Love your story and you look AWESOME! Definitely an inspiration to make me keep going!
  • BurtHuttzBurtHuttz Posts: 3,925Member Member Posts: 3,925Member Member
    Great rollover
  • trogalicioustrogalicious Posts: 4,594Member Member Posts: 4,594Member Member
    Great rollover
    holy schlamola...
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